Top New Technologies For Students

    What other technologies are available to students today, besides your laptops, tablets, e-readers, smartphones, and your tablets? How can they promote and accelerate learning?

    Here’s a list of some relatively innovative student technology developments. These devices combine technology and education in both the classroom and out. Before you start getting too excited about any of these devices for students, be sure to have the funds. Order online assignment help to get high-quality assistance in your home tasks.

    1. Smart pens

    The smart pen, a simple but powerful combination of education and technology, allows you to digitally capture all of your lectures and notes via smart software. This digitalizes the text and records audio. Smart pen programs, such as the Livescribe Echo Smartpen, allow you to mark any point in the digitalized text and play audio that corresponds with the time when you wrote it.

    The software that comes with the smart pen allows you to save recordings and notes onto Evernote or Google Docs. Livescribe allows digital natives to keep track of academic notes, whether they are using them for a lecture recording or during field trips or meetings. Look for technology essay topics to write with your smart pens.

    2. Digital textbooks

    Digital textbooks are becoming more mainstream as popular student technologies like the tablet and e-reader. Digital textbooks are becoming more popular because they are lightweight and easy to use.

    Digital textbooks are significantly lighter than printed textbooks. They also cost 40% less than printed textbooks. Technology and education don’t have to be costly. Chegg is a great resource for students looking to find cheaper digital textbooks. It also offers homework help and internship opportunities.

    This student technology is being used at some universities to digitize course materials. Students can interact with each other more through class collaboration and customization.

    3. Tech backpacks

    Tech backpacks are a great option for students who have ever had to carry around a large bag of tech equipment that was running out of juice. These bags can be used to store your technology neatly and securely, and allow you to plug your device into a socket. Tech backpacks from companies like Voltaic or Eclipse, which run off solar energy panels on their fronts, are great for people who don’t have access to the internet. Tech backpacks can also be environmentally friendly by being powered by solar energy.

    4. Smart lights

    A smart light is something you may want to purchase, depending on how often you are in your house or flat as a student and how important lighting is for your revision. The functions of smart lights vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. One example is the AwoX StrriimLight. This smart light plugs into a standard socket and streams music via Bluetooth directly from your mobile device or computer. This is the ideal student technology for use at house parties or gatherings (saving your speakers and laptop from any inevitable spillages) or as a revision tool that allows for ambient lighting and background music. LIFX smart lights are perfect for students who enjoy a little ambiance while studying. They have a wide range of customizable colors that you can change with a touch to match your revision mood.

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