Top 7 Educational Video Games for Students

    With more new technologies evolving every year, studying in college has become much easier and effective. For example, you can use a variety of educational apps aimed to help you with different subjects, time-management, and health habits to make your college routine better. You can request accounting hw help from professional services when you run out of time, and you can also improve your performance in a more entertaining way: for example, playing special educational games. Due to a great assortment of such games, students of all levels have a chance to experiment, gain new skills, practice, and learn something new. In this article, we will discuss the top popular of them.

    What do scientists say?

    As we recognize its value, video games become an integral part of students` training: there are some graduate programs based on gaming explaining difficult topics and teaching students to think non-standardly. Many college and university professors also notice the positive impact of gaming on education. For example, Paul Howard-Jones from Bristol University has proved that gaming makes learning easier, and mobile devices not only shouldn`t be banned in the classroom but used for practicing gaming as the essential educational component instead.  

    Alfred West from the University of Pennsylvania has influenced the development of over thirty educational games for MBA students touching such topics as finance, economics, marketing, and management. Games challenge us, but they also let us experiment with real-life situations. Another good example provides by Dr. Bryan Bergeron from Harvard University has created a number of healthcare-related games that are still used by Harvard students and some medical schools across the US. He is sure that gaming both cuts costs on education and provides great results as students really enjoy the process of learning.

    Top educational games to try with your groupmates 

    Many students appreciate the fact that when they are puzzled with the question «How should I do my homework?» they can delegate its part to professional student-targeted services. But what if you don`t need to do this anymore? The progress that students make when using educational games cannot be underestimated. Some of them help young people become better writers and come up with exciting essays; some of them are aimed at innovative ideas and projects while some train your cognitive skills to ensure better performance. Here are the top seven best educational games you can try now:

    1. Brain trainer

    This is not exactly a game, but the entire unit of different exercises aimed at providing your brain with a great workout. The app includes games for boosting your Math skills, speed and memory as well as complex challenges and interactive word quizzes;

    2. Lumosity

    The game can be played on a website and helps students work on their problem-solving skills, work on memory functions, and increase the span of attention. Once you register, you can evaluate your skills online to monitor your progress;

    3. Space Chem

    This one can be considered educational but is rather called a typical video game for teenagers. Students learn chemistry principles based on the bonding concept as one of the key components. You are required to build a specific molecule, or their combinations form provided atoms. Once you progress, the level goes up and you receive more and more difficult tasks;

    4. Simple Physics

    The app will be perfect for those who are interested in civil engineering, physics, and architecture. It helps you better understand the construction principles and apply physics to design and construct different buildings in the future. The game is based on real-life situations and is definitely challenging, but your efforts will pay off soon;

    5. Presidents vs. Aliens

    The game provides great lessons on US history with a biography of presidents and events happening during each period. When you answer all the questions satisfactory, you can take one of their heads and throw it at the aliens, which sounds weird but fun. Thus you will be memorizing historical facts much easier;

    6. Spore Origins

    We have already discussed Physics and Chemistry, so what about Biology? DNA and evolution are quite difficult concepts to master while this app explains it in a simpler way in the video game. Here you can get DNA from different sources and generate new organisms trying to make them evolve. The game gets more entertaining with your level increase and provides an excellent image of natural survival;

    7. Psychobabble

    If you are struggling with your essays, this app will teach you some good writing skills and improve your vocabulary. The game lets you imagine being on the coach of the psychologist playing an association game. You should find the right words and combinations to complete your session.

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