Technology in Online Slots

    Technological advances in online slots have allowed players worldwide the enjoyment of a casino from the comfort of their own homes. What’s more, with ever-increasing numbers of smartphones and casino games optimised for mobile use, players now have 24/7 access on the go. Online casinos would be virtually non-existent without the random number generator. Moreover, the gambling experience would be greatly diminished if not for the technology employed in the use of engaging graphics.  As we venture further into the digital age, we ask what’s next in the way forward of technology and online slots

    Random Number Generators

    Technology such as Random Number Generators (RNGs) has given life to online casinos. RNGs are a pseudo-random computerised algorithm system used to simulate randomness. It works by continually generating a lengthy sequence of numbers. These numbers generate random outcomes and cannot be predetermined by players and/or the operators alike. Think of this technology acting in the way of a virtual dealer.  In the case of online slots: symbols featured in the reels are represented by numbers generated in the algorithms. Without the advent of RNGs, the online casino industry would not have become the global enterprise it has today. RNGs guarantee the fairness and randomness underpinning the gambling experience.


    When it comes to online slots, technology and graphics go hand in hand. Whilst it’s true, winning is a highly enjoyable feature of gambling it’s not the only reason why online casinos have seen astronomical growth. Coupled with increased smartphone usage, players have turned to online casinos in increasing numbers for entertainment. To meet the ever-increasing demand, game developers rely on sophisticated technology to provide both an interactive and immersive gaming experience. Previously 2D animation was widely used in online slots, however, improved technology has made way for the introduction of 3D titles. Enhanced computerised graphics paired with impeccable sound effects have resulted in a satisfying gaming experience which ensure players are kept engaged and entertained.

    Virtual Reality

    If ever you wondered how online casinos would continue to engage players, then Virtual Reality (VR) is their answer. Major technological advancement has made way for online casino operators to create Virtual Casinos with the aid of the user-friendly Occulus Rift Goggles. Here, players can interact with other players, though they’re unable to see your screen or balance. In virtual casinos, online slots (or virtual slots) are played from a first-person perspective. Once inside, players pick an avatar and start gameplay by “walking” up to the slot of your choice – exactly as you would in a casino. Although very exciting, VR is still very much an emerging technology and currently, there are only a handful of virtual slots available. Game developers like NetEnt and Microgaming have optimised favourites such as Starburst and Gonzos Quest for VR.  Cutting edge technology is used to achieve vibrant and engaging 3D graphics is used in VR slots. During gameplay, symbols jump out at you whilst winning combinations encircle you in a triumphant trance. VR slots is a truly immersive experience and promise to take you into the future.

    Technology seems to be at the helm of the ever-increasing popularity in online slots with no signs of slowing. In fact, plans to roll out 5G across more countries along with the use of augmented reality in online casinos could see this phenomenon spike further. With the emergence of technological advances… it’s an exciting time for the future of online slots.

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