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    Graphic design can be quite tricky. It’s one thing to design something for yourself, but another when it comes to designing websites, digital ads, logos for different clients with different requirements. After all, it’s not easy to express what’s in your mind, at least not in a way that it’s conveyed properly. No matter how hard you try, you can’t paint the exact picture of your abstract thoughts and ideas for others to see. Something is always lost in the communication especially when you don’t use any specialized tools for aid.

    Tailor Brands is a new-age graphic design company that realized that there is a massive need for a solution that could help the businesses in various industries to obtain affordable but premium company logos that aptly match their requirements. This is why it created a unique logo making program that uses the power of artificial intelligence to deliver spectacular designs that don’t disappoint.

    What Makes Tailor Brands Special?

    Artificial intelligence (AI) is easily one of the most promising and powerful technologies we have today, and even experts have stressed that every company needs an AI strategy for 2019. However, Tailor Brands was quick to realize the potential of the same and launched a practical product that’s solving many problems today.

    Tailor Brands is an advanced logo maker that uses AI to understand the design requirements of different users and create the perfect designs all by itself by carefully picking different design elements like fonts, colors, icons, etc. All it needs is a few inputs from the users which include their company’s name, industry, a brief description (optional), and design preferences (in case they have any). The program is intelligent enough to process this information to create a logo that fits the requirements of each individual. All that a user has to do is enter the details, let the program use the information to create the logo, and just download the logo to use it wherever needed.

    The following are some of the ways Tailor Brands has pushed the idea of “logo design reimagined”:

    More Accurate Designs

    Working with traditional graphic designers, a pattern is commonly seen- client provides logo design brief, the designer asks for a few days to work on the design , there is a delay of a day or two (or not) but the design provided is unsatisfactory, so the client asks for changes and the designer takes another day for the edits and delivers the new design, and the final design still does not look like what the client imagined. At this point, they either compromise and use the design half-heartedly or simply reject the design and may or may not lose some money. 

    It’s not hard to find skilled logo designers, but it’s certainly difficult to find those who fit your budget. Those who are able to provide good logos and also meet your requirements are expensive. So, there is always a trade-off, until now!

    Tailor Brands is allowing small, medium, and even large businesses around the globe to create the exact kind of logos they want without spending days in reverting and editing. The designs are accurate more often than not, and even if a user wants changes, they can go about them on the go by using the user-friendly toolkit that’s provided by the platform. The kind of accuracy that’s provided in the designs by the product is simply unmatched by anything else, including some of the best conventional graphic designers. 

    Affordable Services

    Another problem that’s troubled the people for years is finding affordable graphic design services that aren’t provided by amateurs. Most of them know why they need an effective web design and logos, but they can’t find suitable services anywhere.  Again, this is where Tailor Brands came to the rescue.

    Tailor Brands logo maker has the capacity to create unique and attractive logos. However, it costs just a fraction of what’s charged by human graphic designers. In fact, the basic plan costs just about the same as a personal pizza. It doesn’t get cheaper than this!

    Increased Accessibility

    Not everyone lives in New York or the Silicon Valley where you can easily find some of the most skilled graphic designers with ease. In small cities and towns, it can be a huge challenge to find graphic designers at all. Of course, there are remote designers and all kinds of online graphic design directories which can help you get the designs you need, but even these can’t guarantee good results.

    Tailor Brands has developed a service that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. It’s a cloud-based and AI-powered platform that you can reach with your smartphone when you are traveling, or at home/office as per your needs.

    As you can see, Tailor Brands has completely changed how graphic design services are provided to the world and also at the cost at which they are provided. It’s already built so many things that the industry lacked for years, and now it’s working on offering new services that can complement logo designing viz. social media marketing and comprehensive branding.

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