3 Smart Office Chairs with great Lumbar Support Compared

    Smart Office Chairs : Lower back pain is most times not the result of an acute injury, but rather the sum of minor repetitive injuries over the years.  8 out of 10 people will suffer from some form of back pain in their lifetime, according to sobering statistics.

    Painkillers can dull the pain – for now – but they come with side effects and they certainly don’t treat the cause of the problem.

    A good ergonomic office chair is a powerful defence against developing back problems. They help to reduce wear and tear, develop strength in the abdominal muscles, stabilise the pelvis and torso and reduce lower back stress.

    In this comparison guide I’ll review 3 smart office chairs with lumbar support that intelligently adjusts to your back, to help you deal with nagging back pain. Each chair offers something unique, so be sure to read the entire article.

    #1 Herman Miller Embody

    This office chair from Herman Miller has been designed specifically for those who sit for extensive periods of time. The chair has been superbly engineered to ensure a healthy posture.

    Smart Office ChairsIt means waving goodbye to aches and pains that come from sitting long-term in a non-ergonomic office chair. Herman Miller designers Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber worked with many experts in the fields to develop the Embody.

    Pros of the Herman Miller Embody Chair :

    • With this high-backed office office, you’ve got a comfortable, supportive seating solution to help you maintain good posture for the entire day.
    • Adjust the backrest to support your back. Adjust the height of the chair as well as the arms for your own personal preference.
    • The Harmonic Tilt Feature allows you to tilt the chair back- and forwards for comfort so as to minimize back pain by taking the pressure from the base of your spine.
    • Choose an upholstered- or cellular seat to keep you comfy and cool throughout the day.
    • The sliding seat depth adjustment ensures your thighs are properly supported.
    • The chair comes in different colors, so while it is functional, it is attractive too, matching any office décor.


    The chair is pricey, and users feel cheated that the lumbar support isn’t integrated into the design of the chair, but is an optional extra.

    #2 ErgoHuman Mesh

    Poor posture is exhausting work for your back, and with the metal frame ErgoHuman Mesh chair, correct posture is encouraged. The aluminum base with sturdy frame chair offers user weight capacity of 250 pounds and known for its amazing lumbar support. Lifehacker and Ergonomic Trends both have great things to say about the ErgoHuman Mesh, with the chair awarded best office chair for back pain by the later.

    Pros of the ErgoHuman Mesh

    • The mesh upholstery provides breathability with air circulation so you don’t feel hot and bothered.
    • Pneumatic cylinder quickly raises- and lowers the chair.
    • Synchro-tilt mechanism as well as seat depth adjustment ensures that the user can     recline or sit upright comfortably. The user can choose from 3 tilt positions that lock the chair into place.    
    • The chair offers excellent arm support with multi-dimensional arm pads which can slide -back- and forwards. They can also pivot in- and outward with 3 positions. You can also adjust the depth of the arm pads, allowing you to get close-up to your desk.    
    • The chair comes in several color options to match with your office     set-up.
    • This chair meets ANSI/BIFMA standards.        


    • Some people complain the lumbar is too protrusive.

    #3 Herman Miller Aeron Chair

    The ergonomic Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair was unveiled in the early 1990s. However in 2014, designer, Don Chadwick was tasked to improve on an already excellent chair. The Aeron is available in 3 sizes and offers superb lower back support. This chair with its 12 year warranty, is still believed to be the most popular and is described as a health-positive chair.

    Pros of the Herman Miller Aeron Chai :

    • Patented Pellicle space-age     fabric is supportive, resilient and breathable and available in 3 more modern colors – carbon, mineral and graphite.
    • The chair is environmentally friendly and 89% is recyclable.
    • The new PostureFit Sacral-Lumbar technology targets the 2 lower back zones that most need support – the lumbar and the sacrum.
    • The tilt tension is easier to adjust. The Tilt Limiter offers a more tactile response and the forward seat angle easy to adjust complete with 4-D adjustable arms. You    can adjust the arms up,down, in, out, forward, and backwards.    
    • Front Edge is a worthwhile feature of this chair as the dip of the front edge improves blood flow and reduces blood clots forming – a danger for those people sitting for long periods of time.    


    • Unreasonably costly price tag. Also the actual size of the chair’s seat isn’t     adjustable and buyer’s choose the size seat that suits them best – sizes A, B, or C.

    Smart Office Chairs for Tackling Back Pain

    Sitting comfortably doesn’t have to be stressful for your back, and by choosing a chair that supports your back, you can avoid round shoulders and a slumped back and sit in such comfort that it maintains a healthy back with no more suffering with pain.

    Any one of the above chairs should help immensely if you suffer from back pain. They combine the latest technologies and materials that adapt to your back automatically. Happy sitting!

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