Top 13 Sites Like 4Chan You Must Use For Posting Images

    There are some sites like 4chan which will show your creativity to the world. They don’t ask you to create an account or do any registration for posting any image.

    Are you fond of posting images on social media platforms?

    Then you must have used 4Chan for sure. You can click any random picture and post it on this site and it gets popular by means of likes and comments.

    It contains many images on different subjects such as animated characters, nature, food, funny images and much more.

    4Chan Alternatives

    The following is the list of 13 sites like 4Chan that you can try for showing your creativity:

    #1. is one of the most famous 4Chan alternatives for gaining much information on various subjects. You can post the images on various subjects such as humour, cartoon series, food, travel and many others.

    There is no complicated process involved in posting any content on You don’t need to create an account.

    If you want any content, you have to type the name of the subject in the search bar and you will immediately get what you want.

    You can share various pictures and images with your friends on social media sites. You can also get job vacancies in your location on

    #2. ZeroChan

    The next on the list is ZeroChan which mainly contains the content of all the manga series and anime. There are separate tabs in which you will find content on subjects like art books, games, wallpapers and lots more.

    There is a simple registration process which you need to do. ZeroChan is also a good site in terms of privacy.

    You will some amazing books of Manga series on this site. You can also share the images and videos of the Manga series on ZeroChan and receive comments and likes. It is also one of the best 4Chan alternatives in security and privacy.


    #3. is specifically a news website. It displays all the news from different countries of the world. You can get the news from various sections such as politics, science, sports and much more.

    When you open the site, it contains all the latest stories for everyone on the first page.

    There are also many video clips and images on different subjects you will get here. also contains many funny videos from different countries of the globe.

    If you want to post an image, you can take a snapshot and put it on the website.

    #4. 420chan

    Whether it is a story, image or video, you can post everything on 420chan site. It keeps your identity private from the third party. There is no registration required for posting any stories and images on this site.

    You will find beautiful tools on this site by which you can adjust the images and post them on YouTube.

    There are quick reply options, thread hiding and YouTube embedding on this site. It can be included in the list of sites like 4chan as it contains content on different subjects such as food, travel, animal, adult, lifestyle, fashion and many others.



    The next on the list is which is a site especially for photographers who want to reach the world.

    You can post your own images and show creativity in the world. It conducts a photography contest in which you can post the images to take part in the competition. Then the audience votes on various images and there is prize money for winners. is also one of the best sites like 4chan when it comes to privacy. It contains photos and images on various categories such as media, lifestyle, food, travel, education, nature, humour and much more.

    You can view, download and share the images with your friends.

    #6. Hispachan

    Hispachan is a new site where you can try for finding content on various issues. It is basically for Spanish-speaking people but there is also an option to convert the terms into English.

    The imageboard of this site is quite impressive and you can post any image, pictures, stories or videos with any name.

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    Even if you want the latest video clips and games, you have to type the name into the search bar and you will get those soon. You can also post memes or short movie clips or some funny clips for enjoyment.

    Hispachan can be included in the list of sites like 4chan as there is no registration required to post any images or stories.



    The next is which is a beautiful site to share images and pictures on various subjects.

    It has a fantastic imageboard where you can post your favourite images in various categories such as media, lifestyle, food, humour, cartoon series, and lots more. You can post a short story with images on different topics on this site.

    Many people all over the globe see your stories and post comments. On the left side of the site, you will find various categories.

    You can select your favourite category and see the stories and images. is one of the smartest sites like 4chan, especially for photographers. Sites Like 4Chan

    #8. The Booru Project

    This site has an amazing imageboard on which you can post images of various subjects. You can post video clips, stories, and blogs on various topics.

    The Booru project contains content on every subject and it has a beautiful user interface dividing all the content into various categories. You can name your image or video clip as you want.

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    It is one of the safest sites like 4chan in posting images of manga series and other cartoon characters. You can also get the latest news from different parts of the world on this website. It is very easy to use this site and posting images is simple here.

    The Booru Project


    As the name suggests, is a site especially for posting various images. You can post images of cars, cartoon characters, food, places, comics and fashion on this site.

    The images can be given any title and you can make your images popular by sharing them with many users. has different headings into which the images are divided. The user interface is quite simple search for any image of your choice.

    You can also find various games on this site. After seeing the images, you can also rate them as well as share them with your best buddies. Sites Like 4Chan

    #10. 8chan

    8chan will give content on any subject. You can easily search for any content by typing the name in the search bar.

    There are various categories on this site such as news, banter, adult and much more. There is no registration required on this site.

    The imageboard of this site is very interesting where you can post the images, video clips or stories of your favourite subjects. 8chan is one of the best sites like 4chan where you can try for posting different videos and images.



    The next is which is a good site for posting images, video clips, food blogs, and any other content of your choice.

    The users discuss various subjects and share their views via comments on You can have an open discussion with many users on some important issues and topics.

    Before posting any content, you should create an account and then you can see the latest updates on various issues. It is one of the best sites like 4chan to know what is going on around the world. : Sites Like 4Chan

    #12. SWF Chan

    SWF Chan is a site only for adults. So, it is not necessary to create an account to use this site. You can find many books, videos and games on various adult subjects here.

    You can name the thread before posting it here. There is no charge to post or create the threads in SWF chan.

    You can watch some funny and interesting movies and videos here. It is one of the safest sites to use and maintains the utmost privacy. It can be included in the sites like 4chan having a simple user interface.

    SWF Chan

    #13. is an amazing open-discussion platform for posting images and various stories. People share their images and stories on the imageboard of this site and the users discuss and comment on them.

    It is one of the most interactive sites like 4chan where you can post your creative images and other videos and receive comments. There are different categories for finding a particular image or story.

    Sites Like 4Chan


    You can try one of the above sites for posting images, pictures, video clips, blogs, stories and much more. These sites like 4chan are free to use and you can jump from one section to another for getting your content.

    The categories will make your work simpler to view and share the images and other content. In other words, you can enhance your creativity of photography and blog with the help of these sites.

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