Revolutionizing Refrigeration: Mirai INTEX’s Green Technology Journey

    In the dynamic landscape of technological progress, positions Mirai INTEX as a pioneering force in sustainable refrigeration, reshaping the industry with innovative engineering technologies. Founded in 2015 in Switzerland, Mirai INTEX, represented by, set out with the ambitious yet noble goal of revolutionizing refrigeration for climate protection. This article delves into Mirai INTEX’s journey, tracing its green technology’s genesis, air cycle technology advancements, the strategic hub in Brno, Czech Republic, and the broader vision of a greener future.

    The Genesis of Green Technology

    The environmental issues that led to the 2015 launch of Mirai INTEX included strong regulations on industrial equipment and refrigerants, ozone depletion, and the increasing threat of climate change. These challenges spurred Mirai INTEX to develop refrigeration units that operate on natural air, eliminating the use of harmful fluorinated gases.

    By embracing sustainable methods, the company demonstrates its dedication to environmental stewardship and meets the critical demand for environmentally friendly solutions in the refrigeration industry. By sidestepping traditional refrigerants, Mirai INTEX aims to reduce the ecological footprint associated with refrigeration processes significantly.

    Advancements in Air Cycle Technology

    Its revolutionary air cycle technology is at the core of Mirai INTEX’s success. Since the launch of its first unit, the company has been on a relentless journey of improvement, making its refrigeration solutions more energy-efficient and cost-effective than any other ultra-low temperature alternatives available in the market today—the commitment to progress positions Mirai INTEX as a frontrunner in pursuing sustainable refrigeration.

    Integrating air cycle technology enhances efficiency and underscores Mirai INTEX’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in sustainable refrigeration. This technology represents a significant leap forward, offering a viable alternative to conventional refrigeration systems that rely on environmentally harmful substances.

    The Hub of Innovation: Brno, Czech Republic

    Mirai INTEX’s managing office and production facility are strategically located in Brno, Czech Republic. This centralized hub serves as the epicenter of Mirai INTEX’s commitment to green technology, offering sustainable solutions to the refrigeration sector. The choice of Brno is not merely logistical; it symbolizes the company’s vision of minimizing the human impact on the environment by bringing production processes to an environmentally friendly level.

    The location in Brno exemplifies Mirai INTEX’s holistic approach to sustainability, considering the end product and the entire production process. By choosing a site that prioritizes green practices, Mirai INTEX reinforces its dedication to creating a positive environmental impact throughout its operations.

    Embracing a Greener Future

    Mirai INTEX envisions a future where industrial processes seamlessly integrate with environmental responsibility. Mirai INTEX adheres to a corporate ethos by providing eco-friendly refrigeration solutions and contributes to the global movement toward a more sustainable future. The company’s commitment extends beyond business goals; it represents a genuine effort to change how industries approach their environmental responsibilities positively.

    Mirai INTEX’s contribution to a greener future is not just about technology; it’s about fostering a mindset that places sustainability at the forefront of decision-making. Through its innovative solutions, the company aims to inspire others in the industry to embrace environmentally conscious practices, setting a precedent for responsible manufacturing.


    In the realm of Mirai INTEX, the journey from conception to execution is marked by technological prowess and a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship. As Mirai INTEX continues to push boundaries and redefine industry standards, it remains at the forefront of the ecological revolution, spearheading change through innovative, sustainable refrigeration technology.

    For those seeking refrigeration solutions that transcend traditional norms and champion environmental consciousness, stands tall, proving that the future of cooling is not just efficient – it’s Mirai. Mirai INTEX’s green technology journey is not just a corporate narrative; it’s a testament to the possibility of combining innovation and sustainability for a brighter, greener tomorrow.

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