How to Reset Windows 10 Password Without OS Disk?

    Reset Windows 10 Password: We all have a wish to maintain privacy in our life whether it is on your smartphone or your personal computer. We lock the device with a password to keep it secured from unauthorized access. But as we know it is a normal tendency of human beings to forget things, forgetting passwords are not an exception. We all might have faced this situation where you want to gain access to your own device but you’re restricted since you don’t remember the password. These situations are the worst experience.

    Keeping your windows 10 device locked is good, but remembering the password is equally important. Sometimes when you lose the password you might have to upgrade your device OS or even change the system. This could mean a lot of trouble for you. There are plenty of ways to reset Windows 10 Password.

    Here in this article, we’ll be discussing how to reset Windows 10 Password.

    While the best method to reset Windows 10 Password easily is to use the reset disk or OS disk previously created, but what if we do not have these? There are still few solutions to gain access to your computer. Basically, there are three processes as explained below.

    #1. Reset Windows 10 Password using your Microsoft account

    People usually use Microsoft account to log in to their computers. If you have been using your Microsoft account to login into you windows 10 system you can easily reset the password.

    All you need to do is to visit the home page of Microsoft and reset your account password. This should help you gain access to your device easily with the new password.

    But sometimes this process might not work as this might be your only Microsoft account and it needs to be registered into your device. But do not panic as there are still other ways to help you reset the password on Windows 10.

    #2. Reset Windows password with the Help of Other Administrator

    When people share their computers with other they generally create a different account in it for their use. In case you too have done this done in your computer it might help you access your account even if you forgot windows 10 Password.

    This is the easiest method to reset Windows 10 You can ask the other user to crack your password through their account which is very easy and simple.

    But what if there is no other account on the device except the one you are using? You can still try the next method to reset Windows 10 Password without having to reinstall or upgrade your windows version.

    #3. Reset Windows 10 Password using Renee Passnow

    If both the above methods have been a failure for some of the other reason and you’re still struggling to access your computer desperately then this third method is the best choice and a sure shot solution.

    To complete this process successfully you will need a working computer which can access easily and a USB drive. That’s it. Now by just following four simple steps, you will have your problem solved.

    This method is very easy and is highly regarded as you don’t need any high professional knowledgeable and can be carried out within 5 minutes.

    #1. Download the Renee Passnow software and install on the windows computer.

    #2. Now create a Bootable media through Renee Passnow software. You’ll be asked to choose a creation method (USB/CD) and then just click on ‘create USB’ and wait for the processing. Creating a Bootable USB drive will clear all data from it.  So make sure you take a back of your data in USB beforehand.

    #3. Connect the Bootable media drive or CD to the computer which you want to unlock. Hold the hot keys or the function keys according to your device to enter the BOIS menu. Once you enter the BOIS menu, you need to change the boot order of your PC. Set the Bootable media to drive as the Boot order for your PC by using (+), (-) symbols to navigate. Save the settings once you select the boot order.

    #4. Now after booting your device, run the Renee Passnow software and select ‘pass now’ and select the target system in the list there.

    #5. In the last step to reset Windows 10 Password just select the account and click on ‘Clear password ‘ to reset Windows 10 Password completely. Now you can restart your computer and reboot it normally.

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