Redefining Customer Loyalty: How The Sessia App Benefits You

    Sessia is a social network with an integrated marketplace. Built around existing blockchain technologies, Sessia has been designed to allow for socializing online with friends and contacts, as well as make purchases. For businesses, this integration of social media and e-commerce is proving to be very beneficial. With the addition of an internal cashback scheme, Sessia is literally changing the way that brands and consumers are buying and selling online. However, one of the major attractions of Sessia is its ability to redefine customer loyalty. For businesses of all sizes, customer loyalty is a vital component of a growth strategy, and Sessia has been able to leverage those needs into one app that seamlessly integrates marketing, the best business blockchain technology, socializing, and selling.

    Following Brands

    Just like other social networks, users are able to follow the brands that they like. However, Sessia takes this a step further, and that is proving to be what separates this app from other social networks. These include:

    • An established loyalty program: With highly flexible customization settings, the Sessia loyalty program means that every purchase made over the app comes with a cashback that extends to recommended products purchased by contacts.
    • Socializing: Not only can you use Sessia to keep up with your friends and family in the same way that you use other platforms, but you can also see what products they are buying. For businesses, this is a direct form of advertising that means you can market special offers and discounts without packaging entirely new campaigns across a variety of platforms.
    • Convenience: While most businesses are aware of the need for making it easy to buy on smartphones, Sessia has been designed for that specific device use. That means that the design is far more intuitive than other e-commerce platforms when it comes to mobile viewing. When consumers are more loyal to brands that have a seamless interaction process, mobile selling is vital, and with m-commerce at its heart, Sessia is well placed to take advantage of this ever-growing sector.

    User Rating

    Online reviews are more important than ever, and all brands should be using their reviews as a marketing tool. Again, a smart design from the foundation up means that Sessia has integrated that review requirement into their functionality options. For consumers, their friends and contacts, and for businesses, the user rating means that every user has total control over their Sessia experience. Consumers are able to judge a brand by their user rating, while companies are able to give bonuses to regular customers based on their client ratings. The higher that you rank as either a consumer or brand, the more bonuses you will have access to.

    Establishing brand loyalty can take time. With Sessia, much of the hard work is done for you, and the tools are already in place. By integrating the social experience with the vital needs of the e-commerce marketplace, Sessia is proving to be one of the more vital new apps for both brands and the general public in 2019.

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