Top 10 Fake Receipt Maker Available Online In 2020

    Looking for Fake Receipt Maker? Keep reading.

    In any business, it is important to have transparency between 2 parties. The success of the business depends on how you maintain a relationship with your customers.

    A bill or a receipt is an important document in any business after the sale of a particular product or rendering any service.

    But, sometimes due to some unavoidable situations or technical issues, the businessman cannot provide customers with the receipt of the sale of products.

    In such cases, it may damage the reputation of a business. And so, the best solution is to download receipt maker on your computer for an immediate invoice.

    List Of Best Receipt Maker

    So, if you want some best receipt makers for the year 2020, read the list below:

    #1. Invoice Generator

    Invoice generator is a good fake receipt maker tool which you can try. It is easy to use this tool as it needs only the name of the party and the kind of currency.

    There are many currencies available in this tool so that all the businessmen from various countries can use it.

    You just have to enter all the details and the currency and click on the download button and you will get an invoice in few seconds.

    Whenever you don’t have time to prepare an invoice, you can use Invoice generator for getting an instant invoice or bill.

    Receipt Maker

    #2. Custom Receipt Maker

    The next on the list is Custom Receipt Maker which is the most convenient receipt maker for the businessman. It has some blank fields to be filled and you will get a bill on the spot.

    There are 4 fields for different items and their prices so that the customers can get an idea of all the purchases and the prices.

    Custom Receipt Maker has the box at the bottom in which the funny slogan appears after making of receipt. There is also an amount field where you can enter the amount of currency or the numbers as per your comfort.

    Custom Receipt Maker


    This tool is specially designed for the Amazon store. It generates the receipts of all the products which you have purchased from Amazon.

    As it is, this tool is great to use by filling the blank fields with details of the items. If you have lost your original Amazon receipt, you can get another copy of that invoice with the help of receipt maker tool.

    If you remember the design of Amazon receipt, this tool will give the invoice within a few minutes. The process is very simple as it involves giving the details of the product and at last tap on generate button.

    #4. Invoiced Lite Free Invoice Generator

    With the field of the description of the product and tax field, this tool is one of the best receipt makers for any business. There are also fields for showing discount and shipping charges in this app.

    You can make multiple invoices for free of charge in this tool. As you add the number of various products, it will add in the subtotal place.

    The last field will show the total amount including the discount and shipping charges to give a clear idea to the customers. It is a nice receipt maker for those who have a shop, restaurant or any other business.

    Invoiced Lite Free Invoice Generator

    #5. Frabz : Receipt Maker

    The next on the list of good receipt makers is frabz. It is used to generate fake atm receipts by filling the necessary fields. You just need to give the information and click on the preview button to get print of the receipt.

    Frabz also has many funny images and interesting pictures. You can also create many memes for yourself or best friends and send them on birthdays and marriage anniversaries.

    It is one of the smartest online receipt makers for generating multiple invoices. This tool not only generates invoice but also provides some funny stuff for enjoyment and sharing.


    #6. ExpressExpense

    ExpressExpense is again a simple yet beautiful tool for generating an invoice on the spot. It has simple fields to be filled with details of items and prices.

    There are various templates available in the receipt maker for different businesses such as parking, sales, squared or itemized by which the customers can know better all the details of their purchases.

    Also, a space provided in ExpressExpense for the type of business for which you making the receipt. There is a simple sign up registration to use this too and it is used for the shop, restaurant, cab and all other businesses.


    #7. Samahope

    Samahope is one of the most useful tools for any business to generate a fake receipt. It includes different templates for various businesses.

    You can fill the necessary information in this receipt maker such as the description of product or service, a number of items and the prices and it will generate the invoice taking the subtotal of all the items.

    Samahope tool can be used for any kind of business such as coffee shop, restaurant, cab service, gas, generic, parking lot and many others. You can create multiple receipts at a time by choosing the templates suitable for your business.

    samahope: Receipt Maker

    #8. FastDue.Com

    One of the most amazing receipt makers, FastDue.Com is very easy to use. It gives the different sections of receiver and giver with their names, addresses, contact numbers and email IDs.

    This tool gives a clear idea to both the parties about each other in case any of the invoices are misplaced or lost.

    It also provides space for sate, quantity, description of the item, unit price and a total of all the purchases or sales. This is the best receipt maker if you want transparency in your business. It also mentions the tax levied on all items and gives the subtotal amount.



    If you have a hotel business and for some reason, you are not able to provide an invoice to the customers, you can use this tool.

    It has few fields to fill such as the name of the hotel, customer name, contact details and few other details. After filling these blanks, you have to tap on the option of Print to get the print of the receipt.

    Your invoices will be generated within a few minutes and you can give them to your customers.

    #10. InvoiceHome: Receipt Maker

    The last receipt maker on the list is InvoiceHome. There are many cool features in this tool such as auto-numbering, adding own logos, copy invoices and many others.

    You can generate fast all the invoices to give all the customers. You can also get the print of the invoices within a few minutes.

    InvoiceHome is one of the best tools for small businessmen and restaurant owners. There are various payment modes and currencies from which you can choose yours.

    InvoiceHome: Receipt Maker


    These receipt makers simplify the work of every businessman and provide convenience in making the bills when there is no other way out.

    With many smart features and easy options, these receipt makers will get you faster downloads of invoices to give them to all your customers.

    They can be used in many businesses such as cab, gas, hotel, restaurants, coffee shops, mobile shops, and many others. A receipt maker is necessary to take the business to a higher level of success.

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