Important Reasons Parents Should Spy on Kids Android Smartphone

    World is constantly changing. We live in the developing era, where everyday changes are not surprising. A human takes birth and grows via various phases of life. Each phase has different reactions to different or same situations, be it infancy, childhood, adolescence or adulthood.

    Adolescent is considered as a difficult phase. Teenagers usually think, react, and converse in real ways. This is the age of talking, interacting, and communicating with friends, family and the world around with the digital tool known as Android Smartphone Devices. It is a coherent mechanism to converse with family, friends and professional counterparts. While desktop and laptops have revolutionized our work, smartphones has revolutionized our way of living.

    It is a life-addicted drug for mankind. However, the usage of a cell phone is undecided. It can be a mind-boggling tool when used wisely or can be a misfortune when overused negatively. The teens prove to be a bottleneck among the ones who use cell phones and create a real chaos out of it.

    How TEENS Frame A Husky Turmoil In Their World Through Smart Phones?

    The showering of mobile phones technology created loads of bustle in the life of teenagers. They wake up, eat, study, roam and sleep with the smartphones nearby. They simply use it for 24 hours being in schools and colleges, walking on the footpath and roads losing their inner senses, much acquired in the technology they deal with. The all day long use of mobile phones undoubtedly addresses them as ‘Robots’. These smart phone users are known as “smombies”. This is a serious threat to the teenagers resulting in several road accidents while driving or walking with an eye on their gadgets.

    Apart from this, social media is a deterrent. They do texting, chatting, video calling, sexting, group chatting, messaging on multiple social media applications. It is a good habit to socialize, but the fact that it is unjustifiable to the teens’ health and their ethical behaviors, values and norms can’t be ignored. A smartphone is the newly invented weapon of the 21st century of mass destruction. Various dangers they stances are as under:

    1. Increasing Health Problems

    The boundless use of mobile phones impacts the user’s health in numerous ways. It can cause various issues such as nerve damage, back pain, disrupted sleep, text clawing, cell phone elbow, anxiety, depression, eyesight, and many other psychological issues. Spending too much time in smart phones & tablets also damage kids development.

    Cyber harassment on digital media is another issue. The social media can make a person to feel angry, sad and scared continually. Since, the teenagers use multiple social applications, they get terrorized badly. It can harass, threaten or target a person. As an outcome of it, teenagers behave badly. Sometimes they could be upset and heartbroken; even attempting suicide. Parents should deal with problems carefully.

    2. Ill-treat by Stalkers

    Ill-treat by StalkersCyber Harassment is causing chaos in teenagers’ life. Stalkers always keep an eye on a teenager’s profiles with weak privacy settings. They usually converse with the teenage population using friendly language to gain their confidence and trust. When these stalkers make a good relation with them and they meet them personally. They start playing with emotions leaving awful effect on their lives after getting betrayed from online friends.

    3. Texting and Listening Calls While Driving

    • Texting and Listening Calls While DrivingDistracted driving on the roads can cause a lethal rampant and teenagers are the most vulnerable victim of accidents. They lack experience behind the wheels. It is a critical and an unfeigned problem because a number of accidents reported every year on the roads as a result of operating electronic gadgets while driving or riding.

    4. Teens Unknown Whereabouts

    Partying is quite common in teens. A lot of teen parties have alcohol and drugs. The parents are unaware of it. If these parties occur on regular basis, it becomes an addiction. Teenagers are the most vulnerable victims. It would seriously impact their health and psychological factors. Since, parents are unaware of the tits and bits of their child; it could be misleading. So, it’s very important to monitor their actions.

    What Should Parents Do?

    Parents should accept the teen. A good relationship between parents and child would encourage a positive behavior in a child. Parents should be calm and friendly while talking to their children ensuring a positive guidance. It helps teenagers to adopt appropriate and acceptable behavior.

    Parents should set appropriate boundaries for developing a child’s positive behavior. They should serve as role models. They should take interest in each child’s experience and respond positively to it. Knowing the entire hidden whereabouts of the child is the prime responsibility of parents to rescue them in case of emergency. It could be best done by installing the Android Cell Phone Spy Software.

    1. Remotely Spy on Your Teen’s Phone through ANDROID SURVEILLANCE APP

    Remotely Spy on Your Teen’s Phone through ANDROID SURVEILLANCE APPIt is a challenging situation when kids are armed with smartphones. Parents can take help of Parental Control Software like TiSPY which would prevent their kids from texting with the strangers and it would also restrict them from accessing adult content. It is likewise essential that teenagers should understand the value of digital world and make a positive use of it. So, parents who are doubtful about their teen’s activities and actions should essentially have an eye at it.

    2. IM’s Social Media App

    IM’s Social Media AppIt is important to prevent the child from being harassed over the internet because of the all the long usage of the smartphone by the child. To protect your teen, you just need to use IM’s Social Media App of the Android Monitoring App. It enables users to view all IM’s logs chats, text chats, and sent/received images and media files.

    3. Phone Controller

    Parents concerned about their teens addiction to texting and listening calls while driving should use remotely use phone controller of the Android Spy Program. It will allow parents to block the internet surfing and texting while driving. The remote control SMS command would block stranger’s incoming calls.

    4. Keylogger

    If the teenager is frequently chatting on mobile device and you want to monitor that particular chat, but cannot due to the password on the phone. You just need to use keylogger of the Android Spy App. You will be able to view all keystrokes applied to the target device like password keystrokes, SMS keystrokes, messenger keystrokes and email keystrokes.

    5. GPS Location Tracker

    In case teen is planning to meet with the online friend in real life and you think he could be a stalker, using the GPS location tracker. It allows you to keep an eye on current GPS location, history, weekly location, and you can even mark safe and restricted areas to protect your teens.

    6. Spyvidcam

    Parents can know the whereabouts of teens through bug their phone. It allows parents to view the surroundings by making short videos from 15 seconds to 1 minute of the target device through the back and front camera with the help of Spyvidcam. It also enables parents to listen and record surrounding sounds through MIC bug from 1 minute to 120 minutes and the user can make photos through the cam bug of the smartphone tracking app.
    A proper guidance and monitoring your teen’s activities is possible through android remote monitoring software. It entrusts you to remotely spy your teen’sactivities on the earmarked digital mobile phone device.

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