Psiphon handler apk v108 Free download

    Psiphon handler apk: Everyone is talking about it.

    Do you know what it is?

    Do you have any idea what it can do and why people are going crazy about it?

    Well, the Psiphon handler is one of the most viral apps today thanks to its features that let internet lovers connect to the internet even when there is no Wi-Fi around.

    The app works by providing you with a proxy setting that lets you get on carriers like Airtel, HI, Globe and TIM.

    If you have not heard about the app ever, you may be surprised to know that a million of people are already using it.

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    Using the Psiphon handler app you can access not only the internet but also websites and services that are blocked by your ISP address. In short, the app is one of the best apps to access the internet.

    Understanding Psiphon handler:

    Psiphon handler is a navigation tool open source. The app aims to dodge censorship on the ISPs. There are many places where certain sites such as Facebook are banned or blocked.

    This censorship prevents people from expressing their views and share their thoughts with people with similar likes.

    In short, the Psiphon handler app is developed to provide all freedom from restriction. The app can be downloaded easily as there are many third-party websites offering Psiphon handler apk download link.

    How Does the Psiphon handler work?

    You will first have to download the app to be able to use it. Don’t forget that there are many ways that can be used to access Psiphon handler apk download link.


    The app can be downloaded for free. Once the app has been downloaded follow the below steps:

    Psiphon For Android Users

    Step 1: Open your Android email client, and from there click on a Psiphon APK link. The installation process will begin within a few seconds and you will get the notification.

    In case you experience some kind of issue tries enabling sideloading. The app will automatically start working once it has been successfully installed.

    Step 1 in all that an Android user needs to know to start using Psiphon handler.

    Steps for Windows Users:

    The Windows user should follow the below steps:

    Step 1: Locate the source from where the app can be downloaded.

    Step 2: Verify the copy of Psiphon handler for windows before running the program. See image below:

    Run Psiphon Handler

    Step 3: Click on the run option and the program will automatically start connecting. While the app finds a carrier to access a spinning icon may appear on your device.

    Psiphon Handler download guide

    Step 4: If you see a green icon displayed on your device screen, understand that the connection has been established successfully. But before accessing the internet you will have to select one tunnel from three – SSH, VPN and SSH+.

    The VPN mode allows traffic to pass from Psiphon automatically. However, the SSH and SSH+ tunnels automatically set the proxy settings of the Windows system.

    These setting are set by default. In the SSH and SSH+ tunnel modes, you get a split tunnel option in areas where international traffic is tunnelled via proxy.

    That’s it. This is all you need to know to start using the Psiphon handler app and browse the blocked sites and services in your area.

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    The app is amazing because it lets people be what they want to be. Whether you like voices your thoughts through social networking sites or enjoy any online service you can do all with this amazing app.

    But, before you move ahead to install the app. Here are some things for you to keep in mind:

    1. The Psiphon handler app doesn’t need any Root to run.
    2. A 3G or 4G connection is required to be able to run Psiphon handler apk.
    3. As the first step, download the Psiphon handler from an authentic
    4. The APK has to be successfully downloaded.
    5. Select the Tunnel that you think would be best for your device and area.
    6. The app is not meant to be misused.
    7. The app can let you enjoy free internet access but still, you need high-speed internet to download the app and run it.
    8. There are many other methods that can be deployed. Google them and explore how this world can be accessed with just a few clicks.

    So next time when you plan to travel to places like Turkey and Morocco or even China don’t forget this precise information about the app.

    When I first heard about the app I wasn’t sure if it actually works. But then I Googled to learn what others think about the app.

    I was surprised and I am sure you will also be surprised to know that people love the app and they are recommending others to use it.

    The app can help people travelling to far places to stay connected with their family and close one over free internet.

    Psiphon handler download can let you access the internet and blocked sites with ease.


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