What is PokeMMO — Review and Download

    PokeMMO is a fan-made game made by It is a MOM-based game on the Pokemon. Just like its name, the game has a resemblance to the original Pokemon.

    The characteristics of the game are almost similar to the original Pokemon.

    The new game has been modified with some online features and campaign modes. The game has a mixture of adventure. It allows users to cam combat with online players and exchanges Pokemon.

    If you remember, the earlier version of Pokemon carried a story of trainers and their Pokemon who battled in the tournaments to prove the best. The story is the same in the new PokeMMO with a slight touch of change in the customisation.

    In the PokeMMO players get to play with the costumes of the trainer. They are provided with shops where they can actually buy attires or outfits and accessories for the trainer. The shops can be accessed through the menu and have added a touch of glamour in the game.

    To buy the clothes one has to use points, which can be purchased on the official website of PokeMMO.

    The game is attracting many new players almost every day. Its popularity is immense. Still, in case you have never heard the name of the game or missed its name, you are not alone.

    Irrespective of its popularity, the game is still new to many. Nintendo has a history of taking down such games quickly. So, whether you are hearing its name for the first time or not, do enjoy the game before it’s gone.

    PokeMMO Game Play

    The game begins with character selection and customization. You are provided with the option to select a character and choose a costume for the same.

    Once you have customized the character, click of the character and you will be taken to the PokeMMO. While you are on a battleground, you can interact with the other online player through six moods of communication – Global, trade, whisper, team, channel and normal.

    Other than the channels, other interesting stuff to know before you start the game is its tabs. The game has 6 main tabs that include Bag, Time, Pokedex, gift shop, Trainer, and Menu. The Bag tab contains all the items help by the character on the screen.

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    The Trainer tab shows entire information about the trainer such as skills, money, and name. Pokedex shows the information of all the Pokemon that have spotted during the game.

    The game has one important element ‘Pokemon Soul Silver’. This element is very important to have if you want to make Pokemon follow.

    To bring your Pokemon on the screen, you simply have to drag the Pokemon from the party window to the map. The game overall is engaging. It has some bugs that need to be fixed.

    Overall, there isn’t anything stopping the game. In case you are some die-heart fan of the Pokemon you may not feel like playing this game because of the bug.

    The game at times gets stuck and need to be restarted which kills journey so far taken by the player.

    How to Download

    So, you have still decided to play this game. The game can be downloaded for free and played online as well.

    It is one of the easiest games to download and play. Here is a step-by-step guide to playing the game.

    Step1: As the first step, you will have to register to the official website of the game PokeMMO.


    Step 2: Once you have registered on the website, you will see four options to download the game. The game is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, and Portable Zip. Choose your operating system from the official site and click on it to move to the next step.

    Step 3: You will be provided with a link to download the game to your PC. Again, you will be provided with two options – 32-BIT and 64-BIT. Select the version that your computer has and download the game.

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    Step 4: The files will begin to download and the downloading would be complete within a few couples of minutes depending on the speed of your system.

    Step 5: Click on the downloaded file, installer and run the command to install the PokeMMO game on your PC.

    Step 6: After a few minutes, the game would be installed on the PC and a shortcut icon would be created on the start menu.

    Step 7: The game is ready to be enjoyed.

    PokeMMO is easy to download the game. However, to be able to play it on your PC you will need to have anyone from the Fire Red ROM, Emerald ROM and HeartGold, SoulSilver ROM.

    Fire Red ROM is the required ROM for the game. So, make sure you have it before installing the game.

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