How to Use Pinterest for Business: 8 Strategies You Need to Know

    Pinterest is a very interesting tool to use for business purposes. It is also the social platform that has one of the most underestimated potentials in the world of brands. But it has very strong potential for your growth and subtly starts taking its place in the area of business. By reading this article you will learn what are the eight most effective strategies to run with the help of Pinterest.

    8 Pinterest Strategies You Need to Know

    Creating Boards

    Boards are representing the categories of images that are united with certain features. Basically, the board on Pinterest can be described as an inspiration folder. Many people are using the boards on this network as an instrument to categorize and form their ideas. And as for business – that is what you must do. You are pulling your followers from any point of the world to buy Pinterest idea, represented by the board. Here are the main tips to nail boards on this network:

    • Pinterest is much about aesthetics, so integrate your product into a suitable environment to show the general idea of its usage.
    • Make your board an inspiration for others – add some photos that are not directly selling your product, but describe the mood and style of the product
    • Use boards as a catalog. You can organize them the way you like, and according to the range of image materials that you have.
    • Encourage user-generated content and add the best examples to your boards

    Trigger the Emotions

    To reach success in the world of social media sales your business has to nail storytelling. That means that selling good products is not enough anymore. To get to the top your brand has got to have a strong base of values. On Pinterest, all that can be represented visually, and since visual perception is primary to humans, your message will reach the audience easier.

    Remember, why people are using this platform in the first place. Most of them are surfing through the endless flow of pictures to find ideas, inspirations, features, tips, or hacks for their hobbies, homes, or lifestyle. So your goal here is to create the image that will attract the user’s attention, to make him want to get this thing into his household or purse.

    Master the Keywords

    The proper keywording is vital for Pinterest, as it is the main tool for both casual users and brands to search and offer the products. Well, Pinterest is much like a big search engine for pictures, so knowing what to put into a caption is definitely a plus for algorithms of this platform.

    For example, if you are producing ceramic dishes, you have to make sure that when an occasional user writes the word “ceramic” in the search field, your products will appear there. To fulfill that, try to include more specific keywords to your captions, like “ceramic salad bowl with the floral pattern”, or “modern ceramic plate”, etc. By adding big and specific captions you increase the chance to get directly to potential customers.

    Add Rich Pins

    Rich pins are designed for businesses to make the process of purchasing an item easier. They are divided into groups:

    • Product pins (include the price, availability, and stores to buy)
    • Recipe pins (offer an interface for comfortable description – fields for estimated time, ingredients, and preparation processes)
    • Article pins (the ones the have a button “Read this” that leads to your blog, and a field for Headlines and short caption)
    • App Pins (Add a button for installing the app directly from Pinterest. Possible only for IOS devices tho)

    This feature helps users to make a decision and complete the purchase faster and practically not leaving the platform.

    Use Promoted Pins

    Adding a promoted pins point to your strategy would be a good thought. These pins will help you to increase awareness of your brand and as a result, boost your sales. With running ads campaigns on Pinterest you are capable of raising your website traffic by 45%. The pleasing feature is that promoted pins are fitting like a glove to your boards, but at the same time they are appearing more often in users’ home pages.

    Create and Upload Pins Regularly

    This point is similar to the strategy that is used on practically any social media, but it would be stupid not to mention it here. Consistency on Pinterest is a big help for promotion. Even though the quality is preferred, you still have to come up with a regular schedule to keep up the flow of your content on the platform and increase your reach.

    High-Quality Content

    As it was mentioned before in this text, the aesthetics and overall quality of content are the most important thing to be concerned about. Pinterest is a huge imagery resource, so to stand out from a big crowd you have to put many efforts into your pictures. Fun fact: the majority of people are using Pinterest on their mobile devices. So vertical longer pictures will serve better for your purposes.

    Get Discovered on Pinterest

    One of the interesting methods to increase the attention of the audience on Pinterest is to add the specific button on your website. This button was formerly known as “Pin it”, but now with the name “Save”, the function remained the same.

    The trick of the Save button is to make your web visitors promote your product on Pinterest. After they save the product to their board, the image becomes available for other users to discover. So do not forget to add descriptions, links, and other useful information that will bring you new clientele.


    Pinterest seems to be gaining popularity amongst brands, but it is a subtle and slow process. So use your chance to win some time from your competitors and get your brand into Pinterest before anyone else. You will be nicely surprised by the results you can get with just a tad of effort.

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