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    Talking about Next-Generation Cloud Security, NordLayer is probably the biggest name in the competition. We live in an age of Digitalisation where cyber protection is a must for a business of any scale. And NordLayer is preferred by some of the biggest corporate giants, but it can be availed by any small business too. Furthermore, it offers services in all Known Operating systems. With that things said let’s look into some in-depth details about NordLayer, helping you to make a productive decision.

    FAQ regarding NordLayer

    Who should use NordLayer?

    Due to its reasonable pricing variants in both consumer and business variant aspects, it is ideal for both Single users or a business house.

    Is Customer Care support any good?

    NordLayer has 24/7 live chat customer support, which will be provided with any purchased plans. And talking about the quality of its customer care support, its huge client database speaks for itself, as in how good of its support its, as cloud security firm’s goodwill depends on its after-sale service.

    Benefits of NordLayer

    Generally speaking, the bare bones of any cloud security system is its effectiveness in keeping you safe. In accord with that, the features NordLayer offers are some of the most innovative and tried and tested. Along with just keeping you safe, it will do more than any other cloud security system in the market. Furthermore, its clientele database backs it up for its delivery prowess.

    NordLayer Notable Features

    The main priority of a VPN is to allow a business to safeguard its proprietary data and information from hackers or a swarm of intruders. For the most part, NordLayer has a lot of intuitive and attractive features but we will go through some of the core ones.

    VPN Protocols

    There are multiple VPN protocols that vary in speed, security, and some other factors but all of them exist to create encrypted online connections. And in context to above, NordLayer uses three of them.


    As the name suggests, the open-source protocol provides supreme security and cross-platform functionality.

    IKEv2/IPsec: This protocol offers connection stability for switching between networks and swiftly re-establishes dropped connections.

    NordLynx: This is the proprietary protocol of NordLayer which increases speed and security.

    It must be noted that that encrypted connections are as useful as the protection state they are maintained in. And above that NordLayer includes multi-factor authentication (MFA) and single sign-on (SSO) functionality to further strengthen the login security.


    One of the biggest selling points of NordLayer is its ability to run across all platforms and devices, this includes:

    • Desktop versions: Windows, Mac, and Linux
    • Mobile apps: Android and iOS
    • Other devices: Android TV and routers

    This flexibility allows you and your employees to use the Nordlayer app anytime anywhere and conduct business freely, with your security intact.

    Kill Switch

    One of the most dreaded truths about using VPN is the fact that it can snap anytime, due to an unstable internet connection or even some specific websites which do not allow VPN. This breakdown maybe for a few seconds, but it is more than enough to discover your identity, personal information and location.

    Thankfully, NordLayer kill switch blocks internet access, whenever you face a VPN drop and re-establishes itself after the re-establishment. This feature alone sets it apart from the other next-generation cloud security services of its class.

    Split Tunnelling

    The next feature on the list is somewhat very useful. Nord VPN split tunneling feature allows you to go on full-auto mode eliminating manually turn on and off for the VPN. As any accidental surfing can expose company data, split tunneling plays a key factor in maintaining IT risk management.

    A splendid example of accidental manually turn on/off of VPN can be, data bottleneck while surfing private social media surfing in company server.

    Multi-user management

    Another remarkable feature of NordLayer is the ability of multi-user management. This feature includes an admin user management dashboard and centralized billing. Furthermore, being an admin you can do all tasks like inviting new users, assigning them to teams, or even check their status.

    Besides that, NordLayer lets you reassign user licenses to your employees, making it a very handy feature at your disposal.


    Pricing is divided into monthly and yearly divisions, but for convenience, we will be looking at monthly as all the features will be the same yearly too.

    • Basic: $9/month per user

    The basic pack offers you 6 simultaneous connected devices per user, cloud VPN, control panel, kill switch, auto-connect, MFA, SSO with Google, Azure AD, Okta, Two-factor authentication, Shared access to 33 server locations, and 24/7 customer support.

    • Advanced: $11/month per user

    The advanced plan gets you dedicated servers, available dedicated account management, 24/7 customer service.

    • Enterprise: Quotation based

    This option is the most premium one and it comes with Next-gen site-to-site capabilities, LDAP Active Directory, API access, premium custom features, custom logo and app features, and some more.

    Lastly, you get a hefty discount with any plan with opt. in for.

    Final Thoughts

    So here is our take on the Next-Generation Cloud Security I NordLayer. We would highly suggest this VPN to anyone, who is thinking to get one for themself or their business. Being a reputed name in the trade, you will find everything you need in it, and moreover, it’s a class apart from other cloud security in the modern world.

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