New Jersey and it’s Online Casino Market

    Meet the very first State who legalized gambling for money. Learn more about the prestige online casinos available as well as the applicable laws for online casinos.

    The start of it all

    In 2010 New Jersey, like many other countries saw steady growth in gambling online and land-based which then were against the law. With the internet being extremely hard to control the best way to accommodate the increasing demands from New Jersey players was to create the New Jersey Gambling Commission.

    Before the Law came into force in 3rd September 2010 several in-depth investigations were made to get a picture for the new and much-needed guidelines, terms and laws.

    The start of online casinos in New Jersey

    It took nearly three years before the online casino became legal and start operating. During February of 2013 players living in New Jersey could celebrate when online casinos finally were legalized in New Jersey. Press the link if you would like to read more about local online casino reviews or maybe other casinos related information.

    A small industry but several high-quality casinos

    New Jersey is one of the five smallest of States in the US. Considering the size the market of online gambling isn’t big either. However, you will come to find out that the twenty-plus online casinos have a relatively high level of game supply and costumer service.

    A selection of the JGC terms

    Like all other Gambling Authorities worldwide The Jersey Gambling Commission comes with terms which all licensee operating in New Jersey must follow. There is a lot of paragraphs to learn and live up to. Everything from the games provided to how casino advertising are broadcasted.

    Here are some of the key terms Online Casinos operates under:

    • Clearly visible logo showing the jurisdiction as the online casino has received a license to operate in.
    • Every player must be verified before they can gamble on the site, which includes both the age and location of the person.
    • The operator must keep all of the player’s money separated from the company’s own accounts.
    • Links to self-help, self-exclude and responsible gambling information has to be easy accessible on the site.
    • Operators have to monitor all players gambling behaviour and take measures to help the player if necessary.
    • RNGs are a requirement in all slot machines.

    High conditions mean a high safety level for players

    The terms and guidelines for retaining the license are extensive. The Jersey Gambling Commission have to implement due to the difficulty of maintaining a safe environment on online casinos.

    Play only on licensed online casino

    Even though it might be tempting to play at other online casinos it is not recommended. The Jersey Gambling Commission has a lot of terms for the player’s sake. To create a high-quality market with an online casino where you can concentrate on having a good time and, if you have luck on your side, make some really nice wins.

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