10 Best Multiplayer Horror Games on PC

    Horror Games are a great source of entertainment and popular all over the world. These types of games provide some features such as proper room to play, freedom to play with friends and versatile etc. Horror games can be played as single player as well as multi-player. There are top horror games that are mentioned below

    10 Best Multiplayer Horror Games on PC

    #1. Day Z

    Day Z is a multiplayer video horror game so that you can play this game with your friends. Some lucky few players can survive in this infected environment. This game does not provide any guidelines, tips, tutorials and so on. You have to fight with infected humans, zombies, and crazed survivors.

    This game does not give the game-saving mode option and extra lives. So if you die in the game you will lose everything and again begin this game from starting.

    It has various features such as mind-blowing gameplay environment, realistic challenge, amazing visual graphics etc. You can play this game for humanity or destroy everything in the world.

    Day Z - Horror Games

    #2. Fear 3

    This game can play in both modes Single Player & Multi-Player. This game is First Person Shooter video game but with the horror,

    It has many features which are tons of maps, realistic characters, different objectives, types of awards, upgrades, achievements and so on. You will go in deep into within the Almaverse where Alma Wade’s psychic essence exists.

    Alma Wade is the powerful antagonist of this game series. You play the role of Point Man in this game who is the original Protagonist and he has multiple superhuman reflexes and ability to manipulate time. Players can also control the spirit of Paxton Fettle who is the brother of Point Man and he posses the psychic powers.

    Horror Games

    #3. Dying Light

    It is a survival horror action-adventure video game. It is almost compatible with all devices. The players play the role of “Kyle Crane” who is the undercover agent. He sent to the Harran City where people have turned into zombies by a strange epidemic.

    This game has lots of features that are dynamic day/night cycle, weapons, crafting, combat system, freedom of exploration etc. The enemies become more powerful, aggressive and difficult to handle during the night time.

    When you are in day mode, you can search weapons and food. At night, you have to handle the undead people whose want to hunt you. You can build your team up to 4 players and play with them.

    Horror Games

    #4. Killing Floor 2

    Killing Floor 2 horror game is actually scary video multiplayer game. It is the extended version of the Killing Floor.

    The new version has come with new additional options such as new monsters, modern weapons, crafting abilities, multitude characters, rifles, classic & historical guns, revamped mechanic, and new amazing visual graphics and so on.

    The players act as a mercenary whose destroy the zombies, save the survivors; explore the challenging environment, etc. In multiplayer mode, the players can play up to 6 players.

    Killing Floor 2 - Horror Games

    #5. Killing Zombies

    This game is designed for “HTC Vive” but you can also play this game on the PC. It offers many features such as advanced mechanics, HD visual graphics, realistic effect, etc.

    The Killing Zombies take the players to a darkness zombie world where you have to survive and save your life from them. You can use a variety of weapons, tools, and techniques to survive in the Zombie Infested World.

    This game has 30 types of weapons that are Pistols, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, and Sub-machine Guns etc. You can build up your team and can play up to 4 players.

    Killing Zombies

    #6. 7 Days To Die

    It is a survival horror multiplayer video game. In this game, a world destroyed due to the fall of civilization. It has various features like crafting, looting, explore the game world, combining combat system, 3D visual graphics, advanced zombies mechanics etc.

    The objectives of this game are found supplies such as food, water, weapons etc., build cities, caves, mountains, shelters for survivors, bases, and also defend you from zombies’ attacks, dangerous animals etc.

    The players can also growing plants, hunt animals, develop their skills, enhance their abilities, and so on. This game has day-night cycle option. During the day, the zombies are slow and weak but in night time they become more powerful.

    7 Days To Die

    #7. Dead Space 3

    This game is the extended version of the Dead Space & Dead Space 2. Dead Space 3 introduces new character Issac Clarke and you can enjoy the ride of unexpected adventures.

    It comes with new additional features such as new horrors, an amazing story, mind-blowing game world environment, stunning locations, rebuilt mechanics etc. The Issac has been sent to the Tau Volantis which is a frozen So Issac faces new types of horrors so that he can slow the enemies by severing their limbs, killing them or escape from them.

    If players play this game in multiplayer mode then they meet with the character John Carver who is a grumpy man with tragic past and superb abilities.

    Dead Space 3

    #8. Left 4 Dead

    It is a team-based multiplayer video game. You can play this game with your friends up to 4 players. In this game, there are four characters that are Louis the IT guy, Zoey the college student, Bill the war vet & Francis the biker.

    Every character has its own skills and abilities so that you can use these powers to survive in the zombie’s apocalyptic world.

    It has a various feature such as tons of mind-blowing maps, 10 types of weapons like rifles, shotgun etc, 3D visual graphics, inventory, awards, achievements, rankings, matchmaking and so on. You will face horrible zombies and dangerous mutants in every level and to kill them to proceed to next level.

    Left 4 Dead

    #9. Dead Island

    In this game, dead island is a tropical island where people go for their vacation. But after a zombie virus sweeps across in beautiful island resort, then some people turned into zombies and other people become survivors. They fight against zombies and find the way to come back from this infected island.

    The main activities of this game such as discover new areas, collect various basic items for survival, crafting, a complete variety of quests, puzzles etc, create mods and so on.

    You can customize the weapons by custom settings like creating a knife that is used for toxic damage or a gun that is used for shock damage. The four players can play this game at a time.

    Dead Island

    #10. Unkilled

    It is an FPS horror multiplayer video game. It is a zombie shooter game in which you have to shoot the zombie’s brain to kill them. It has approximately 300 quests to complete it. The players do various activities such as kill the zombies, save somebody, collect items, earn money, and complete giving missions and so on.

    When you pass one mission or quest, then you get money and experience. So the players can buy new advanced weapons, upgrade the existing weapons. It has a variety of features such as amazing gameplay environment, mind-blowing visual graphics, advanced mechanics, etc.


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