Injustice 2 Tier List: The Ultimate List For Players

    Injustice 2 is a video game where two players face each other in online multiplayer battles. The game was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on the 11th of May 2017 and has just seen its first DLC release. It is available to download now.

    The characters are extremely good at what they do best. Players, especially new ones, can find it hard to choose between them.

    This is why we have made the Injustice 2 tier list for you. The list is based on characters’ abilities and powers in order to help you choose the best possible team that suits your playstyle and level of skill.

    The Tier List is also available for mobile devices so you can prepare the best team before the fight.

    But before we get started, let’s quickly go through the list of the characters in the game.

    Injustice 2 Character List


    The man with no face can be taken down, but not easily. He packs a punch and multiple ways to deal damage to his enemies. A good choice for beginners who are looking for heavy hitters.


    The caped crusader has the tools to stay on top for most of the game. He can be very hard to attack due to his dodges and slips, but he cannot take much damage so keep an eye out. Batman is a great choice for players who are looking to have an edge on the enemy.

    injustice 2 Batman

    Wonder Woman

    The Amazonian is where her lasso of truth can be used as both offense and defense. Her combos are powerful but she needs to be careful of ranged characters like Green Arrow or The Flash. Wonder Woman is a force that beginners will want to consider when making their team.

    Green Arrow

    The master of trick arrows can be deadly on the field, but he is very squishy. He works best as a supporting character with heavy hitters like The Flash who will need his help to close in on enemies. Green Arrow is a great choice for beginning teams that want a ranged fighter.

    The Flash

    Running at supersonic speeds is what The Flash does best. An extremely fast and agile character, he can be hard to hit, but if damaged, his speed will have him out of the action in no time.

    The Flash is a great choice for experts who are looking for an agile character that can inflict damage.


    The man of steel is a hard hitter that cannot be taken down easily, but he needs constant healing in order to stay in the game.

    His punches are extremely damaging so try to keep him away from grapplers like Bane or Aquaman. Superman is a great choice for experts and players looking to take the enemy by surprise.


    This Atlantean king can be very dangerous underwater, but he is practically useless on land. His attacks are varied, so he can deal damage from far away as well as close up. A great choice for players who like to be constantly on the move.


    A bulky character that can deal great damage while constantly regenerating health is what Bane does best. The only downside is that he can be very difficult to master due to his moveset. He is a great choice for experts looking for a strong character that regenerates health.

    Harley Quinn

    The jester of mayhem can cause havoc with her aerial combos and power-ups. She is extremely squishy though, so watch out for heavy hitters that can take her down easily. Harley Quinn is a great choice for beginners looking for a fun character to play with.

    Green Lantern

    An extremely good choice for beginners who are looking for heavy hitters. His hands glow with green energy which can deal massive amounts of damage to the opponent. His only downside is that he cannot fight at close range.

    And the list goes on and on and on…

    Let’s come to the context and dive into the Injustice 2 Tier list.

    Injustice 2 Tier list


    S-Tier characters are the best of the best in Injustice 2. They have a wide variety of moves at their disposal and can easily dominate the fight. They can be very difficult to master but it is definitely worth the effort as they will easily carry the team with their strength and skills.

    • Black Adam
    • Starfire
    • Doctor Fate
    • Catwoman
    • Wonder Women
    • Batman
    • Red Hood

    Injustice 2 A Tier List

    The members in this tier are the cream of the crop when it comes to Injustice 2. They perform relatively well but can be beaten by characters in the S-Tier. These characters are extremely strong but they are slightly limited in some aspects when compared to other characters in higher tiers.

    • Supergirl
    • Hellboy
    • Firestorm
    • Black Mantra
    • Poison Ivy
    • Superman
    • Flash

    Injustice 2 B Tier List

    B-Tier characters are very powerful and can easily defeat characters in lower tiers. They have a few weaknesses that make them vulnerable against other B-Tier and S-Tier characters, but they can handle themselves against A-Tier characters.

    • Green Arrow
    • Harley Quinn
    • Aquaman
    • Captain Cold
    • Eradicator
    • Deathstroke
    • Scarecrow
    • Swamp Thing
    • Starfire
    • Doctor Fate
    • Ares
    • Atrocitus
    • Enchantress
    • Sub Zero

    Injustice 2 C Tier List

    C-tier characters are average in terms of performance and strength. They can beat lower-tier characters but will find it hard to face other high tiers. These characters may require a little more effort to play and use, but they can still pack a punch if played well.

    • Deadshot
    • Harley Quinn
    • Cheetah
    • Bane
    • Caption Cold

    Injustice 2 D Tier List

    These are the weakest characters that are available in Injustice 2. They can easily be beaten by other tiers and should only be used if other characters are unavailable. These characters may have a few useful moves, but overall they are extremely weak and can be taken down quickly.

    • Joker (sounds unexpected, right?)
    • Black Canary
    • Swamp Thing

    Injustice 2 E Tier List

    E-Tier characters are simply not fit to play Injustice 2. They may possibly be good starters for novices, but as the player progresses in the game, using these characters will be a total waste of time.

    • Superman (classic)
    • Harley Quinn (classic)
    • Joker (classic)

    These are the characters that fall under the E-Tier in Injustice 2. They either have too many drawbacks or are too weak to be used in the game.

    How will Injustice 2 Tier List Help improve my gameplay?

    The tier list provides a rough outline for players to decide which characters they must pick in order to win matches. If fighting against a member of a higher tier, then a lower-tier character can easily counter it. This will help players to choose their next character and assist them in winning matches.

    Who is the best Injustice 2 character?

    Every player must have this question in their mind after going through the whole article. The answer to this is a simple ‘It depends’. What does it depend on? Well, various factors such as player’s playstyle and character’s abilities.

    There are some players who prefer close combat characters like Aquaman (respect), Batman (vigilante billionaire), and Flash (godspeed), while there are some players who prefer long-range characters like Deadshot, Green Arrow, and Supergirl.

    The best character depends on the player’s preferences and skills. So I would say all of them are ‘the best. The only question is ‘For you?’ or ‘For me?’.

    Wrapping Up

    In conclusion, these are the characters that every player should consider while forming the team and playing.

    The tier list will definitely help resolve a lot of questions and solve a lot of problems for many players.

    A strong understanding of the characters will improve a player’s chances of winning matches. This is what Injustice 2 Tier List is all about.

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