How To Show Your Southern Pride

    If you are from the southern states, such as Texas, you may want to show your pride for your state, and there are different ways you can do this, some more politically correct than others. Or perhaps you are from a different state and looking for ways to represent your state pride. Read on to find out some of the best ways to show your pride to the world.

    Bumper Stickers

    Many people in many states will use the state flag or badge on their cars in the form of a bumper sticker to show where they are from. A bumper sticker is an easy and fairly subtle way to show your pride in your state. 

    Whether it is with the Texas confederate flag or a good old Texas saying, decorating your car with your state will show everyone, everywhere you go, exactly how proud you are of being southern.


    The Confederate flag is one of the biggest signs to show you are Texan and proud. If you are looking for your confederate flag or another flag to show how proud you are of your home state, visit to look at the range of flags they have on offer. Your chosen flag will be delivered to your door. 

    Some may think the confederate flag would not be a politically correct thing to show; however, a lot of people no longer see this for what it was originally designed. Now the confederate flag is just a sign of being a proud Texan. 

    If you do not want to have the Confederate flag to show your pride for your state, this is also a choice you can make. If you look on the above website, you will find a flag or other item to show how proud you are of being southern, without the stigma that may follow the confederate flag.


    Not only can you wave your flag and decorate your car, but you can find many different items of clothing to wear to show your pride. From t-shirts to basketball caps and pin badges, you can buy a variety of different apparel to cover yourself when out of state to show where you come from. 

    If you do not want to wear the full apparel and just want something small, a pin badge on your jacket or a keyring would also show pride.  

    Not can you purchase t-shirts to show your Texan pride, but you can also purchase t-shirts that show the state of Texas in a rainbow color. This allows you to show your pride for your state while supporting the LGBTQ+ community, who may face discrimination from others. Be an ally and support both your state and the minority group. 


    Showing your pride in your state could not be easier with the fantastic range of items you can buy to decorate your car, yourself, and your home. Wave your flag high for all to see just how proud you are of your state and heritage. Visit today and find the perfect flag for your southern pride.

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