How to put Music on your iPhone without using iTunes

    How to Put Music on iPhone..?? If you are looking for the same query, keep reading.

    Music is something that takes you to another level of your being. The melody, the sound, the thump, and the beats they all take you to a new surrounding where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

    No matter where you are in the present moment or where you are standing it just takes you away from everything. The word MUSIC is not just a word, it can be derived as an acronym.

    An acronym which means M – Mostly U – Useful to S – Smart I – Intelligent and C – Creative people. It also helps in calming the mind and freshening it up to a very delightful and joyful mood.

    Various kinds of music affect the listener in various ways. (That is why every iPhone User wanted answer to this question .. how to put music on iphone??)

    Like, if the listener is happy she/he will listen to melodious tracks. If the listener is feeling romantic or loved then will listen to heart-touching and heart-warming music.

    If the listener is sad then will go for the low tone and touching tracks. And, if the listener is in an angry mood then will surely prefer loud sound which will speak for the angry inside.

    All of the above types of music depend solely on only one thing and that is the quality of sound it outputs. The better the output the more effective will be the result.

    With the advent of portable devices like the walk-man, Mp3 Player, iPods etc music has become easily accessible to everyone.

    But the most important role is played by the Smartphone, making it easier for the people having them. Due to ease of listening to songs or any kind of music anytime and anywhere, it has become a part of our lifestyle.

    As music is becoming an essential part of our lifestyle, different companies are rushing in to give users a better listening experience.

    The smartphone companies are also a good competitor in this field and a putting in the latest technology for the best results.

    Now coming to the best among all companies in the field of music. A company that provides the listener detailed and true experience of music is Apple. It gives the best in all fields, be it bass or be it treble it comes with perfect details.

    Apple iPhone provides the listener’s ears with the best output and is constantly working on getting better. The ear-pods or the earphones that Apple provides with its phones are recommended as one of the best in class.

    But all these great words and praise about the quality becomes void if you can’t listen to music on the iPhone. As most of the features on Apple iPhone is paid, so is the case with music which comes under the name of iTunes.

    Downloading any song or any tune from the iTunes Store involves spending of money which every user wants to escape. After spending such a big amount on the phone itself, the user is not ready to spend anything more for the services.

    And listening to songs is one of the most used and prior things on any smartphone. If you have to pay for it then becomes a problem for the user. But you should not get disheartened because there are various ways to which you can listen to music without using iTunes.

    There are a number of ways by which you can listen to songs without spending a single penny from your pocket.

    Apple’s iTunes is a very good way to organize your music in the library of your phone. But you never want yourself to be stuck with only one option. And there are many alternative ways in which you can download and listen to songs without using iTunes.

    How to Put Music on iPhone – All Working Methods Below

    #1. Method 1 : Google Play Music

    Google Play Music is an answer to how to put music on iPhone.

    It is one of the big names in the cloud service for streaming of music. In this, the user can upload up to 50,000 songs of their own choice for free.

    The streaming can either be offline or online, you just have to install Google Play Music app from the iOS App Store. After installing the application you just have to upload your choice of songs to the cloud and enjoy on your device.

    Google allows its user to stream the entire library if the user wants to play. The uploading process is very easy and simple

    • Choose your desired song or the list of songs
    • Press the upload button to upload it to the cloud
    • Now you will have it in the music library

    #2. Method 2 : Amazon Cloud Player

    If you don’t like much of the Google services or are not much of the fan of it. You can use this alternative method provided by Amazon.

    There is a drawback in using the Amazon Players as it only provides 250 songs to be uploaded by a single user. In contrast to this Google provides a range of 50,000 songs.

    If you want more than 250 in the library then you will have to get the paid Prime Membership of Amazon. To enjoy the free services of Amazon you have to install the application through iOS App Store.

    After that, once you have downloaded the songs, they will automatically be uploaded to your playlist. You can get all this done in few simple steps:

    • Download the Application
    • Go to the Amazon website
    • Download music of your choice or import it
    • Your playlist is ready to play

    #3. Method 3:File Master

    It is considered to be an App which the user of must download if you want to get the perfect answer how to put music on iphone.

    It is considered to be much used by the user because of its wireless technology to transfer files.

    After installing this on your device you just have to connect it to the IP Address and enjoy wireless transfer. It provides rich media resources to play on the iPhone.

    Not only you can transfer music but can arrange the contents in a simple hassle-free manner wirelessly.


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