How to Hard reset iPhone X in Easy and Simple Steps

    Apple is the most popular brand manufacturing superior quality mobiles, iPads,and iPods. It is known to be the most luxurious brand. As it is one of the unique ones, the features too are very different. Being a gadget, it tends to stop working or face technical issues on some days. If you have an iPhone, you have marked that sometimes it gets a bug which makes your device go slow. Generally, every iPhone user restarts his device for solving a minor issue. Today, we will discuss how to hard reset iPhone X in an easy manner.

    Methods on how to hard reset iPhone X

    The settings of iOS devices are slightly different from other Android devices. There are many ways to hard reset iPhone X which are listed below:

    #1. Restart iPhone X

    Restart an iPhone can solve many issues quickly. It removes some glitches which affect the operating system of the device and makes it work smoothly. Follow the below steps to reset iPhone X:

    • Press long the Side button of your iPhone X or you can also press long the Volume buttons for turning off your device.
    • It takes some seconds to turn off your iPhone X.
    • Keep it off for few minutes and again press long Side Button until the logo of Apple displays on the screen.

    This is one way of rebooting iPhone X.

    #2. Alternative way

    There is still another way by which you can reset all your iOS devices with version 11 and above. Read the points given below to get an idea:

    • The first step is to click on the option of “Settings”.
    • Further, click on the option of General.
    • The next step is to click on “Shut Down” to turn off iPhone X.
    • Lastly, turn on the device by pressing long Side buttons again.

    This process will make your device perfect and you will simply love operating it without any bugs or technical issues.

    #3. The process to hard reset iPhone X

    The process of how to hard reset iPhone X is one of the most convenient options to smoothen out the working of the device. It solves the issues of the frozen device. Sometimes, your iPhone does not respond properly for which force restart is an effective way.

    There are some processes introduced by Apple for force restart option in iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

    Follow the below steps for force restart iPhone X:

    • Firstly, press short volume Up Button.
    • The next step is to press short Volume down button.
    • Lastly, press long Side button.

    A forced restart again is one of the safest ways for your iPhone X and all of your personal data remains intact after this process.

    #4. The process to master reset iPhone X

    A master reset is the last option you can go for your iPhone X if the device does not work perfectly. In the process of master reset, all your personal contacts, files and settings are deleted and you will get a whole new model of iPhone X when you bought for the first time.

    If you want a smart master reset process on iPhone X, you can save all your important information on PC or laptop. The following are some of the simplest steps which will give you an idea how to reset iPhone X:

    • The first step is to click on the option of “Settings” from the Home Screen of your device.
    • Then click on the option of “General”.
    • Further, click on the option of “Reset”.
    • The fourth step is to click on the option of Erase all content and Settings.
    • It may ask you to enter a passcode.
    • Lastly, click on the option of “Erase iPhone” to start the process of erasing all your personal contacts, information, and

    This process can be selected if your device has faced a really major technical issue. You can also make use of iOS Setup Wizard while starting your iPhone X

    How to reset iPhone X using iTunes?

    We discussed the various methods how to hard reset iPhone X in an easy manner. Now, let us discuss how you can reset iPhone X to factory defaults with the help of iTunes. Follow the below steps carefully:

    • First of all, update the operating system of Windows or Mac and install iTunes software on it.
    • The next step is to connect iPhone X to PC with the help of USB or Lightning cable.
    • Then open iTunes on PC and wait for few seconds to let it detect iPhone.
    • A list displays on the screen showing the various connected devices. Choose the option of iPhone X from the list.
    • Further, tap the option to backup iPhone X to iCloud or iTunes on PC.
    • The next step is to tap the option of Restore to reset iPhone X.
    • If there is a need. Click on the option of Restore again to start the action.
    • You have to wait for few minutes till iTunes get downloaded and new software gets installed.
    • The last step is to set up the device again.

    The master reset is the final solution if your iPhone X cannot work properly with the process of hard reset iPhone X easily. This process will remove any major issues of glitches which create a hurdle in the working of the device.

    The master reset will make your device like it was never before, Yes, you will definitely lose some data and information from the device but then there is a process to backup all that as we discussed above.


    These are different ways how to hard reset iPhone X within few minutes. All the iPhones have same functions normally so all these ways will work well on all iPhones.

    There may be some differences in the buttons of several iPhones but the basic process of hard reset iPhone X remains same. These methods will remove all the minor problems which affect the working of iPhone X.

    If you are still finding the ways how to hard reset iPhone X, try one of these methods and you will surely get the desired results.


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