How to Hack Wifi on iPhone?

How to Hack Wifi on iPhone

In early days, there were very few who knew about technologies. They used to assume cracking Wi-Fi password is a big thing and only hackers can do this. How to hack Wifi on iPhone, android, windows; that was something people used to Google on daily basis.

One of the toughest tasks in the tech world was always Hacking or Cracking Wi-Fi password.

But, time has taken a huge turn since then. Now even a child having smartphone can hack WiFi password in a smooth way without encountering any trouble. The reason is, now there are many Wifi hacker apps for iphone and others smartphones that will hack Wi-Fi passwords with an almost 100% accuracy.

This tutorial is made to let iPhone users know how to Hack Wifi on iPhone using apps.

Know How to Hack Wifi on iPhone

If you are an iPhone user, then the term Cydia must not be strange in any way. It’s an alternative to the Apple App Store.

After Jailbreaking your iPhone, you’ll be able to use Cydia to download third party applications that are capable of taking advantage of security flaws in household routers to get Wi-Fi access by hacking it.

These applications allow iPhone users to access the router’s default password so that he/she will be able to join the network without having the authorized WEP and WPA key.

Check out the Applications to Hack Wifi on iPhone

1. IWep Pro

This is the best among all. After downloading and installing the application through Cydia, you’ll see a simple user interface scanning local wireless networks. After scanning all nearby networks, it will tell you which ones can and can’t be hacked.

[appbox appstore id717653241]

After selecting the network you would like to connect, IWep starts working and finds out the exact password to access the router. But before using IWeb Pro properly, you’ll have to download IWep Pro dictionaries to crack router’s default password.

2. ISpeed Touched

This application does the same thing. Scans local wireless networks and you’ll be able to hack WiFi networks on iPhone using a downloadable “rainbow table” via the application.

3. Free Wi-fi Password WPA

The good thing with this app is you’ll not require Cydia for downloading it as it is available in Apple’s Offical App Store. It helps in grabbing default passwords from wireless routers.

[appbox appstore id1166123859]

I hope above mentioned applications will help you to hack Wi-Fi on iPhone.

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