How To Download Incompatible Apps In Android

    Download Incompatible Apps in Android : Google play store or Android store is a store where millions of people download the apps. But there are some restrictions where you cannot download Android Apps.

    There are certain reasons which do not allow Android to download apps may be due to restrictions on a certain device, brands, or your device specifications.Some apps are so cool so that we never want to miss out them.

    Download Incompatible Apps in Android : Easy Ways

    So here are some methods which allow you to Download Incompatible Apps in Android are as follows :

    # Method 1: Download APK of incompatible Apps directly

    Under this method, there are some sites by which you can directly download APK’s of Apps directly.

    • com: In this site, you have to download .apk file of any app from Google Play Store. Type app name package in text field and site will take you to the .apk download link of that app directly.

    Download Incompatible Apps in Android

    • Evozi Apk Downloader: Using this site to download .apk file of your favorite app. Massive game files can also be downloaded. Paste the link of the app and save directly on your computer. 

    • It is one of the new apk downloaders. Apps can be downloaded from Android store by editing URL, just change to, download that file. 

    • com: It is also one of the most reliable app sources from Google Play. You can paste the Google Play URL  and can be directly downloaded to your computer.

    Download Incompatible Apps in Android

    • ApkMirror: It is one of the popular web services which is very much updated with apps. It is basically kind of web service where you can download latest apk files on the computer. 

    Incompatible Apps in Android

    # Method 2 : Download Incompatible Apps in Android

    You can download incompatible Apps on Android by using download country specific apps using VPN. So now we will discuss some of the apps which are as follows :

    Download blocked apps in your country

    # Unlimited Free VPN – betterment

    This country specific app can be downloaded and this service has been offered by Betternet. By using this VPN, you don’t need to register It keeps your privacy and identity. This VPN has following features:

    • Can unblock Facebook, YouTube using this VPN service.
    • Fastest servers can be connected.
    • It has no traffic or bandwidth limit.
    • Provides one tap connects,
    • The private browser can be provided.

    # Hotspot Shield VPN & Proxy

    This hotspot shield supports 3G/4G connections. It provides you protection from hackers and secures your internet. It is free VPN, but for Elite you have to pay some fees. Here are some following features of Hotspot Shield VPN are as follows:

    • Any types of websites and apps can be unblocked.
    • You can get protection against cyber criminals.
    • You can hide your IP address and identity from online hackers.

    Hotspot Shield VPN & Proxy

    # Hola Free VPN

    This VPN can unblock websites.It has a simple interface and can switch country apps with ease. It has following features :

    • Data plans can be reduced.
    • IP address can be hidden while browsing the web
    • Web browsing speeds up.

    Hola Free VPN

    # Method 3 : Download Incompatible Apps in Android

    Under this method, you can download incompatible apps using Google play Alternatives which we will discuss as below :

    # Amazon Play Store

    It is basically a shopping giant store where you can discover many types of apps. So you can try this amazing Amazon Play Store on your mobile device. It is the best alternative to Google Play Store

    # F-Droid

    It is a catalog of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) which can be installed as an application for Android platform. It is easy to browse, install and keeps tracking of your device. 


    # Blackmart Alpha

    It is also one of the market alternatives from here apps can be installed on your device with Android OS. To install the apps there is no need of any kind of registration and any account. It has following features :

    • Apps can be download faster.
    • Free download, without doing any payment.

    Blackmart Alpha

    # Aptoide

    It is used to create a marketplace in Android This app allows you to download as many as apps they want.

    Download incompatible apps

    # GetJar

    This platform also allows you to download apps for free. It is light in weight and has many popular apps for free.

    GETJAR Android Store

    # App Brain

    It is also one of the best alternatives of Google Play Store and can Download Incompatible Apps in Android. You can also find premium apps for free of cost from App Brain.

    AppBrain App Market

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