How to Become a Professional iOS Developer

    Do you want to become an iOS developer? Ever wondered how you can hone your iOS app development skills? You might have come to the right place.


    In this article, we are about to disclose some easy steps to become a professional iOS developer. In the modern world, the mobile phone is an inevitable part of life. Thus, mobile phone software developers have a huge demand among all types of software developers.

    iOS platform is one of the widely used software platforms in the modern world. Additionally, iOS development is one of the highest-paid software development services. So, learning iOS development might be very useful and prosperous.

    Beneath, we will elucidate the entire process of becoming an intermediate iOS developer from an amateur developer or a tech geek.

    Get Used to With the Platform:

    Be familiar with the iOS platform first to start the development process. Though this is not an inevitable part of this learning process this could be really beneficial. To get familiar with Apple platforms you could actually adopt several procedures like, you could use a MacBook, iMac or even a Mac Mini.

    There are several other way outs to get familiar with the platform like Hackintosh and Virtual Machine. But, these processes are not recommended as they have lots of ambiguities and they consume a lot of unproductive energy or concentration. As you need a lot of random access memory and processing power to run a Mac OS on any Virtual Machine.

    Furthermore, sometimes the third party hardware doesn’t sync properly with the OS. Thereby, it is better to follow the traditional modus operandi rather ambiguous processes while learning something new.

    The Development Tool or Language:

    As we all know the traditional Objective C is one of the most reliable and powerful tools to develop an iOS application, but this language is not everyone’s cup of tea owing to the ambiguous process of development. Furthermore, also it needs prolonged expertise and study to become affluent in Objective C.

    Thus, the best alternative available in the market is Apple’s Swift. It has a built-in Objective C runtime library which actually gives you the freedom of accessing C, C++, Objective C and Swift code in the same place.

    However, this application of Apple has a plethora of preloaded presets to help amateur developers at the very beginning of their development experience.

    Software Specification:

    You must have a Software Specification when you start developing your first iOS program. Remember, iOS development could be very tactical or hectic depending upon your approach. If you are about to begin your iOS development services you have to have a system requirement specification or SRS of your project.

    If you do not take this part of the learning seriously, then perhaps you might suffer later. However, without any specification development procedure might elongate the timeline which could be fatal for your venture. Thus, an SRS is always recommended for a professional and faster approach to iOS development.

    Design your Idea religiously:

    If you want to develop a good and efficient product then you must have a precise idea about your product. In accordance with your software requirement specification, make a drawing of your product. It will help you to identify the user interface related errors; thereby you could eliminate or revamp the unnecessary portions of your product at the very beginning of your development.

    As per your convenience, you can design your application manually or digitally. Photoshop is one of the most verified and orthodox methods of designing any product, but there are several other ways.

    Figma is one of the easiest to design software when it comes to iOS designing. Although, you can choose and use other ready to design software programs to design your prototype.

    Otherwise, if you want to learn or focus only on the iOS development part then you could also hire a professional designer for the designing. But, if you have knowledge of software designing then adopting some tactical steps you might be able to master iOS designing within a short while.

    Keep Practicing:

    There is a famous saying in Japan, “Tomorrow’s battle is own during today’s practice”. Sotry to practice more and more and be perseverant, it will give your passion a real perfection. In modern-day competition, you need to be very specific and accurate if you want to win and a repeated attempt of learning will help you in this regard.

    Licensing the iOS Application:

    Getting a license of an iOS application might be the toughest of the entire procedure, because Apple is very much fastidious, while it comes to the point of getting a space in the Apple’s iOS software market.

    Apple is very much aesthetics and productivity conscious and doesn’t allow any random application in their marketplace as that could be harmful for the company’s reputation.

    However, Apple doesn’t allow anyone to upload or get a license for free of cost so; you might have to pay some dollars to get a space and license. Thus, be very careful while applying for a license and before that share your product with some experts. Identify your faults and rectify! Apple corporation has already provided its specifications of products and designs on their official website. Therefore, you can check that website before starting the iOS development procedure.

    Do not forget to ask ‘why’:

    To learn anything from scratch the first and foremost rule is to learn to ask ‘why’. If you know why you are doing anything, then the rest is an automated process of learning. If every time you can ask yourself this why while you start coding, designing or learning anything new then you will be able to find new ways of doing that thing and eventually you will start devoting yourself to that task.

    However, there are plenty of materials and instructions available on the Apple website regarding development and designing iOS software. Also, you can go through some books and professional courses if you want to become a master class of iOS developer.

    But, never hang back from the learning routine and eventually, you will be able to eliminate all the hustle and bustle of your way and escalate your expertise on iOS development in no time.


    Learning anything new may not be that easy. But, do not lose hope and be perseverant. iOS development is till now one of the highest remunerated jobs and undoubtedly challenging because of the strict guidelines of Apple corporation.

    And this strictness for iOS Developers is very good because this will help to establish a best practice among the developer fraternity. Also, we learn discipline and professionalism while coding for iOS.           

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