How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Handyman?

    While living in own home, it seems like there’s always something that needs to be fixed or replaced. Even though you may be capable of doing minor tasks on your own, you may choose to leave significant repairs or renovations to the pros. In these circumstances, you may want to call a handyman to paint your bedroom, clean your gutters, or install a new kitchen faucet.

    A handyman can help with a variety of basic home repairs, as well as renovations and construction projects. Costs might range from a set fee to an hourly charge, depending on the market and the project’s complexity. To help you set a budget and determine whether you’re getting a fair deal, keep reading to learn the going rate for several standard handyman services. Of course, the rates differ in different countries and even cities. But if you have wondered what is the cost of handyman services in Dubai, here is what you need to know.

    Handyman Rates

    Independent handyman rates typically vary from 100 and 150 AED per hour, with a company-employed handyman costing slightly more. A skilled handyman will estimate the time it will take to complete a job and then offer you a quote.

    A modest job usually takes less than two hours to complete and just involves using standard hand tools. Some jobs will be more challenging and will probably need the use of tools. It might take a couple of hours, and a fee for using the equipment might be applied. As you would think, a significant job will take the longest to accomplish, lasting anything from a few hours to several days, and may need special equipment. A large project understandably costs significantly more, and you should plan it ahead.

    It’s worth noting that before accepting any work, make sure you agree on the price beforehand, and if possible, sign a contract.

    Average Costs of Handyman Jobs

    Generally, the type of undertaking you need to do will be the most significant factor of the final cost, regardless of whether you’re working with someone who charges an hourly or a flat rate. So here’s how a few basic activities, ranging from fast, low-cost jobs to more costly projects, stack up to help you budget correctly.

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    A simple replacement of an old faucet with a new one might take one or two hours to complete. The standard rate is around 110 AED/hour. The more increased charges would apply to tasks that require additional work involving valves. Although, if you need caulk removal, the material cost might be low, this job can be demanding depending on the type of caulk and the condition of the plumbing. Before a handyman can even start working on caulk, he needs to scrub off the old caulk lines. It often involves the complete removal of the old sealant, scrubbing up any soap residue and mold, and preparing the surface for a new caulk.

    If you need to set up the washer and dryer, you know that setting up these machines is often difficult for homeowners. If the electric hookups and sockets are already in place, the job will take two or three hours. Be ready to pay on a higher end of the price range if the washer and dryer set must be moved by the stairs, water supply hoses must be provided, or exterior vent holes need to be drilled.

    Wall painting

    Wall painting is a demanding job due to extensive preparatory work that needs to be done. Protecting furniture, windows, doors and floors, cleaning the walls, fixing cracks, taping around windows and doors, priming, painting baseboards and other trim, and cutting in along the ceiling are time-consuming. Features such as dark colors, textured walls, or decorative finishes are pricier, adding an additional fee to your final invoice. The basic prices start from 300 AED per wall, but of course, it fluctuates considering the exact surface.

    If you just need to repair drywall, note that prices vary enormously depending on the scope of the damage. They may do a tiny repair at a flat rate, but most of the work would be done at an hourly rate of 130 AED. This will last several days, as you need to consider drying time between coating, sanding, and final painting.

    Doing it yourself or hiring a handyman?

    Even though there are plenty of chores around the house you can probably do on your own, investing in a good handyman will undoubtedly save you both time and money.

    For starters, rather than spending several hours looking for experts for each paint, caulk, or drywall issue that occurs, you may identify a worker knowledgeable in a number of services with just one round of research. Even better, if you’re happy with his job, he may return to assist you in the future. Furthermore, your search may reveal other pros accessible right away to handle repairs or even larger jobs. Finally, having a jack-of-all-trades on hand means you can adhere to your timetable for repairs and small renovations. You don’t need to wait months for a contractor to free up time from bigger (and potentially more profitable) projects.

    A qualified handyman will not only assist you in keeping your home in excellent condition, but you may also discover that employing someone else to handle the job is a cost-effective investment. A handyman will typically have the gear you need on hand, saving you money on power tool rentals, and he may even offer reduced or bundled pricing if you employ him for many chores at once.

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