How Long Does I-9 Verification Take When Using Software?

    Efficient and accurate verification processes are crucial for organizations to ensure compliance with employment regulations. The I-9 verification process, which validates an employee’s identity and work authorization, is one of the most common verification tasks for HR personnel. 

    With the advent of advanced software solutions, organizations can streamline the I-9 verification process, minimizing manual errors, enhancing document authentication, and expediting the overall timeline.

    What is I-9 Verification?

    I-9 verification, also known as Form I-9 verification, is a mandatory process required by the U.S. government to verify eligibility for employment of individuals hired for jobs in the United States. The verification process is overseen by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). 

    The purpose of the I-9 verification is to ensure that individuals hired for employment are authorized to work in the country. Employers are responsible for verifying the identity and work authorization documents presented by employees and completing Form I-9, which serves as a record of this verification. 

    Common HR Challenges When Completing I-9 Verification

    Completing I-9 verification can present several challenges for HR departments, requiring careful attention and adherence to regulatory guidelines. Common HR challenges that may arise during the I-9 verification process include:

    • Complexity of Form I-9: HR personnel must ensure they understand the instructions, complete the form accurately, and correctly record and verify the identity and work authorization documents presented by employees.
    • Changing regulations: Immigration and employment laws are subject to change, with periodic updates and revisions to the I-9 form and related I-9 requirements. HR departments must stay updated on these changes and ensure they are implementing the most current guidelines. 
    • Time constraints: The I-9 verification process has strict timelines that employers must follow. Businesses must complete the form and verify the new hire’s eligibility within three business days of their employment date.  
    • Remote workers and remote hiring: With the increasing prevalence of remote work and virtual hiring processes, verifying remote employees’ identity and work authorization can pose challenges. It can also be challenging to help workers complete the forms accurately if they are doing so from a remote location.

    How Integrated Onboarding Software Streamlines I-9 Verification 

    The time taken for I-9 verification can vary widely, ranging from a few minutes for individual employees to several hours for larger organizations with a high volume of new hires. However, your HR team can quickly complete the process with efficient software, ensuring prompt verification and adherence to legal requirements.

    Cloud-based I-9 verification software can automate several tasks, such as data entry, document scanning, and error checking, which speeds up the verification timeline. I-9  specific platforms are designed to ensure compliance with immigration regulations, reducing the chances of errors and potential penalties.

    Integrated onboarding software typically includes electronic Form I-9 completion, document management, and document validation capabilities. This allows employees to complete the I-9 form remotely, ensuring accuracy and reducing errors. With digital I-9 completion, your HR personnel can send the forms in under 30 seconds, reducing the processing timeline.

    Remote I-9 verification software can also walk new hires through the process, ensuring they complete all required fields and flag missing or inconsistent information. Integrated onboarding software often incorporates document validation mechanisms, such as barcode scanning or image analysis, to verify the authenticity of identity and work authorization documents. This streamlines the verification process and reduces the risk of accepting fraudulent documents.

    Reduce Your Organization’s I-9 Processing Time

    I-9 verification is necessary for employers to ensure a candidate’s employment eligibility in the United States. With the right software solution, HR departments can navigate the challenges associated with I-9 verification more efficiently, ensuring compliance and contributing to a streamlined onboarding experience for employers and employees.

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