How To Hack Kahoot: Simple Steps to Follow

    Do you want to Hack Kahoot? Have a look at this article below:

    The Kahoot is a selection of various kinds of questions on particular topics.

    Every question can collaborate with the images or a video clip, multiple choice answers option with one correct answer, selection of more than one answer to the specified question and many more.

    You can also set the limit of the timing of each question in between 2 seconds to 2 minutes. So with the help of Kahoot, you create an environment like a game.

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    It is a learning platform for the students, teachers, learners etc. You can do various activities with it like Create Kahoot, Hack Kahoot, Kahoot Codes & Cheats, Kahoot Game Pins etc.

    Hack Kahoot

    How to Create Kahoot

    The Kahoot can be created by the teachers, students, business-oriented people, etc. Now, we are going to discuss various steps to creating the Kahoot that are mentioned below: –

    Create New

    • Step 1: – Firstly, you will open the Kahoot’s site for creating it. You can open this website via the following the link: –

    • Step 2: – Then, you will choose the mode of usage that tells who will use Kahoot like as a student, socially, as a teacher or at work


    Signup Offers


    • Step 3: – After loading this site, you will click on the “Create” option. Then a dialogue box pop-up on your screen and it will ask to sign up or log in.So it will depend on the situation, if you are a new user then you will go to sign up or if you are existing user then you will log in to your account.
    • Step 4: – Now, you will search for the option of “Get Kahoot” or “New Kahoot”. Then the option of “Get Kahoot” or “New Kahoot”. Then you will choose the option between them.
    • Step 5: – After this, you will select the type of Kahoot that you would like to create. There are various types of Kahoot such as survey, quiz, discussion etc.
    • Step 6: – After the selection of Kahoot type, you will provide the title name for your project and then you will add the questions with their answers in it.
    • Step 7: – With the help of “Add Questions” tab option, you can add more questions according to your requirements. When you will complete the process of additional questions then you will click on the option of “Save & Continue”.
    • Step 8: –Now, you will set the cover photo for your project. Then select the “Done” option and finish the process.
    • Step 9: – Finally, you will choose the option of “Play” for executing the create Kahoot. Then choose the questions and launch it. After launching, it will show the game pin.
    • Step 10: – The participants will take part in this. To do so, you will have to enter the nickname and game pin. Then you will able to give the answer to the displaying questions. When your session will expire, then it will show the result which will depend on the type of Kahoot.

    If your Kahoot type is “Quiz” then the result will show in a bar graph with points according to your speed and accuracy whereas if your Kahoot type is “Surveyor Discussion”, then the result will display in the graph but without any rewarded points.

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    Steps to Hack Kahoot

    You can Hack Kahoot Quiz, Kahoot Games, and Kahoot Codes etc as per your needs. There are many steps to Hack Kahoot that are the following: –

    Various Steps for Hacking

    • Step 1: – You will require the game pin for hacking Kahoot. To do so, copy the game pin of particular Kahoot which you like to hack.
    • Step 2: – After this, you will open the site for it. You can open this website by following the link: –

    • Step 3: – Then, you will type the copied game pin and add your nickname in it. You will have to enter the number of bots in the particular text boxes as per your choices.

    Kahoot Ninja


    • Step 4: – Now, you will review the box of “I’m not a robot”.
    • Step 5: – After this, you will select the below option that says “Flood”.
    • Step 6: – In this, you will come back to your target Kahoot. However, you will observe that the bots will equal to entered bots which observe that the bots will equal to entered bots which you added in the starting.
    • Step 7: – Finally, you will able to begin the Kahoot and both acknowledge will equal to the asked questions. But you will have to keep one thing in your mind the process of hacking Kahoot is permanent. So you will not delete any bot from t­­­he hacking Kahoot.


    According to the above discussion, we mentioned about Kahoot, Create Kahoot, Hack Kahoot with Game Pins & its codes.

    So you can learn this by following these steps. It is very useful to an understanding of the Kahoot.  You can also share these ideas with your friends and can have fun with them.

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