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    Some years back, bloggers and writers had no means by which they can check the grammatical mistakes in their writings. Now, there are thousands of tools introduced in the market and Grammarly is the pioneer of all. But as we all know it is not for free of cost. Do you want Grammarly premium free on your computer or laptop?

    Grammarly is the best method which helps to rectify all your grammatical errors. It even pinpoints the punctuation mistakes and wrong formation of sentences. But it does charge you something if you want the full version of this tool.

    Methods to get Grammarly premium free

    Now, there are some of the ways in which you can get a free Grammarly premium on your PC/laptops. Let us discuss those ways in details below:

    #1. Grammarly Premium account free

    This is the first method to get Grammarly premium free on your device. Bloggers and webmasters often use this method to take the advantage of the freeGrammarly premium for their blogs and websites.

    There are some simple steps to follow this method. Read below to know about this method:

    • The first step is to sign up on Grammarly by giving your personal details, email ID,and
    • After signing up, the free version is available for few days which you can try.
    • If you like this tool, you can send an email to the team of Grammarly for a sponsored post on it for testing.
    • The Grammarly team will send you premium account username and password. You can use this account for a month. After certain days of testing, write the review post.
    • Then publish your article and send to Grammarly affiliate team.
    • You will then get a freeGrammarly premium on your PC/laptop.

    #2. Flikover

    Most of us don’t have any idea about Flikover. Well, it is a kind of website which gives SEO tools at reasonable prices. The prices are lesser than the real prices.

    This site has many sites such as Semrush and Grammarly which you get for lesser prices. You can also get Grammarly premium free service by using Flikover. For that, you have to pay a nominal charge. Follow the below steps properly:

    • Signup the account on Flikover by filling the necessary details.
    • As the moment you finish the signup process, the dashboard tab appears on the screen. Later, click on the tab of Grammarly.
    • The next step is the installation of 2 extensions, Flikover 1 and Flikover 2 on your browser.
    • You have to pay a small charge for enjoying Grammarly tool lifetime.

    #3. Refer and Earn method

    Grammarly is not only useful for bloggers and writers but also to many schools and college students for their projects and assignments. It is a very necessary tool which your computer should have for good writing.

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    You can get Grammarly premium free service for a week by the creation of a new account. After a week’s trail, you can invite your friends and companions for extending the premium limit. If you invite 1 friend to use Grammarly, you can get another week free access to the site.

    In this way, you can invite many of your friends for using Grammarly and you will get free Grammarly premium depending on the references you made. Follow the below steps for this method:

    • Signupfor a new account on Grammarly by providing email ID and password.
    • The next step is to add Grammarly extension to your web browser.
    • Then log in to the account and click on the extension icon.
    • The next step is to click on extension icon and later tap on the option of inviting& earn.
    • The last step is to share the affiliate link with your friends, companions and family members and suggest them for creating a new account.

    This is one of the best ways for getting a freeGrammarly premium on your device for free of cost.

    #4. Grammarly cookies

    This method includes using Grammarly cookies code for getting Grammarly free trial on your device. You can also choose Netflix premium cookies. Follow the below steps:

    • The first step is to download the EditThisCookie extension on Google Chrome store and click on the option of “Add to Chrome”.
    • Then visit Grammarly cookies page and copy all source codes.
    • The next step is to open Grammarly official page and tap on edit this cookies option which is located on the right side.
    • Then click on the option of “Delete”.
    • Now, click on the option of Import and you have to paste the cookies by typing Ctrl+V.
    • The next step is to click on the green tick mark.
    • Refresh the page and use Grammarly.

    #5. Access codes

    This is one of the efficient ways by which you can enjoy Grammarly premium free version on your device. The access codes work very well. This method is best for new users.

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    First of all, sign up for a new account on Grammarly by providing name, e-mail,and password. After creating the account, the next screen appears asking for the access code. Enter the access codes and you can now get Grammarly free trial version on your device.

    You will now see the blue color premium banner on the Grammarly extension. The access codes work best if you remove all the cookies from your device. You can also use another email ID if you want.


    These are best ways to get Grammarly premium free version ofyour PC and laptops. Use them for making all your blogs, articles, letters, emails and many other professional documents perfect.

    Try these methods for yourself and suggest them to your friends and family members for getting a free trial of Grammarly.

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