Get Your Dream Job With SkillHub – How to Prepare for Interviews and Earn More Job Opportunities

    Preparing for an interview is more than sending applications and googling a company’s name. It requires a set of steps and an individual approach for every employer.

    You have to make a positive first impression and adequately showcase your skills. You must also research the company, ensuring you have information about its products and services. So, how can you comprise all those traits together? Buckle up because we’re ready to share some secrets about becoming a top applicant!

    Put Your Best Foot Forward

    People prefer in-person interviews. It’s an excellent opportunity to connect with individuals if compared to video or audio calls.

    However, you often have to win your spot among other candidates. You may use resume and LinkedIn profile writing services to create a winning job application, but the interview is your stage to shine.

    Preparing for an interview is a sure way to get a dream job. As the saying goes, you prepare to fail if you fail to prepare. The experts say preparation goes a long way toward creating a positive impression. You don’t want to go overboard because people might think you’re arrogant.

    Research Open Positions

    Find as many sources as you can: from social media links to official websites. Learn about the company’s mission, products, or services, and engage with a current or former employee who can share honest feedback about the corporate atmosphere.

    Your job is in your hands, and it entirely depends on whether you’ll spend time getting to know a potential workplace or just accept it as it is.

    Candidates usually skip important information, limiting their job search with Google. You get a broader company picture by looking at the multiple data sources. Plus, it’ll be easier to determine whether this particular employer can be your perfect match.

    Think about posing inquiries that speak to your genuine curiosity and what they say about you. For instance, asking about the organization’s principles shows that you are interested in its culture.

    Communicate Your Value

    In addition to non-verbal communication (such as body language), try to be effective with what you express verbally.

    For example, you may ask a friend, a mentor, or a co-worker to do an interview practice with you. Therefore, you’ll practice answering the questions and feel more confident when the time comes.

    Employers will assess both your hard and soft skills. But the main part — they will look at you as a person, so sharing stories and practical examples is key. Don’t just limit yourself by resume wording. Be one of those individuals who can demonstrate the impact of their work and promote their growth.

    Assess the Organization

    Now that you’ve found your value, it’s time to look closer at the company profile and see if they have every reason to hire you.

    Let’s set this straight: not all great companies are best suited for everyone. So, if you’ve been dreaming of working at Google or Amazon your whole life, you might feel disappointed once embracing their inner corporate world.

    You deserve only the best job to ensure yourself the best future. So, when going to an interview, prepare a list of questions for the recruiter. This might look like the following:

    • What are the values inside the organization? (to communicate that you care about inner culture)
    • What are the learning opportunities? (to check if the company cares about the professional development of team members)
    • What are the next steps on my career ladder? (to ensure you have a long-term plan to grow outside your current role)

    Asking questions is an excellent way to demonstrate your commitment and enthusiasm for the job. By inquiring about learning opportunities, you show that you value development and desire to contribute to the company eventually. Ask questions that are fascinating for the interviewer, compared to ones already covered in the job description.

    Reflect on a Position Background

    The recruiter will likely ask about your interest in a specific job opening. Make sure that you communicate this clearly since there’s no point in attending an interview if you don’t want to get employed.

    Identify key factors that are important to you in a job: professional development, decent compensation, or learning opportunities. They should align with your strengths and present yourself in the best light.

    Even if the hiring managers skip this inquiry, use it as a backup to express your motivation and advance your career.

    Include the Numbers

    One of the things recruiters hate is when job seekers copy-paste phrases from job descriptions. It’s terrible because it doesn’t reflect you as a professional with decent qualifications. On the contrary, it shows that you didn’t spend enough time structuring your resume and chose the most straightforward way.

    Depending on the types of occupations, there may be different numbers to showcase the quality of your work. For example, if your career field is sales, you can mention how much you have increased the company’s revenue. The other examples of hard numbers are:

    • Engagement figures;
    • Budget or team sizes;
    • Percentages of time saved.

    Throwing in some hard numbers during a job interview can be a decision-maker and close the deal.


    So, just to keep it clear, you have to be yourself when you apply for the job. Don’t pretend to be somebody else or take on some additional skills you don’t possess (yet). Relax as much as possible and evaluate the company in the same way as they evaluate you.

    Different recruiters put focus on different things: it might be a physical appearance or intellectual accomplishments. Nevertheless, they won’t resist hiring you immediately when they see a true professional. All you have to do is believe in yourself. And then the whole world of opportunities will open up.



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