Games of Luck vs. Games of Skill

    When playing at an online casino, the big question is – what game should I play?

    Modern digital gambling venues offer thousands of titles, making it difficult to players to choose one game. Slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack, poker – the list goes on.

    Through this article, we’ll try to help you select the right casino game.

    What Is the Difference Between Games of Skill and Games of Chance?

    To highlight the differences between skill-based and games of luck, we must first answer one question. What are considered games of skill?

    Namely, all casino games can be divided into two categories – games of skill and games of chance. This categorisation is based on the level of expertise required to play each type.

    Games of skill gambling involve learning a set of rules and following them during the gameplay. Additionally, with games of skill, players typically apply certain strategies and systems for optimal results. To exemplify, blackjack, as the most famous games of skill, comes with the so-called basic strategy. Moreover, advantage players benefit from advanced systems such as counting cards and deviations.

    In this article, casino experts at cover this topic in detail. Comparing and contrasting games of skill and luck, a conclusion is drawn. If you’re unsure what game to play for real money, we’d recommend checking out this website.

    That said, to play skill-based games, one must acquire these skills prior to betting. That is if you’re looking to win. In case you’re happy with shots in the dark, you may as well play without any knowledge whatsoever.

    On the other hand, games of chance rely on luck in most cases. If you’re phlegmatic and generally easy-going, luck games might be up your alley. Essentially, there are no elements of skill involved in luck gaming. Also, the final outcome depends not on logic but on complete randomness.

    Let’s take a look at actual examples of these online casino gems.

    Games of Skill List

    Skill-based gambling is legal in most countries, even in the strictest ones. For instance, India, which is generally rigid with its regulations, allows skill-based games in some states. However, it may be hard to draw a clear line between gambling and playing with skills.

    To make the task easier, here are all the games of skill examples:

    • Blackjack
    • Poker
    • Craps
    • Backgammon
    • Mahjong
    • Contract bridge

    What all these games have in common is the rational possibility of winning if you’ve mastered the rules. Following specific strategies maximises one’s odds of winning the round, as well.

    And the main difference between and these and luck-based games is the way the outcome is determined. In the former case, logic, rational thinking, and applying strategies directly impact the result. Either physical or mental skills may be useful in skill-based games, as seen in these games of skill examples.

    With the latter, it is randomness and fate that players must hope for. In gambling slang, Lady Luck must be on your side to win.

    With the evolution of casinos, differentiating between certain games of skill and chance has become difficult. For legal reasons, governments and regulators come up with strict rules when determining what’s a game of skill.

    Games of Chance List

    Unlike the previous type of casino games, chance-based games are typically frowned upon by authorities. Therefore, luck games are often illegal.

    Nonetheless, casinos are actively looking for ways to destigmatise the status of luck-based games in public. Namely, when perceived as the source of joy and entertainment, these games are nothing but thrilling.

    Sure, one must be more cautious and mindful of how much they are spending. Indeed, games of chance can be detrimental to one’s wallet. But by sticking to one’s pre-set limits and not exceeding them can be helpful in maintaining balance.

    What follows is an illustrative games of chance list:

    • Slot machines
    • Baccarat
    • Roulette
    • War
    • Keno

    These games of chance examples share irresistible qualities. They are infinitely fun and borderline addictive. Winning and losing streaks are typical of games of luck as prediction plays zero part in their respective gameplays.

    Furthermore, the house edge in luck-based games tends to be much higher than in those of skills. To compare, the best blackjack variants have a 0.5% house advantage. On the other side, we have games of chance whose edge might go as high as 20%.

    Game of chance probability is the best in roulette, whose return to player value (RTP) goes as high as 97.30%. That leaves just 2.70% to the casino, making roulette a favourable game of chance example.

    In translation, games of chance make it extremely hard to win at times, especially if Lady Luck is on a break. They are characterised as highly volatile and impossible to control whatsoever.


    Knowing the difference between various types of casino games might determine how much you win and lose. With that in mind, get educated on the matter and read relevant articles. Remember, the best gamblers are familiar with the stats above, follow the rules and know their way around them.

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