Top 10 Best Life Simulation Games Like The Sims for PC

    Games Like The Sims are the best creative, sandbox-style experience, real-life simulation games.

    The Sims franchise players create and control their own simulated characters in a virtual world so that players can interact with the objects and develop their own unique identities that include goals, ambitious, career aspirations and personality traits.

    Life Simulation Games Like The Sims

    #1. Virtual Families2

    In this, players control a character, finding a job, illness, childbirth, create your own little family & their characters to shape, adapt their personalities, encourage them to perform actions like career exposure etc.

    This game is throwing random events your way to keep you on your toes and how to react in various situations like job losses etc.                                                                                                               Virtual Families2

    #2. Cities Skylines: Editor’s Choice for Games like the Sims

    It is a unique simulation game. You can build your own city. Firstly start with a plot of land and then creates streets, roads, attractions and transportation for your city.

    You also give the name to the citizens those are living in your city and watch them live out their lives.

    Cities SKylines

    #3. Second Life

    It offers a realistic approach to the modern Life-simulation aesthetics, innovation and freedom at the same time. In this unique world, it gives the option to live the life of a Vampire, an Animal, a Robot or a Human.

    It feels you a realistic experience. You can modify your avatar, customize the characters, hang around with friends, get into fun activities, spend money on new clothes, items etc. You can also build your own living space.

    Second Life

    #4. Harvest Moon

    It is a big farm simulation You involve farming on a regular basis and earning money to upgrade your farm. You start from an old run down the farm and working hard to restore it to its glory.

    You get to choose what you want to grow on your farm and what animals to have. You do various activities such as taking care of these animals, sell them for food etc.                                                                   Harvest Moon: Games Like The Sims

    #5. IMVU

    It is a Free Browser-based MMORPG Life-simulation game. You can explore the game world, meet new people from around the world, complete quests, building rooms, craft items, make new friends and enjoy all kinds of fun activities.

    You can create your own avatar, customize the avatar and also create clothes and accessories for your avatar.  IMVU

    #6. The Sims Life Stories

    This game is a combination of Life-simulation and Social Networking elements. It has two characters Riley Harlow and Vince Moore so you can control any one of the two.

    You have to accomplish various goals, complete various objectives, control the flow of the story and make decisions that define your future. You can customize your avatar, building your home, finding a job, meet & date people etc.

    The sims life stories : Games like the sims

    #7. Kudos2

    It is a mixture of life simulation and strategy that challenges you to use your time wisely to create the best life and make decisions about how you want to spend your day.

    The choices you make will directly impact on your stats and various moods.

     Kudos: Games Like The Sims

    #8. Animal Crossing New Leaf

    It is a very popular game among children. It is a casual and cute game. It doesn’t have any real end-goal. The players act as the mayor of their town.

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    You work in the town to earn bells which can be used to pay off the house’s mortgage and upgrade your town.

    It is a very enjoyable game and easily can be played by the kids. But there are some complex concepts which are not understood by the kids like beetle catching to décor feng shui.                                                                                                 Animal Crossing New Leaf

    #9. SuperSecret

    It is a combination of Life-Simulation and MMORPG fundamentals. This game aims at the Teens and Tweens and allows them to enjoy fun activities like social events, concerts, parties and virtual world simulation at the same time.

    The objectives of this game are to explore the world, travelling to different locations, collect valuable objects, meet new people all around the world, and make friends.


    #10. My Sunny Resort

    This game is the mixture of the resort building, room customization, and its management. You can begin with plenty of vacant lands and your role is to turn this land into a holiday destination.

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    Then you must managing finances, hiring staff and choosing the correct buildings for your resort.

    my sunny resort: Games Like The SimsFinal Words

    We have presented you the best online games like the Sims where you can control and maintain virtual humans and their surroundings.

    If you ever thoughts how it is to be someone who controls the destiny of others, you have to try these fantastic games that will change your perspective on this matter.

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