Top 5 Games like Rust You Must Play in 2020

    Games like Rust: If you are into the horror survival holocaust genre type gaming, Rust is the most prominent one.

    Even with various forums to remove zombies from the game, Rust didn’t lose its charisma one bit after removing them.

    A multiplayer shooter game developed by Facepunch Studios, Rust has gained a lot of popularity due to its crafting and exploration from the outset.

    Today, we will discuss a few games like rust that resemble the game in many ways along with their unique gameplay and quests as you progress through the game.

    Post-apocalyptic horror has many games but, there are only a few who made it to the top.

    The list of “Top 5 games like Rust” that we discuss will be those games that come with excellent features and gameplay.

    Top 5 Games like Rust

    1. Dayz – A survival horror multiplayer game

    The first entry to the list of top 5 games like Rust is Dayz.

    A cruel world with action from the get-go, the minute you spawn into the game, you are being attacked by a hoard of zombies.

    Your initial gameplay should involve distracting these zombies.


    The gameplay is mainly based on survival for as long as possible by scavenging for food, weapons and other supplies, finding shelter with vigilance for zombies and hostile players.

    This game has one rule – ‘Don’t trust anyone’.

    You are alone in this cruel world, even the friendliest players can lead you to trap to steal everything you have scavenged with a bullet to your head.

    It is better to be safe than sorry while playing this game.

    Survive for as long as you can, you will lose everything that you scavenged after your death.

    The permadeath feature is a double-edged sword, you lose everything when you die but you get a fresh start since you start from the beginning.

    Players like challenges in a world of zombies and hostile players.

    That’s one of the main reasons for Dayz to become popular and make it to the top list of games like rust.

    2. Don’t Starve

    The initial thought when you start playing this game would be this is nothing like Rust since Rust is complete survival mode while this is a cartoon related to gaming.

    However, there are a lot of similar features in this game that help make this game to the list of top 5 games like rust.

    A 2D world gameplay where you collect various resources to survive is similar to Rust.

    You scavenge for everything on Rust and it is the same here.

    Dont Starve

    This game also revolves around survival and crafting.

    The unique art style, music and aesthetic is the main reason for this game to become popular.

    This game leans more towards RPG while Rust is more or less third-person shooter type.

    The game is still in its infant stage since the multiplayer version is being developed.

    A co-op mode called Don’t starve together is in the beta version of testing.

    This game is certainly worth a try if you are a fan of rust.

    3. 7 Days to Die

    Another post-apocalyptic gameplay which makes it to the list of top 5 games like rust is 7 days to die.

    A random spawn on the map with zombies all over the place trying to eat you alive sounds like fun.

    The onslaughts from zombies can be survived by scavenging for resources and you can fortify your shelter.

    7 days to die:Games like rust

    The advantage of this game is that the map is fixed.

    After some time you get used to it pretty much.

    The scavenging loot is quite tricky since it has been randomized.

    You know the places to look for resources on the map but the loot you may or may not receive will be random.

    The game gets more interesting as the difficulty increases during the night.

    During the night, the zombies transform into predators, so prepare a good shelter with proper fortification before nightfall for your own survival.

    A thrilling and exciting game worth trying to have the time of your life.

    4. The Culling

    A recently released game, The Culling is receiving tremendous response and critics from gamers all across the globe.

    There are no supernatural elements involved in the game due to which it surely falls into the category of top 5 games like Rust.

    A battle Royale gameplay where players are in an enclosed arena, crafting, making allies and hide to outlast the enemies are the major parts of the gameplay.

    The Culling

    Even with the early access, the game is quite customized and comes with limited bugs.

    The game overall is an excellent hit in the market and is being loved by gamers.

    Gamers are waiting for its full tested version to be released, which could be a hit in no time.

    There are a few technical issues which are common in every early access gameplay, but the game development is almost nearing its end and you could expect it to be released soon.

    5. Infestation: Survivor Stories

    One of the survival games like Rust, Infestation: Survivor stories version is a multiplayer survival game.

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    A world filled with zombies and hostile players welcomes you with slaughter and bloodlust, so prepare to survive.

    You should constantly search for life-saving times scattered throughout the wasteland.

    The spawning spots are well known by veteran players and they will be waiting to kill you the very instant you spawn.

    Infestation:Games like Rust

    Another don’t trust anybody game rule applies here too.

    The developers are yet to fix this since it is annoying as the moment you spawn, you die.

    Micro-transactions are the best option for you to survive this harsh world.

    A little money spent on this game will provide rare and superior weapons.

    The only drawback here would be death.

    You die, and you lose everything that you bought using real cash and you would need to spend again to get your hands on those superior weapons and gears.

    Without spending money, there are theoretical possibilities to gain access to these weapons but no logs have been recorded of such weapons being used by non-spenders.

    Final Thoughts: Games like Rust

    This post-apocalyptic zombie infestation can be categorised as a separate genre now since there are so many games available already and many more yet to be released.

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    I hope this list of top 5 games like Rust will certainly provide the fun and survival tactics that you are looking for.

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