Top 10 Games Like Huniepop To Play in 2023

    Games like huniepop: Human beings love playing games. When technology was not discovered, humans used to play different games physically. This trend still continues but, with the advent of technology, the discovery of video games also happened.

    Firstly, video games were played on the computer and now they are available on smartphones as well. Different games are available for Android and iOS systems. Some video games are available on both the systems.

    One video game which rose to instant popularity is the Huniepop. It is basically an adult puzzle dating-sim game.

    It is not a very common combination. A player in Huniepop has to complete different levels in the video game to successfully complete date with a female character.

    It is a simple match three and hence, different missions should be completed in a certain number of turns.

    If a player completes enough turns, he is granted with explicit images of girls. The smuttiness depends on the level and keeps on increasing with each level. A lot of adult reward-based animes are available but they are more like visual novels.

    Huniepop is more like gameplay. It was launched in the year 2015 and has originated from Japan. After that, there are similar video games like Huniepop that are launched online. Read on to find out.

    Top 10 Games like Huniepop

    • Shira Oka: Second Chances

    It is a mixture of a visual novel as well as gameplay. It basically has a backdrop of high school. Most of the story is communicated through a standard visual novel format. However, there are mini-games in between that you will get to play.

    Games like Huniepop

    This particular adult video game is liked by many and preferred because of its likeable characters, RPG- like mechanics and strong storyline.

    In this game, you will go through high school life and you will have to perform some day to day actions. Based on your choices of actions you will be upgraded to different levels in the game.

    • Roommates

    This game is the best alternative games like Huniepop. It is also a visual novel game. The game is available on both the operating systems which are Android and iOS.

    This is a single-player game and the player will have to choose their protagonist.


    One is the male protagonist which is called Max. He is a rebel and also a guitarist. The other one is the female character called Anne. She is a studious and shy girl.

    The game is very relatable as it follows incidents that are very common in real life.

    This game can also be called an alternative to the popular game Huniepop. It is a role-playing video game. Sengoku Rance was developed and published by Alice Soft.

    This game moves around the character of the prince and warrior of Rance.

    It is an age-restricted game and is only for adults. The game has violence and intercourse. It is not a traditional prince game where the prince would go for war or revenge.

    • Kitty Powers’ Matchmaker

    It is a sim game that was developed by Magic Notion and was released in 2014. The main character of this game is Kitty Powers’ who has launched her own matchmaking business. The players are actually the matchmakers.

    Games like Huniepop

    The players can basically share the data of one character with the other, in order to make a match. The player can also customize characters.

    Once a compatible match is found, the player can arrange a date for them and guide them too. A lot of mini-games also need to be played in the middle of this process.

    • Mystic Messenger

    This is a wonderful game. It was released in the year 2017 and was developed by Cheritz. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. This game is mostly a female game.

    The game revolves around fun and excellent romantic gameplay. The player is allowed to change the name of the female protagonist.

    The player also can download 6 different apps and meet new people from there. All this is carried out in the game. The player can romance all the characters available.

    • Little Witch Romanesque

    Another one to the list of Games like Huniepop. It is a beautiful novel game which is more like a series of different games. This game has a setup of a fairytale and it basically runs on magic, swords, and monsters.

    The sky in this game has four different moons.

    This game was released in 2005 and thus, you might feel that the visual quality is lacking. In this game, you will have to play the role of a mentor to two different witches.

    Once the training is done, you will have to assign some tasks to the witches. The game has some powerful uncensored adult scenes.

    • Kamidori Alchemy Meister

    This game has a beautiful portrayal of its fantasy world. The lead protagonist of this game is an orphan who is training to become a famous alchemist. He is accompanied by three female bodyguards in this journey.


    The actual storyline starts after that. The events are affected on the basis of the three girls the player chooses to romance. The gameplay of Kamidori is very strong and interesting. It is both easy to grasp and fun to play.

    • Dandelion- Wishes brought to you

    This game again comprises of dating simulation. It is one of the games similar to Huniepop. However, the storyline is a bit different. The lead character is a female who has to choose five different male characters to date.

    Games like Huniepop

    The story is very interesting as the lead female character is very busy and has no time for herself. She is sad and one day she finds a basket with 5 cats and rabbits.

    She cannot find an owner and decides to keep them. Suddenly, they turn in to men who become her love interests.

    • Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars

    It is a great roleplaying game which has similar aspects like Huniepop. This game was developed in 2013 by Spike Chunsoft and was released worldwide in 2016. It can be played in different systems and formats like Windows, PlayStation, and Nintendo 3DS.


    The gameplay revolves around a setup of high school. The main character of the games has possessed ether in his body. This makes more people like him. The game would require you to play with this boy’s classmates.

    • The Flower Shop

    It is a visual and adult game like Huniepop. It was published by Winter Wolves and released in the year 2010. It can be played in different formats like iOS, Mac, Linux, Android, and windows.

    The game has two variants for summer and winter in the fair book.

    This game can also be called as the farming game. In the summer version, the players are responsible for growing and cultivating the crops. They are also supposed to sell them and earn money. In the winter version too, players have to cultivate and grow crops.

    The game has nine different endings and it is quite difficult to guess. At each stage, different characters are introduced who can become love interests.


    These were some of the games that are similar to the popular game Huniepop (Games like huniepop). You can try and play these games when you are getting bored.

    These games will definitely lite up your mood and give you a great time pass. So, check these out!

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