Top 10 Games like Club Penguin you will love to play

    Games like club penguin are the first choice when we get bored. Games not only provide entertainment but also give us a chance to make ourselves better in several areas such as resource management, arts, and general knowledge.

    Club Penguin is specially developed for kids to give them a combination of fun with the activity. You will have an amazing experience of the penguin world in this game.

    There are various missions you have to accomplish with the help of available resources and items.

    List of 10 Games like Club Penguin

    There are many games like club penguin which can enjoy in your spare time. Those games are as under:

    #1. Lady Popular

    The first game in the list of games like club penguin is Lady Popular. The first stage of the game is to choose your favourite avatar by giving your face a beautiful look with beautiful accessories.

    There are many levels in the game where you can earn money by doing various jobs by which you can enjoy shopping. You can also decorate your house with wonderful design, colours, and architecture. Lady Popular is loved by girls.
    Lady Popular : Games like Club Penguin

    #2. OurWorld

    OurWorld is one of the games like club penguin that includes many interesting tasks which you will simply love to do.

    There is a game currency which you can earn by completing a task at each level. The game has several contests for the players which they can enjoy.

    They can interact with other players and take help from them. OurWorld will give you tips on how to communicate with people in the social world. Even teenagers can play this game as it can help them a lot in society.

    This game will develop your creativity more in interior designing as well as architecture.
    OurWorld : Games like Club Penguin

    #3. Woozworld

    If you searching for games like club penguin for unlimited fun, try playing Woozworld. It is a kind of social game which includes hosting parties; hang out with friends, decorating the house with beautiful items and much more.

    There are endless levels of games which will entertain all age groups.

    You can make new friends and chat with them. Woozworld is mainly developed for ladies. You can have a gala time with a variety of social tasks and activities that come at every level of the game.

    #4. Moshi Monsters

    The next game on the list of games like club penguin is Moshi Monsters. It was developed in the year 2007 and gained popularity soon.

    You can make your own pet by giving it a different look and colours.

    There are many puzzles which you can solve at each level. You can have a conversation with other players while playing the game. It is absolutely free to play the game. You can explore a beautiful virtual world.
    Moshi Monsters : Games like Club Penguin

    #5.Fantage: Games like Club Penguin

    Fantage is an MMO specially designed for teenagers and kids. You can create a cartoon style avatar with the given items and accessories.

    There are elegant graphics and the beautiful virtual world which will give you more fun while playing the game.

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    Fantage can be played on both Android and iOS devices. You can adapt your own pet and decorate your own house as the way you like. It is both a single and multiplayer game.

    #6. Club Cooee

    Club Cooee is one of the most amazing games like club penguin which will give a nice social experience. There are 3-D avatars available in this game which you can develop with the available items.

    You can play on your desktop and create your own beautiful DJ room.

    With this game, you can chat with your friends and share various images and videos in the home. You can expand your community more by adding more friends. There are various amazing colours by which you can change the look of your face and skin.
    Club Cooee

    #7. Bin Weevils

    The next game on the list is Bin Weevils which is a kind of 3D virtual game. This game is played in a dustbin and each player has to control its own weevil.

    The players get various challenges similar to those in the real world which you have to face at each level.

    Each player gets its own nest and he can change the avatar in the way he likes to. There are various levels in the Bin Weevils universe where players can earn game currency.

    The theme of Bin Weevils is taken from a famous cartoon series. There are many safety features in the game.
    Bin Weevils

    #8. Dogzer

    Dogzer is specially designed for dog lovers. There are more than 50 breeds of dogs such as German Shepherds, Huskies, and Terrier available in the game. You can choose your favourite breed to adopt.

    The goal of the game is to specialize in the task of breeding the dogs. In the initial stage, you have to take care of your pets by providing them with good food and taking a lot of care.

    You have to buy toys and various other items for your dogs. You have to take care of your dog’s health and cleanliness.

    #9. SocioTown

    SocioTown can be played by a single or more player for free of cost. The first step is to create your own character by giving it an appropriate look.

    There are various clothes, shoes, colours of skin and face which you select.

    There are several missions at each level of the game which you have to accomplish. You can enjoy doing lots of activities such as riding a scooter, fishing, and shopping. This game will make you smarter and more talented than before.

    #10. Kingdom Island: Games like Club Penguin

    The last game on the list of games like club penguin is Kingdom Island. You have to make a unique avatar of yours and explore the world of adventure.

    Further, you can chat with many friends, hang out with them to beaches, harbour, and castles. The game includes many accessories such as shoes and hats for the players.

    Kingdom Island

    Conclusion: Games like Club Penguin

    Whenever you feel like enjoying the world of your imagination, play the above games like club penguin. These games will give you an unlimited fun time and you will enjoy playing them a lot.

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