Top 10 Games Like Agario

    Games like Agario – Have you ever heard of agario. Obviously, your answer is yes.

    Then you might have wondered it would be great if you will get some other games like agario.

    Let’s first talk about what agario is.

    This multiplayer time killer game is an online action game which is getting quite popular and has gained a large following. After getting the success on the browser base, this game has moved to androids and iOS platforms.

    The purpose of the game is to control a single cell by players in a map which is comparable to a scientific petri dish.

    The only goal of a player is to swallow cells that are smaller than you, so that player can avoid growing them bigger. This is the main compelling reason why people look for other games like agario.

    Agario will allow players to grow their cell by eating the pellets which are scattered around the map to improve the mass slightly.

    You can eat the cell smaller than you and avoid getting eaten by bigger cell than you i.e. you have to control your tiny cells and eat other player’s cell to become larger.

    Like agario, there are many games have been developed with the same features and functionality. Some are just like agario and some are inspired by the agario and have better improvement on them.

    List of top 10 Games like Agario

    #1. Dots Eater Battle Online: Best games like agario

    It’s a brilliant online game that has a new MMO action and puzzle game that has an Agario inspired mechanism and gameplay. In this game, you have to collect the dots and have to absorb that dot in order to get bigger and bigger.

    Dots Eater Battle Online : games like agario

    #2. Slither.IO

    This is one of the popular game that is known to everyone. This game is also most played a game and also available on Android and IOS platform just like similar to agario.

    This is the super entertaining game that can stick you for hours. This game also offers multiplayer option s like agario.

    In this game you have to save yourself from snakes and avoid getting collide with them as if you die after colliding with snakes, a game will start again from the beginning.



    This game is also like Agario with additions to its divide and rule strategy. This is the reason why it’s getting popular like Agario because playing this game will give you a real fun.

    In this game you have to develop the territory as long as possible and also you have to protect your territory from all the online players.

    This game is pretty much like Agario with its uber cute visuals and playing strategy.

    #4. Gun

    This game has quite good visuals as compare to agario. In this game, you will be in different galaxy completely which is full of asteroids and enemies. This game is based on browser and has multiplayer facility too.

    For the best experience involve as many as players you can as this based on more of an attack and win kind of game. In this game kill as many as an enemy you can with help of weapons.



    This game is similar to slither.IO but has more difficulties and complexities. This game was also a browser game at first but now available for android and IOS both.

    In this game, you are not only allowed to touch your partner but also you can’t touch your own tail and walls.

    In this game, all you have to eat is as many as dots you can so that size of snake can get increased. This game is more interesting because of its tough rules. This is one of the best games like agario.

    #6. Wings.IO

    Same as Agario this game was also firstly developed for browser later on developers forcefully develop this game for Android and iOS because of its popularity.

    In this game, we have to play as a shooter plane because this game is all about killing and Fighting.

    You have to shoot the planes that are other players and have to save your plane from them.



    This game is somewhat similar to its scientific term where a cell is divided into two equal and identical cells and so.

    In this game, you will play as a cell and has to eat as much cell as you can to get bigger by saving yourself from bigger cells so that they can’t eat you. This game is also a multiplayer game.

    Save yourself from the virus also as you will get split into small cells after getting eaten by virus and game will start again from the beginning.


    Another game included in the list of agario like game us In this game, your base will get many towers and barriers around it which will work as a protection for your base.

    In this game you have to save your own base as well you have to fight with another player base too, which will increase your powers and will make you more superior than others. This is my favourite and one of the best games like agario.


    Is this game sound as biological term right? In this game, you have to do the same as its biological terms i.e. the game of ovary and sperms.

    This game is for those who want to play something different and wired from other games. In this game, you have to play as sperm and you will get some serious competition with other players.


    This game is just a simple game with some fun and no strict rules. This is an entertaining game where you have to show off your friends that you are the boss. In this game maximum, 6 players can play and you have to defeat your enemy tank by throwing powerful powers on it.

    You can also unlock new features and new skins in the tank. This game was also developed for browser first but now it is available for both Android and IOS.

    games like agario. tank.ioAbove are the top 10 ten games like agario is, these games are best time pass if you don’t have anything to do. These games are the best game for those who love playing games with some rules and regulations.

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