Free Hulu Plus Accounts 2019 and Get 1 Month Trial Without Credit card

    Looking for free hulu account? Keep reading.

    Hulu is an online streaming. It allows its subscribers to watch an unlimited number of movies, TV series for a nominal price.

    But, why on earth would you pay for something that can be availed for free? All those who believe in saving money would agree with me here.

    I recently came across a trick that can be adopted to get a free Hulu account in 2018 and a trial of one month without the need of registering your credit card details.

    Don’t worry; I am not going to play with your sentiments and disclose the trick below.

    How to Get free hulu account?

    You can get the free Hulu account and a month trial without registering the details of your credit card in simple steps as mentioned below:

    Step 1: As the first step, you will be required to visit the official site of Hulu.


    Step 2: Locate the free trial option on the website. The option may be visible on the top right corner of the website.

    free hulu account


    Step 3: Once you click on the ‘start free trial option’ you will be redirected to the subscription page.

    On the subscription page, you will be able to see three options. Choose any two from the first two options that you find most useful.

    Hulu with Live tv


    Step 4: Once you make a selection and click on the option that you would like to avail a new page will open up. You will be asked to provide details such as name, gender, date of birth and credit card details.

    Here comes the tricky part. You can fill in the credit card details if you feel like. In case, you don’t want to fill in the credit card details you can opt for ‘express options’.

    In the express options, you will get payment alternatives such as ‘PayPal’. Select the alternative and you are done.

    So those above are some easy steps that can help you get a one month free Hulu plus account without getting your credit card registered. There are yet more ways by which you can get a free Hulu plus account.

    Some sites have leaked coupon codes and account credentials of plus account. Using the credentials and codes, one can access Hulu plus account and enjoy its services for free.

    Although you get to have a free premium account by hook or by crook, you need to be a little careful of deactivating your account as Hulu may charge you full amount without refund if you decide to deactivate your account later.

    What All Can You Do With free hulu account :

    #1. Option To View Back Log Of Programs

    The Hulu plus providers its subscribers the option to view the backlog of their favorite, In short, the content offering of Hulu plus is quite vast when compared with the basic Hulu.

    The Hulu Plus subscribers can view the recently televised programs and can also watch an entire season of a program from scratch. In short, the subscribers of Hulu plus are benefited with the option to watch their program’s past and missed episodes.

    #2. Availability

    Hulu plus can be watched or stream on a vast variety of devices when compared to the basic and free Hulu service.

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    The Hulu Plus subscribers can stream video directly from Hulu plus through platforms such as Android, iOS, Kindle and more. The Hulu plus is also compatible with smart TVs and Bluray players.

    #3. Ease of Use

    The interface of Hulu plus is quite simple. It has a search bar that can be used for locating favorite channel or program. One can also filter searches under different genres such as movies, TV programs and more.

    #4. Commercial Advertisements

    Commercial advertisements are displayed on Hulu plus as well as Hulu to keep the subscription prices low. The revenue earned through commercial ads is directed to balance the cost of streaming.

    At times, Hulu Plus may run commercial ads repetitively. This may annoy the viewers. But, it is fine to pay less and watch commercial ads than to pay more for service that you may access only in your leisure time.

    So, by now you may have understood that Hulu Plus can be availed for a free and an account can be made without entering credit card details. However, you still need to be careful with a few things.

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    Let’s summarise what we have learned above.

    1. You will have to visit Hulu’s official site to have an account there.
    2. The free trial version is available for all. But, you are required to enter payment details before gaining access to the free account.
    3. The free account is limited to a period of one month. This means you will not be able to enjoy free service after 30 days of joining.
    4. You will have to sign out or deactivate your free account to avoid any charges.
    5. You may not have entered your credit card information, Hulu plus can still charge you through the alternative payment entered by you at the time of joining the free hulu account
    6. The amount once detected by the Hulu plus is not refundable. In short, money once gone is gone forever. You cannot ask for a refund. Even if you ask for, you won’t get it.

    This is all you need to know Hulu plus account, and how to get Hulu account for free.

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