How to Send Fax through the Smartphone

    Free Fax App : The internet and smart connected devices have thrown the fax machines in the garbage. But this doesn’t mean that you no longer need to send a fax. Some organizations and businesses located in remote or wires area still prefer fax as they don’t have the facility of emails.

    Thanks to application programmers who have made it possible for all the Smartphone users to send a fax right through their smartphones.

    Fax is a wired technique of sending a document over to the other party irrespective of where they are located. To be able to fax, fax machines are needed to be connected with landline phone or networks which require a little of investment.

    Free Fax App for Android and iOS

    If your requirement is to fax a few pages once in a year then you can go for smartphone apps. There is a Free Fax app for Android devices as well as iOS devices that can be used for sending a fax.

    Free Fax App

    #1 How to Fax from Android

    Fax Burner and FaxFile are two most preferred Android apps that can be used for sending documents over. The apps come with free as well as paid versions. Fax Burner app is best suitable for those who require faxing less than five pages.

    Under the free version of the Fax Burner app, one can fax only five pages and receive as many as 25 pages. To use the same app for faxing more than 5 pages one may have to buy an annual subscription of $80.The amount is quite high but the service is just amazing.

    FaxFile is a paid app that uses credit as its basis of faxing.  The credits are in-purchase. To send one page the user will have to buy at least 10 credits.

    The app comes with the starting price of $2.49 for 50 credits which means 5 pages can be faxed for an amount of $2.49. You can decide as which app is most suitable for you depending upon your requirement.

    [appbox googleplay com.faxburner.faxburner_sendreceivefaxes]

    With Fax Burner you can fax as many as five pages and receive 25 for free, but after that, you will have to pay a whopping amount of $80.

    #2 How to Fax From iOS

    The app Fax Burner is also a free fax app for iOS. Just like on Android device, the app allows the user to fax five pages and receive 25 pages monthly for free. And after that, you will have to buy a subscription for a price of $80.

    Many iOS device users prefer to use Tiny Fax which uses credit to send and receive a fax. Just like FaxFile, 50 credits can be purchased to send five pages for a price tag of $2.99.What makes the app different from FaxFile is its features.

    The Tiny Fax comes with a built-in scanner. Using the app, one can scan documents to send as a fax. The app can also be connected to cloud storages such as Drop Box and Google Drive.

    That’s it. The aforementioned information is enough for anyone to learn how to fax something. There are many other apps available on play store that promises to send a fax just through a tap of a finger on the screen of the smartphone.

    Many of such apps have shown to be fake and have looted many on the name of subscription fee. Although fax is no longer a mode of communication, there are still some areas that use fax.

    Decide to use a faxing method only when you are sure about it as a wrong fax app can make you miss a precious document.  Try an app before using it for sending crucial information.

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