Ethical Hacking: Understanding the Language of Cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity has become of incredible importance over the last couple of decades. Since the early days of the internet and its continued advancements in the modern era through technological innovations, security and safety have been paramount.

    As tech has evolved, hackers have managed to develop illicit ways in which they continue to try and attempt to steal data, such as information relating to a person’s actual identity or even financial details to steal money that they can access.

    As a result, there has been a rise in the number of ethical hackers. These are individuals who look to use various hacking techniques in a more positive and business-friendly way than those who are committing crimes. They will use these methods to check for vulnerabilities and where potential weak spots may be.

    With the multitude of websites that exist and need checking, there has been a demand for people who can speak various languages. Whether it be those who can speak English, are able to communicate in Spanish or French, or even have Polish language skills that they may have been able to learn online, there is a market for them.

    What is Ethical Hacking?

    As mentioned, there is a profession that involves people being hackers. However, those in this industry are doing it for a positive reason and are not looking to obtain information they should never be able to access.

    Those who engage in ethical hacking are looking for vulnerabilities and weaknesses in security that online sites may have. If they can identify any, they can inform the business and recommend or apply the fixes that should be put in place to ensure 100% safety for their visitors and the organization as a whole. Ethical hackers will use the same methods as those with unethical motivations, thus putting them in a good position to know what may be attempted.

    By doing this, they can better prepare a business to ensure they can protect themselves or even eliminate the possibility of a cyberattack. They can also ensure a business is compliant depending on the industry they operate in and ensure the best level of security is in place.

    Different Types of Ethical Hacking

    Given the advancements in technology to have been experienced, there are various types of ethical hacking techniques that can be adopted and used. Network hacking, web application testing, wireless hacking, and social engineering are among those.

    Network hacking will see hackers test the networks that are used to identify potential issues, while web application testing involves the apps that can be used. Wireless hacking looks at networks that do not require physical connections, whereas social engineering is about using psychological manipulation to extract information about individuals or organizations.

    Specialized Langauge Used in Ethical Hacking

    Unsurprisingly, those who work within the industry need to be rather techy to successfully carry out this profession to the expected standards. This can involve a lot of non-traditional languages, such as tech jargon, that can be hard for those uneducated in this field to understand.

    Common terms used in cybersecurity can include authentication, encryption, firewalls, malware, phishing, social engineering, and zero-day vulnerabilities. To the average Joe, this can sound confusing. However, these terms are basic within this field, and any ethical hacker worth their salt need to know what they mean if they can carry out their job properly.

    Final Thoughts

    Ethical hackers are extremely important in the modern digital age, especially as cybercrime continually appears to be on the rise as tech becomes more advanced. Those who are able to perform this task are in demand, as cybersecurity continues to be at the forefront of many businesses and industries worldwide.

    Knowing the language that is involved is clearly important and is perhaps on par with being able to speak a more native or “traditional” everyday language.

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