How to Catch A Cheating Wife An Ultimate Guide in 2020

    Has your wife been acting suspiciously of late? Maybe she has found someone more interesting at work. To clarify your suspicions, you need to spy on your wife’s phone activities without physically accessing her phone. 

    Today, phone tracking apps make it easy to spy and catch a cheating wife online. These apps provide an easy and quick way of catching a cheating spouse. Best of all, their operations take place in stealth.

    In this guide, you will learn how you can catch a cheating wife using a reputable phone tracking app. Read on to find the best app you can use to track your cheating wife. 

    Neatspy – The most reputable spy app

    As one of the leading phone tracking apps, Neatpsy works in stealth. The app provides a quick and easy way of tracking and catching your cheating wife. Neatspy is attracting users from over 190 countries around the world. 

    Also, Neatspy is attracting the attention of major media outlets such as Forbes and CNET. The app comes with over 30 phone tracking features. These make it possible to track virtually any aspect of a cheating wife.

    If you are interested in catching a cheating wife, then try Neatspy. The app comes with a comprehensive phone surveillance capabilities to ensure you don’t miss a thing. What’s more, she won’t realize you are tracking all her. 

    Unique Neatspy characteristics 

    Besides having an amazing phone and tablet tracking features, Neatspy comes with unique surveillance characteristics. Below are some of them: 

    1. No jailbreaking or rooting necessary 

    To catch your cheating wife, Neatspy doesn’t require rooting Android or jailbreaking iOS devices. The process of jailbreaking or rooting a device requires technical skills that most people lack. 

    To avoid the need to root or jailbreak a device, Neatspy uses the latest technology. It is among a handful of phone tracking apps that have attained this milestone. Rooting or jailbreaking a device compromises its security. 

    It leaves your wife vulnerable to malware and hackers online. Besides, the process of rooting or jailbreaking a device voids the warranty of your wife’s device. 

    1. Safe 

    With Neatspy, only you can access the content in your dashboard. Also, the app doesn’t gather data from third-party apps to store on its server. This way, Neatspy ensures your wife’s data privacy. 

    1. 100% Discreet 

    All the processes of tracking your cheating wife are totally undetectable. On Android devices, Neatspy needs installation. However, after installation, the app automatically deletes its icon and disguises itself in installed apps. 

    On iOS devices, no installation is necessary to catch your cheating wife. Neatspy uses the iCloud backup for tracking and spying on your wife. You only need to provide the iCloud credentials your wife uses. 

    What’s more, to ensure the activities are undetectable, Neatspy doesn’t interfere with device performance. It works in the background to ensure your wife never detects your activities. 

    1. Web-based tracking 

    Neatspy is a web-based device tracking app that allows you to track your wife via a web browser. To do so, you only need to log in to your Neatspy dashboard. So, no need to download any special app to track your wife. 

    How to catch a cheating wife using Neatspy

    To catch your cheating wife using Neatspy, it takes a few simple steps. Here are the steps involved: 

    Step 1: Visit the official Neatspy website to signup for the service. During signup, Neatspy will let you choose your login credentials. Also, ensure you choose a package that suits your surveillance needs.

    Step 2: Configure your wife’s device. If she has an Android device, you will need one-time access to install the app. After installation, it will disguise itself in installed apps. 

    For her iOS devices, no installation is necessary. You only need to provide her iCloud credentials to start tracking her activities. Provide the credentials and verify. 

    Step 3: After setting up your wife’s device, log in to your Neatspy dashboard. 

    Step 4: In your dashboard, Neatspy provides a way to access all the different aspects of her phone. On the scroll panel to the left, Neatspy allows you to track everything from location to social media apps. 

    Features associated with Neatspy 

    Neatspy provides over 30 surveillance features. Below are some of them: 

    1. Location tracking

    This is one of the amazing features you get with this app. It allows you to track all her movements from real-time location to location history. Neatspy gives you precise GPS coordinates on her whereabouts. 

    The app also comes with a geofence feature. This feature allows you to get notifications once she leaves a set boundary. So, you can let the app send notifications when she leaves the office or house. 

    1. Keylogger feature

    With Neatspy, you also get to know everything she types on her device. The app records all the keystrokes on her device. It will let you know all the usernames and passwords she uses on the target device. 

    1. Call log and contact tracking 

    Neatspy makes it easy to record all incoming and outgoing calls on your wife’s phone. It will let you know who she is in contact with. The app gives you details such as phone number and duration of the call. 

    Also, Neatspy will show you the frequently contacted phone number on her device. 

    1. Social media tracking 

    With Neatspy, you can track all her social media activities including chats and posts. It will give you her chat details and the person she chats with. Also, it can track incoming and outgoing text messages on her phone. 

    With Neatspy, you can spy on her Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat account among others. 


    To catch your cheating wife, you need a way to establish if she is cheating or not. A phone tracking and surveillance app provides the best opportunity for doing this. Check out Neatspy for your tracking needs.

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