How to Change IMEI of your Mobile Phone

    Are you looking to change imei of your phone. Before going into details of this lets see what is IMEI first.


    IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity.It is normally 15-17 digit long code which is unique for every mobile. One can found the IMEI number on silver sticker on the back of your phone.

    Other name of the IMEI Number is ESN(Electronic serial Number) or serial number. It helps to identify the devices which  is connected to GSM(Global System Mobile Communication). IMEI is same as a vehicle identification number(VIN).

    Here the IMEI number can be used by a GSM network for identification of the devices which are valid or not. One can stop the access of the network by giving the IMEI number of that particular phone.

    For example, if one person lost his phone, then the owner of that particular phone can tell the network provider that he has lost his phone and instruct the network provider to blacklist the phone using it’s IMEI number.

    7 ways to find the IMEI code on a Mobile Phone

    1. If you want to find the IMEI Code of your mobile, then you just dial *#06# which is universal.
    2. If you want to find the IMEI Number for iphone, then follow these steps:
    • Go to the setting.
    • After scroll down, open the about phone tab.
    • Then open the status tab.
    • Then scroll down, click the IMEI information.
    • Your IMEI Number is shown.

    3. If you want to find the IMEI Number for Android phone, please follow these steps:

    • Open the settings.
    • Open the About Phone tab.
    • Open the status bar.
    • Your IMEI Number is shown.

    4. Looking under the battery : You need to remove your battery and power down your phone. This method is work only removable batteries.

    5. By using MOTOROLA iDEN unit: you just dial the #*.

    6. Checking the package: Before opening the seal of your mobile box, you see IMEI number on mobile box.

    7. By using AT &T account login:

    • login the AT&T Account.
    • click the update my profile.
    • select the user information tab.
    • click customer service contact
    • click wireless customer agreement.
    • show your IMEI code.

    Steps to change IMEI Number without Rooting

    1. First of all check the IMEI Number by dial the *#06#
    2. If you want to change IMEI Number (original) install the XPOSED IMEI changer pro. Top three apps are to change the IMEI Number. XPOSED IMEI Changer app, Device ID changer, Device Emulator.
    3. Now Open the XPOSED IMEI changer pro app.
    4. After open this app, various option are there. First of all click on Framework. Here you can manage the XPOSED framework, which is required to do any work.
    5. Then click the module option. After it, Tick the IMEI changer pro
    6. Go to the Framework option and click the Reboot option
    7. After rebooting, current and new IMEI options are there.
    8. If you want to change IMEI Number, then type the new number in new option and click on the apply button.
    9. Here IMEI Number is changed. Congratulations, you have done it.
    10. If you want to check the IMEI Number is successfully changed or not, you can check it by dialing the *#06# in keypad.

    Find your phone by using IMEI

    1. Open your Google Account.
    2. Open the device manager.
    3. IMEI Number gives the authorities for track your lost or stolen phone.

    IMEI Number can be hacked, if your IMEI Number is hacked, your whatsapp account can be easily hacked.Two phones can have a same IMEI number.

    Steps to check if your IMEI number is Valid

    Some IMEI code is invalid. If you want to check your IMEI Number is valid or invalid, then you can use LOHN Formula. LOHN Formula is also called a module 10.

    For Example:49015420323751x

    IMEI 4 9 0 1 5 4 2 0 3 2 3 7 5 1 X
    Double EVERY OTHER 4 18 0 2 5 8 2 0 3 4 3 14 5 2 X
    SUM DIGIT 4+(1+8)+0+2+5+8+2+0+3+4+3+(1+4)+5+2+X=52+X


    To make the sum divisible by 10, we will set x=8,so the IMEI number is 490154203237518

    Structure of IMEI?


    AA is a reporting Body Identifier.

    BBBBBB is a remainder of the TAC

    CCCCCC is a serial sequence of the model

    D or EE is a check digit.


    IMEI use to identify the device. IMEI Number helps to prevent the theft When your mobile phone is lost or stolen, IMEI helps to block the mobile phone.

    In dual Sim device, two IMEI Number are shown, IMEI1 and IMEI2 both Number are static. IMEI1 for the first slot and IMEI2 is for second slot.

    Your IMEI number is not fixed, if you want your IMEI number is fixed then click RRC Revision.Remove your Sim card from your mobile and again insert your Sim card.  your IMEI Number is restored. Without Sim card IMEI cannot be changed.

    Some phone don’t show the IMEI Number but shows the MEID(Mobile Equipment Identifier) Number. MEID is shown same as a IMEI Number with Hexadecimal digits. MEID has a two format, First is MEID HEX and second is MEID DEC.

    MEID HEX is in form of letters and number.  MEID DEC is only in the form of all number.

    MEANING OF 01 IMEI NUMBER: 01 is a software number version(SVN). After software update IMEI NUMBER will not change but SVM NUMBER will change.

    Before we know how to change IMEI, lets see how to find it first.


    Depending upon local arrangement, IMEI can be removed from a block list. This limitation removed by applying password at the time the block list where it was applied.


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