Top 10 Texting Games to Play When Getting Bored

    Sometimes we get bored and do not understand what to do. In today’s world, the rise of Smartphone’s has changed mobile gaming into a new shape. Game developers have created some texting games which does not let you bore.

    Texting games are the only source through which you can connect and communicate with your friends even when you are not at the same place.

    Here are top 10 texting games to play when getting bored is as following

    Top 10 Fun Texting Games to Play When Bored

    #1. Kiss, Marry, Kill

    Kiss Marry Kill : texting gamesThis game is the best texting game to play when you are getting bored. In this game, you have to choose 3 friends in which one you want to kiss, one you want to marry and one you want to kill.

    You can play this game with your friends also in which you can text each other.

    #2. I Spy

    I SpyThis game is like a classic game in which you can know your friend’s place or location.

    When you are traveling from one place to another then you are choosing the right You can give him a hint about the first letter of the object so that your gaming partner can guess the place.

    After guessing the object you can switch the places.

    #3. Would You Rather

    Would you ratherIt is also one of the top texting This game helps in determining the real nature of players.

    In this game, you can ask your partner a question like “ Would you rather mind doing this job or quit?”.

    You can give them two options and see what would they choose? This game will let you know more about your friend’s and their behavior.

    #4. 20 Questions

    20 Questions : texting gamesIt is a very popular game among all age groups. In this game, the game player has to choose one person or any other thing, and then another person will make an attempt to guess that person or thing.

    This game also provides you 2 options like “Yes” or “No”. But remember in his game you can ask only 20 questions to your partner.

    #5. Word Scrambler

    WORD ScramblerThis game is used for the formation of words. You can make the words by scrambling up the letters.

    The game can be made more challenging by setting up a time You can make 3 letter words or 5 letter words and can play many rounds of the game. You can also compare your scores with other friends to see who scores high.

    #6. Story Builder Best Among Texting Games

    Story BuilderIn this game, you can create a story of your own, once you start a story and other person or friend can continue that story and can add something interesting facts or incidents to that story.

    This will make your story interesting and it can be fun on both sides. You can give 20 turns to each player and you are allowed to contribute 6 words to each story.

    #7. Fill In The Blanks

    Fill in the blanksIt is a fun and flirt game to play with your friends and partner. In this game, you can ask your partner or friend to fill in the blanks for example “You love me more when I…………” or “I like food when you…………..”.

    It will be fun to hear interesting texts or answers from your partner and friends.

    #8. Hangman

    HangmanThis is classical and fun texting game which every person has played in his childhood. This game starts about thinking of word, phrase or sentence.

    Then you will get the chance to guess the word but remember that you have only limited chances to guess the word or phrase.

    It has different versions available on Android like Hangman Classic, Hangman Pro, in the classic game you will get only 7 chances. Thus this game will keep you entertained and will never let you get bored.

    #9. Song Lyrics

    Song Lyrics : Texting GamesIf you are a music lover then you are going to love this game. In this game, you have to create a talk or conversation while you play or listen to song lyrics.

    You can make it more interesting by selecting a singer or a specific album. It can be proved very interesting if you and your partner have good taste in music.

    In this game, you and your partner can guess the movie name or singer or

    #10. WHAT IF

    In this game, you can ask your partner with a text “what if”  and you can ask your partner or friend what would they do in that particular situation.

    There is nothing wrong in this game unless it won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. It will let you know more about your partner.

    So in the above-written information, we talk about top 10 texting games to play when getting bored.

    You can play these games on Android devices or can play online. So just install or play these games and get rid of a boring life.

    Share us your experience in the comments section below and for more best guides like this, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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