10 Best SoundBar under $200 With Sub Woofers

    Best Soundbar under 200: There many choices of Soundbars available in the market. But choosing the best depends upon your budget. In 200$ you will get many great options.

    These Soundbars can be used with your TV or with your music systems. The $200 range is referring as starting range for the people who want to buy the sound bar in their limited budget.

    You can quickly get Soundbars in this budget with a sweet and decent performance. Nowadays things have changed a lot, and you don’t need to spend lots of money to buy a good sound bar because nowadays companies are more focusing on production quality for entry-level buyers.

    These sound bars will give you the experience of cinema with all sound effects just by sitting comfortably at your own home. These sound bars are very easy to handle; you can easily fit them on a table, or you can hang them near your TV wall. They will not occupy much space as they are very compact look wise.

    Note : Before heading towards the list of best sound bars we would like to tell you things that you should consider before buying a sound bar

    We know that speakers of TV are not suitable for listeners who love to listen to surround sound. Installing a surround sound will transfer your living room to a mini theatre.

    If you choose a soundbar wisely, then you can experience a theatre level sound system at your home without going anywhere.

    Always get clear about what you want, what exactly you are looking for. Measure the width, length, and depth of your TV before buying a soundbar. Some sounds bar come with Bluetooth connectivity some don’t come with,

    so choose accordingly whether you want the soundbar with blue tooth or not.

    Best Soundbar under 200: Budget-Friendly Soundbars

    So here we will list top 10 Best Soundbar under 200 with subwoofers.

    #1 VIZIO SB3821-C6

    If you are looking for an affordable and reliable soundbar, then Vizio is the brand you should be looking for. This Soundbar comes with 2.1 channel with a sleek and practical design not too fancy neither too simple. VIZIO SB3821-C6 is one of the best sounds under $200, which comes with subwoofers.

    This sound is so compact that you can easily place it anywhere you want. The subwoofer comes with a wireless unit; hence, you don’t need to keep them close to the sound bar. The sound bar comes with 100db sound output with a 2.1 channel setup that can quickly fill the entire living room with its sound.

    The harmonic distortion is less than 1%. This sound bar also has Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily connect any Bluetooth transmitting device. The VIZIO SB3821-C6 is the best soundbar under $200 that comes with a stylish look and elegant price.

    Best Soundbar under 200

    #2 YAMAHA YAS -106

    YAMAHA YAS -106 comes from the house of a well-known brand, Yamaha. The size of the soundbar is 50.4*8.2*7.9 inches which come with dual built-in subwoofers.

    It will help to enhance your music listening pleasure to an extreme. Don’t bother about its size you can easily place it either on a tabletop or under the TV stand. The setup of this soundbar is effortless, and you can easily connect it to your TV with the help of a single Optical cable.

    The HDMI terminal comes with 4K Ultra HD. You can easily mount it on your wall if you found is big to place in front of the TV. YAMAHA YAS -106 will provide you with a full range sound that is perfect and clear too.

    It’s the best sound bar from Yamaha which comes with dual subwoofers. If you are looking for a brand name and best quality sound bar with minimal set up then YAMAHA YAS -106 is the best choice for you.

    #3 PHILIPS CSS2133B/F7

    PHILIPS CSS2133B/F7 is a clean looking 28-inch Soundbar that comes with a standalone subwoofer. It’s a black coloured Soundbar that features a square profile. Its entry-level model that is perfect for the people who want to buy the best Soundbar under 200.

    PHILIPS CSS2133B/F7 comes with the Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it more attractive to those who need something more than a soundbar. Its overall power is limited to 60 watts only, i.e. you will get 15 watts per driver and 30 watts in the subwoofer. PHILIPS CSS2133B/F7 it’s a great sound bar that comes with limited but working features.

    #4 SAMSUNG HW-M55

    This a well-made sound bar that comes with clear, exciting sound with nicely integrated bass. HW-M55 comes with a wireless subwoofer of 160w. HW-M55 is a mid-range soundbar which is perfect for those who wants to improve the sound of their TV.

    The Sub-Woofer is wireless so you can place it anywhere in the house. You can easily adjust the subwoofer level using the S/W level buttons on the remote. HW-M55 comes with USB support that lets you play MP3, VMA, AAC, OGG audio files.

    The subwoofer comes with a beautiful LED light on the top of the glossy panel. HW-M55 gives a powerful performance which will help you to banish the memory of your weedy TV speakers. It will tackle with the clarity of sound regardless of what you are listing.

    #5 YAMAHA YAS -107BL

    YAS -107 comes is a simple matte finish look Soundbar, which looks quite elegant. YAS -107 comes with inbuilt subwoofers that give an excellent listing experience to the user.

    YAS -107 is an ultra-slim that can comfortably sit on your tv stand or you can also mount it on your wall. It’s a two-channel sound bar that comes with surround sound. The Bluetooth connectivity will allow connecting with wireless music streaming devices such as smartphones, tablets and more.

    It comes with compressed music enhancer that helps to improve the sound of lower resolution files. The quality and sound are quite good in the soundbar. Over, all it’s the best Soundbar under 200 in the entry-level category.

    #6 SONY CT 290

    The SONY CT 290 is an entry-level soundbar that will give you a quality set up that your TV speakers are not able to provide you with. The audio soundbar is balanced, which provides you with excellent sound quality.

    The subwoofer comes in a substantial in size with deep and powerful bass. It comes with a remote control that has different preset audio effects for playing music and movies. The SONY CT 290 comes with 2.1 channel system and 15 watts*2 RMS built-in amplifier.

    It comes with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, which allows to stream music through compatible devices. The subwoofer comes with the 50-watt integrated amplifier with front-firing cone woofer. SONY CT 290 is an excellent Soundbar that can easily set up. It’s the right soundbar that is quite good for its reasonable price.

    #7 SAMSUNG HW-K360

    This is a long-sized sound bar which comes in premium quality at affordable price. This soundbar comes with a 2.1 channel setup with a long sub-woofer of 6.1 inches. The SAMSUNG HW-K360 comes with a wireless subwoofer so you can place sub-woofer anywhere in the house.

    The sound is 35 inches long and sub-woofer if 6.1 inches long. It comes with 130 watt sound output which is best for listing music. SAMSUNG HW-K360 also has Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily connect it with any Bluetooth device for music streaming.

    SAMSUNG HW-K360 comes in a very sleek design with the metal grille on the front which is responsible for its premium looks.

    There will be a LED display at the centre of the Soundbar that displays input sources like volume and more. The LED light will shut off immediately after use.

    #8 Sony HT –XT1 2.1

    Sony HT –XT1 2.1 is the best soundbar that comes in the category of under $200. It comes with three HDMI ports which let you connect multiple devices at one time. It also comes with blue tooth connectivity that will allow you to play music from wireless Bluetooth devices.

    The front design of Sony HT –XT1 2.1 is made with a sleek metal grill which includes a white LED light that will show which input is selected by the user. The size of this soundbar is quite slim and will look great next to any TV.

    This Sound Bar comes with a dynamic sound quality that will let you listen to music with great pleasure. Sony HT –XT1 2.1 can also hold TV unit and can manage to hold up to 66 pounds of TV on it. It’s an all in one sound bar that is worth for its pricing.

    #9 Razer Leviathan: Best Soundbar under 200

    It’s a multi-purpose Soundbar that you can use with TV as well as with you can use this sound bar for gaming purpose also. Razer Leviathan comes with as cutting-edge technology, superior sound drivers with a dedicated subwoofer. Razer Leviathan soundbar is the best sound bar for gaming.

    The design of Razer Leviathan comes with a great design which is almost like by everyone. It’s a small size soundbar that can be easily fit anywhere in a small room. The size of the soundbar is only 20 inch that packs in a 5.1 channel sound system.

    It comes with an inclusion of 5.1 Dolby Digital, which will let you experience a proper sound surround. It’s an excellent Soundbar for gamers that comes with a subwoofer system. The bass performance is also wholly immersive even with such a tiny sized sound bar.

    Razer Leviathan is the best soundbar if you are looking for a sound bar that works with your TV as well as for gaming.

    #10 Polk Audio MagniFi one: Best Soundbar under 200

    Polk Audio comes with an excellent sound quality that is out of the world. This sound bar not only offers excellent sound quality but also it comes with premium design. It’s a sleek designed soundbar that has a height of 2 inches only.

    The width of this soundbar is 35 inches that are enough to couple up with a flat-screen TV. This the best sound bar that comes with a combo subwoofer with a 3.1 channel speaker system. Polk Audio Soundbar ensures you that you can hear clear vocals regardless of volume and source sound quality.

    It’s a high power filling sound bar that comes with a voice adjust technology. So if you are looking for a quality product with a reputed brand name, then Polk Audio is the best choice for you.

    If you are not happy with your TV speakers and you want to add better sound quality to them, then you must go for the good Soundbars. In the above list, we have listed the best Soundbar under 200, so if you are going to use them for the first time, then these sound bars are the best choice.

    All these soundbars lies under the entry-level category — all these sound bars worth for a single penny. You can easily buy them from many online stores likes eBay and Amazon. Before purchasing the right sound bar, please go through all the specifications and only then take the decision.

    We have compiled the list of top 10 best Soundbar under 200, so it is easy for you to choose the best among them. So buy the best Soundbar that your budget can afford.

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