5 Best Reseller Hosting Providers in 2023   

    You can purchase web hosting for a large enterprise, a medium-sized business, a small startup, and even a personal WordPress blog. When you buy server power that’s enough to run your own hosting company, it’s called reseller hosting. 

    Reseller hosting providers sell hosting to other users. They get hosting from a bigger company, then resell it to end users. 

    Some of the best reseller hosting providers in 2023 include HostGator, InMotion, A2 Hosting, etc. This guide was written based on factors such as help and support, features, uptime, prices, and more.

    What do the best reseller hosting providers have in common?

    All of the providers featured in this guide offer a branded client panel, use a cPanel dashboard, and provide unlimited domains. With your own client panel, your customers see your branding and logo, not those of the parent host.  

    A cPanel dashboard is user-friendly and makes switching to an alternative provider easy. 

    Finally, unlimited domains let you generate individual domains for customers without paying extra. 

    1. InMotion

    InMotion ranks at the top because of their pricing, frankly. Research shows that more than half of people looking for a hosting service find the price to be the critical factor. 

    InMotion has the best value for money, with high bandwidth and the most disk space of all five providers. The value helps create lower-cost and more appealing plans for your own customers. 

    This provider also has a free domain reseller account for additional income and the most hosting plans of all five on the list. The upgrade is seamless if you outgrow the most basic plan. 

    The provider features live chat around the clock, phone support, an email support system, and a ticket system. One should never overlook the value of high-quality assistance. If there is a problem with your reseller account, many of your customers will also have a problem with theirs, and you need reliable support quickly. 

    This provider offers a money-back guarantee for a period of three months, which is the longest of all providers on the list. 

    2. GreenGeeks 

    GreenGeeks are the perfect choice if you care about the environment. They match their clients’ energy use with 300% renewable energy. This can be an excellent proposition. 

    The uptime guarantee is also quite high – 99.98%. They have 24/7 live chat and reasonable prices – from around $30 to $60 monthly. 

    3. HostGator

    HostGator offers almost the same uptime guarantee as the previous choice. Client accounts are unlimited with this provider, although you’re limited by bandwidth and disk space. HostGator is ideal for users who are developing many small, mainly static sites or selling hosting to users who are. The provider’s resources can be beneficial if you have multiple, low-demanding websites.

    HostGator also makes a free domain reseller hosting account available with each plan, which makes for an excellent addition to revenue. Customer support is solid with 24/7 live chat and by phone. 

    Finally, HostGator is a green hosting provider as well, claiming a 130% carbon emission offset.

    4. A2 Hosting

    A2 boasts affordable reseller hosting packages starting at around $20 a month. They have 24/7 support by live chat, phone, and email.  

    5. HostPapa

    The final choice is excellent for small-scale reseller hosting. It does well compared to the other four providers, but there isn’t much it does better. For example, they don’t have support around the clock

    The other four hosting companies provide billing software with their plans, so you can use your account to bill your customers. The final choice offers this only with its most expensive plans – Platinum, Gold, and Titanium. If you plan to resell the hosting, this can damage your logistics. 


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