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    Best Laptops for Students : The world has become so much tech gadgets oriented that thinking of school and college days without a laptop is a big no. School and colleges rely more on soft copies these than hard copies in case of class notes and home works.

    Obviously, it is not possible to run to the cyber cafe all the time or sit hours in the cafe to finish your task. You do require a laptop as a student. So, if you are running a student then owning a laptop is as essential as your school ID and textbooks.

    List of Affordable Laptops for Students

    • Asus Zenbook UX305

    Asus represents a remarkably thin and light laptop featuring a total full HD screen, with up to 512 SSD storage, and complete 8GB of RAM.

    This laptop is all a general purpose use laptop that almost fulfills every demand of the user. Considering the price, the Zen ultra-book is challenging MacBook Air. It is an overall good useful well-rounded and engaging laptop.

    Quick Look at Features:

    • 3 inch FHD (1920×1080) display
    • Intel Core m3- Core m5 6Th generation CPU
    • 8 GB RAM
    • 515-5300 Intel Graphics
    • 256-512 SSD Storage
    • HP Chromebook 14

    We cannot say this laptop a performance hog, but the Chrome OS with the mix of the cool blue interior has made this HP Chromebook a worth one funky student-ish laptop.Laptops for Students

    The keyboard is excellent with great speed and responsive Chrome OS trackpad. If you are looking for a device to surf the net and check emails more then surely this is the one to go for quick with its quick, accessible features.

    It cannot be termed as flawless but overall this machine is an all rounder.

    Quick Look at Features:

    • 14 inch HD screen (1366×768)- FHD (1920x1080p)
    • 16GB -32 GB eMMC storage capacity
    • Intel Celeron 6th Gen CPU
    • Intel HD Graphics
    • 2GB -4 GB RAM
    • Asus Chromebook Flip

    The Asus Chromebook flip is a 2-in-1 premium laptop. The dazzling screen with a pair of C ports of USB, and reflecting identical looks of MacBook-rescue, this laptop I surely put into the list of best laptops for students.

    It gives a battery life of 10 hours and 48 minutes that surely fits the need of most students. The price is reasonable too compared to others, though the speakers aren’t up to the mark, for working purpose, you can surely work with this the entire day.

    Quick Look at Features:

    • A vivid, gorgeous 5-inch FHD screen
    • Intel Pentium Core-m7 6th Gen CPU
    • 4GB-8GB RAM
    • 515 Intel HD Graphics
    • 32GB-128GB eMMC storage
    • Stylish Tablet Mode
    • Microsoft Surface Pro 4

    This laptop is a great one for students who wish to have a system that is good in the classroom as it is in the courtroom. The brilliant display and the folding kickstand make it a great device for presentation.

    The folding which assures the best class will give a full laptop feel when you do some writing job on it.

    This laptop also comes with a pen from Microsoft Surface means all ready to take class notes. The pen can open OneNote with a single click that makes your jotting down easier.

    Quick Look at Features:

    • 3-inch high resistance Pixel Sense (2736 x 1824) screen
    • 128 GB – 1TB SSD storage
    • Core-m3- Core m7 Intel 6th Gen CPU
    • 515 Intel HD Iris Graphics
    • 4GB-16GB RAM
    • Improved Cover Type
    • Samsung Notebook 7 Spin

    If you want something not that much grand then you can check the 2-in-1 Samsung Notebook 7 Spin laptop with a full HD touchscreen. It is suited for classroom purpose.

    The Spin 7 is a place for both the iCore CPU 6th Gen and the discrete Nvidia graphics. Though the spinning hard drive and the webcam aren’t that much appreciable, in this price range, it holds a pretty positive reputation so far.

    Quick Look at Features:

    • Intel Core i7-6500U 2.5GHZ CPU
    • Nvidia GeForce (2GB DDRL3) 940 MX Graphics
    • 2GB-16GB RAM
    • 1TB HDD; 128GB SSD Storage
    • Full HD LED 15.6 inch (1920 x 1080) screen with touch panel
    • Very much versatile
    • Dell XPS 13

    The Dell XPS 13 is much more with its high screen resolution and serious processing power. Featuring with all new processor and upgraded graphics integration, the Dell XP 13 stuns with its rose gold cover.Laptops for Students

    From writing to video editing, its ideal in that entire field and it’s become a rival to other laptops with it’s 13’’ display, stuffed into 11’’ inch body. The battery is long lasting, and performance speed is great as well. It’s a worthy laptop in short and is also among best laptops for students.

    Quick Look at Features:

    • 620 Intel HD Graphics
    • Intel Core i3-i7 7th Gen CPU
    • 4GB-16GB RAM
    • 3-inch FHD screen
    • 128-512GB SSD storage
    • Apple MacBook Pro

    If students were somewhat unsatisfied with the 12 inch MacBook due to poor capacity, well this MacBook Pro will fill that gap.

    With 7 hours exceeded long lasting battery and a powerful core i5 processor, with a 13-inch screen, this MacBook Pro will get you through for all upcoming semesters.Apple Macbook Pro

    The late 2016b MacBook Pro has been slimmed down thus weighing only 3.02 pounds is very much lighter and makes it’s easily portable. Despite the thin body, it has a larger trackpad. The more this MacBook Pro features is a keyboard with “butterfly-mechanism” and hidden cooling system.

    Quick Look at Features:

    • Intel 540 Iris Graphics
    • Core i5-i7 6th Gen CPU
    • RAM of 8GB-16GB
    • 3-inch WQXGA Screen ( 2560 x 16000
    • 256GB-1TB SSD Storage
    • Vast Trackpad

    This above range of laptops for students and fits perfectly in with every student’s demand box, with its storage capacity and other essential features. Check them out and go for the one that exactly satisfies your purpose as a student laptop. For checking prices of laptops in UAE see laptop price in uae

    They won’t be too hard on your pockets too so surely you can purchase them and keep all your class data and personal as well.

    “This is a Guest post by Swaraj Nandedkar from – Technology blog. Read his latest post about Best laptops from popular brands. ”

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