8 Best Grammar Checker Tools to Improve Your Writing

    Digital marketing is the new lifeline of every business house in this world. Now talking about this writing skill plays a very important part. Let’s say you are writing a blog for your website, but it is filled with grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. This will lead to annoying your readers and they are not likely to read your blogs or make purchases from your website subsequently. Furthermore, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors lead to search engines failures, and many more headaches. That is why grammatical checkers are a must for everyone in this field.

    Given these points, today we brought you a list of 8 Best Grammar Checker Tools to Improve Your Writing. Whether you opt. for the free or paid version, these tools will bring day and night transformations to your writing skill, and excel your career. So without any further adieu, let us dive in.

    Who should use this Grammar Checker?

    Though it is a must for every digital Content Creator. We would suggest this for everyone who has to write daily.

    Best Grammar Checker Tools to Improve Your Writing

    1. Grammarly


    Starting off our list, we have Grammarly. Used by over 20 million users around the globe, Grammarly is a big name among other grammar checkers, and rightly so. Grammarly’s online grammar checker repairs every mistake, misused words, sentence structure issue. Plus it also tells the readability, engagements, and clarity of your content by statics. Furthermore, when you create a Grammarly account, you will be able to add words to your dictionary, select your preferred English dialects, and many more.

    Now some of the key features of Grammarly are:

    • Easy-to-use spelling and grammar checker
    • A robust algorithm that thoroughly scans your writing errors
    • Give specific suggestions based on the context of your writing
    • State-of-the-art User Interface
    • Plagiarism detector with the paid version
    • Third-party integration and browser extensions

    Talking about Grammarly, you get free-version, premium, and business plans.

    Free Plan
    As it is totally free of cost. Here you get a free grammar check and some other basic functions to get you started with.

    Premium Plan
    $59.95/quarterly, $11.66/month, $139.95/yearly.

    Now with a premium plan, it gets better, whichever plan you choose you get vocabulary enhancement suggestions, genre-specific writing style checks, and a plagiarism detector that checks more than 16 billion web pages. Along with these, you get every other feature which you get in the free plan.

    Business Plan
    $25/month for 1 member, $12.50/month for 1 member billed annually.

    Now, this business plan is mainly for companies. Here, Grammarly allows you to choose your team size from 1 to 150+ members, and you will be charged per member. Moreover, teams larger than 10 members, avail special discounts.

    2. ProWritingAid


    Next on the list, we have, ProWritingAid. Used by many content creators and digital marketers, this grammar checker is a wonder on its own. The tool allows you to quickly edit grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, fix punctuation and also optimize syllable choice. Not only that, but you also get reports that help you improve your writing skills. Furthermore, ProWritingAid can be integrated with Google Docs, Gmail, WordPress. The tool also offers in-app explanations, suggestions, quizzes, videos, and articles helping you to build your writing skills.

    Given these points, the tool is available for both Mac and Windows and some of the features are given below.

    • Spelling and Grammar checks
    • Availability of third party integrations and browser extensions
    • Huge amount of writing reports than any other tool in the business
    • Checking for consistencies in spelling, speech readability
    • Checking for plagiarisms
    • Great suggestions to improve word clarity

    ProWritingAid is available in three packages i.e. Free, Premium, and Premium Plus

    Here you get the free version of the tool, but it is limited to only 500-word content. Plus, you also get a browser extension that checks grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes

    Premium Plan:
    $20/month, $79/year, $399/lifetime.

    In this Premium Plan, you get to check documents of any size via a desktop app or Google Doc, or MS Word. Plus you also get all the basic features of the free version.

    Premium Plus Plan:
    $24/month, $89/year, $499/lifetime.

    Let’s say you have a couple of bucks extra, you can go for Premium Plus Plan. Here you get all the great features of a free and premium plan, plus you get 60 plagiarisms checks per year.

    3. WhiteSmoke


    Moving on we have WhiteSmoke. The most unique factor about this grammar checker is it has got a translator and dictionary for more than 50 languages. Along with that, you also get over 100 built-in templates, video tutorials, error explanations, plagiarism checkers, and many more. Now just like any other tool on the list, it also corrects spelling mistakes, improves word choice, punctuation corrector, or even style mistakes. Conversely, the tool also offers a mobile app for Android and iOS
    and works really well with Windows, Mac.

    In addition to this, there are some exciting features that comes with WhiteSmoke. These are:

    • Beautiful clutter-free User Interface
    • Anti-plagiarism tool and Thesaurus
    • Competent grammar correction and punctuation checker services
    • Cutting edge AI technology and natural language processing techniques

    Unfortunately, there is no free trial version with WhiteSmoke. The paid packages include Web plan, a Premium plan, Business plan.

    Web plan:
    $59.95 billed as $5/month for 1 year, $124.95 billed as $3.47/month for 3 years.

    The web plan fits with every browser and also features a grammar checker, translator, and plagiarism checker

    Premium plan:
    $79.95 billed as $6.66/month for 1 year, $199.95 billed as $5.55/month for 3 years.

    This plan includes all browsers, desktop clients, Gmail, and MS word compatibility. Furthermore, it also comes with a grammar checker, plagiarism checker, one-click instant proofreading, translator tools and it also integrates with all writing platforms. Also, the premium version features a writing solution for both Windows and Mac.

    Business plan:
    $137.95 billed as $11.50/month for 1 year, $317.50 billed as $8.82/month for 3 years.

    The business plan involves all the features included in the Premium plan. And it is compatible with all the browsers, which includes a three-computer license.

    4. Linguix


    Probably the most intuitive grammar checker on the list, Linguix is a class apart tool. The tool offers detailed explanations for epic errors and provides recommendations on how to make business emails, marketing letters, blogs sound precise and sharp. Furthermore, there are more than 2700+ advanced corrections that cover almost any grammatical errors you can think of. Along with this, Linguix also features a confidential mode for editing sensitive content, which might be a necessity for many.

    Talking about features, you get some really cool ones:

    • Writing insights on a company and individual users level
    • Business dashboard and team management
    • Snippets and content templates for faster writing
    • Paraphrasing tool to rewrite and enhance sentences
    • Advanced insights and readability scores

    There are basically three modes to these: Free, Premium, and Business Product

    As the mode suggests no payments are required. But you get only basic grammar corrections and insights.

    $18.95/month or $36/quarterly or $96/annually.

    With the premium plan you get full access to advanced grammar, style suggestions, writing insights in the browser extension, unlimited snippets, and many more.

    Business Product:
    $20/user per month (minimum 3 users), $10/user per month (minimum 3 users).

    These business plans are taken mostly by business houses. And it includes every cool feature Linguix has to offer.

    5. Ginger Online

    Ginger Online
    Ginger Online

    A fairly simple grammar checker tool to use, we have Ginger Online. With Ginger Online, you get all the basic features like grammar checking, punctuation, spelling tool, and many more. Moreover, you also get a series of additional features including a text reader, sentence rephrases, a dictionary, a translator with access to over 50 languages, and a personal trainer bot to help to improve your writing skill. Lastly, it is supported in both Mac and iOS

    Talking about features, here are some of the exciting ones.

    • Tried and tested software for spelling and grammar error checks
    • Excels at proofreading your text as your type
    • Helps in improving styles by rephrasing sentences
    • Translation in over 50 languages
    • Availability of third party integrations and browser extensions

    Ginger Online has two basic plans, Free and Premium.

    Free Plan:
    With the free version you get grammar checks but with a limit of only 50 drafts a month.

    Premium Plan:
    $89.88/year billed as $7.49/month, $159.84/year billed as $6.66/month.

    Premium Plan involves all browsers, desktop clients, Gmail, and MS Word compatibility. Along with that, you also get every other feature Ginger Online has to offer.

    6. Outwrite


    Next on the list, we have, Outwrite. It has been noted that Outwrite has the best AI engine in the business. This engine helps in putting out recommendations, which drastically improves repetitive words, simplifying sentences, fewer uses of passive voices, and many more. Thus making your writing impeccable. Plus the tool is also available as a web app, allowing you to sign in from any browser. In short, Outwrite can be a great option for a grammar checker.

    Some of the key features are noted below:

    • AI-powered proofreading tool
    • Improves fluency, efficiency, and clarity of writing with its AI
    • Tracks statistics about your writing grade, word count, etc.
    • Plagiarism detection for true authenticity of your writing

    There are basically three plans to Outwrite: Essential, Pro, and Teams

    Essential Plan:
    Essential being the other name for free of cost over here. This involves basic spelling and grammar checker and no other fancy stuff.

    Pro Plan:
    Pro Plan comes at $9.95/month, gaining you every feature Outwrite has to offer. Though the Pro plan limits you to 10,000 words per article, the word is more than enough for like 95% of the users.

    Teams come at $7.95/ month per user. This plan is particularly helpful for companies that want uninterrupted communications.

    7. Writer


    A breakthrough tool in the market, the Writer is a trending choice. One of the main selling points of Writer is its feature of improving your writing for work. In simple words whether you are using the right tone, the correct style, and the appropriate terminology for your targeted audience. Furthermore, you also get checking for clarity, readability, approachability, writing style, and other nuisances. Due to all of these great features, Writer is on trend with companies.

    Some of the unique features of Writers are as follows:

    • Configure content suggestions to your brand voice
    • Customize your brand-specific content rules to correct edits
    • Usage of terms and phrases that set your brand apart from the competition
    • Grammatical and spelling mistakes checker, plagiarism, and inclusivity checker

    The writer’s payment scheme is in three segments. Trial, Starter, and Enterprise

    The trial version is totally free of cost but includes basic features like spelling check, punctuation, and many more.

    The starter plan costs $11/month and you get almost all the features Writer has to offer.

    This payment scheme is specifically designed for business scale. Here you get features like custom terms, Style Guides branding, API access, etc. though the price is on request, depending on the size of your business.

    8. Paper Rater

    Paper Rater
    Paper Rater

    The last one on the list is Paper Rater. Made especially for school and college students, it is a hit among students. For the most part, you can check grammar and spelling errors but it also focuses on sentence length. Vocabulary, passive voice detection. Furthermore, the tool also checks for plagiarism and it does that by comparing your text to more than 10 billion documents.

    Let’s look at some of the key features of Paper Rater

    • Cloud-based spelling and grammar checker
    • Intuitive feedback and writing instructor
    • Integrated plagiarism detection service
    • Immediate analyses and comparison with other students at the same education level

    Paper Rater has 2 basic versions, Free and Premium

    Basic Plan:
    The basic plan is totally free of cost, but you get limited usage monthly

    Premium Plan:
    Premium plan costs $11.21/month and here you get 25 checks monthly with every feature, Paper Rater has to offer.

    Final Thoughts

    So here is the list of 8 Best Grammar Checker Tools to Improve Your Writing. These tools are guaranteed to improve the efficiency of your writing skill. We have many more articles on other topics which might interest you, so be sure to check them.

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