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    For years, fax has done the work of sending and receiving important official documents. It has a special place in the world of communication as no other means of communication could stand up to the security standards provided by fax.

    It is right that fax came long ago but the thought that it grew out or vanished with time would be completely wrong. Faxing is one the best communication ways that the world has seen. It takes top-notch security measures to ensure that your document remains in safe hands. That is why it is still in use by millions of people who trust only faxing to deliver their important documents.

    But with time, the requirements of fax machines, paper and toner etc. have become old and do not seem as a feasible solution for faxing in this era of progress. Individuals no longer want to invest their money and effort in the buying and setting up of these fax machines. Neither do they wish to spend money constantly on other necessities like paper, toner and ink etc.

    Hence there was a dire need for a more compact solution so that people like you and us, who still admire fax more than any other communication media, get to use fax without any inconvenience. And we got it in the shape of ‘Internet Fax’.

    Internet Fax/Fax to Email

    Internet fax is a new way that can be used for convenient faxing. As the name suggests, the internet is used in this method. The Internet has become a new means for delivering and getting faxes. Through the internet, you can transfer your faxes to someone who is not even in your country, you can fax locally as well as globally. Moreover, you can get all the faxes that someone sends you just through the internet. There are no complicated requirements.

    Additionally, internet fax is not just one way to fax, it is a collection of groups of ways that use the internet for faxing. There are multiple ways through which you deliver your faxes over the internet. One of them is through email, this is the method about which we are going to talk today.

    Fax to email and email to fax are just two names for getting and sending faxes through email respectively. Through this method, you use your email id to compose a fax and then send it. Same goes for receiving faxes, you get faxes on your email id.

    CocoFax – The Best Platform for Internet Faxing

    If you are thinking about faxing over the internet, then CocoFax is the only one that can assist you in that purpose. Through CocoFax you can send online fax on this site. It is the best fax service that lets you send all kinds of faxes, global or international, and through many different ways.

    CocoFax is used by a whole lot of people all around the world. These people adore CocoFax due to the super quality faxing features and services it provides. CocoFax has made the whole process of faxing a lot easier than it used to be in the past. It has everything that you would want in a fax service. It’s more than cheap (offers free first month), its unique, has top quality highlights and on top of everything, it is easy to understand and use. What else would one want?

    CocoFax has provided everything that is needed for faxing documents. To know more about faxing from PC, iphone, Android, or Mac via CocoFax, you will find this article very helpful. It is good to such an extent that even big media companies praise its works and have reviewed it. Forbes, PCMag, the New York Times, PC World and many others have talked positively about it.

    To fax through CocoFax, there are more than one ways. CocoFax has a very helpful feature of an online dashboard which is a platform for sending and receiving faxes. Moreover, Its email to fax feature is also very cool and gives the best results. Its an easy way to fax your documents and not much is needed for it.

    Things Needed To Fax with CocoFax’s Email-to-Fax Service

    Email account: The very first thing needed is obviously an email if you are thinking to fax through it. You can use any email client for this purpose. Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or any other, CocoFax works with any email client that you use.

    Internet Connection: As emails cannot operate without an internet connection hence, a well-established and steady internet connection is must. Just connect your device to the internet and voila! You’re ready to go!

    CocoFax Account: When working through a fax service, signing-up with it is necessary. So if you want to use CocoFax without any hindrance, register yourself with it first to have a non-stoppable faxing experience

    Stepwise Guide for using CocoFax’s Email-to-Fax Service

    Step 1: First and foremost thing is to create an account, if you don’t already have it. You can use the 30 day free trial button to register yourself up using the free trial. This way you will have a complete month of faxing without any payment or money. Here you will also get to have a free fax number which will be emailed to you on the email you will provide later.

    Furthermore, this free fax number is chosen by you. You get to pick your own fax number so that you get a suitable one.

    Step 2: Secondly, you will be asked to provide an email address. Give in the address of the account which you will use for faxing purposes in the future.

    Step 3: When you’re done here, open your email account through the web browser or app (in case of Gmail). Once you’re there, click on the option of new mail.

    Start with the ‘To’ field. It’s the place where the email address of the recipient comes. However, in case of faxing, you will write the fax address instead.

    Then, in the ‘Subject’ field, you will give the top note that your fax will have. However, this field is optional, it can be vacant too. The email body is just like the cover page, it will have the content of the first page of your fax.

    Attach your actual fax document through the paper clip icon. Press the send button after checking everything. The rest is up to CocoFax. Before sending, it will convert your email into a fax. CocoFax will also notify you about the fax delivery status, either successful or failed.

    Receiving faxes via Email

    Getting a fax through email is not at all difficult if you have CocoFax. If you are a registered customer of CocoFax, then all your faxes will first go to CocoFax. There, they will get changed into something that an email can understand.

    After that, all of them will be sent to your email id that you provided at the time of sign-up. See, it is this much easy.


    CocoFax has made the task of internet faxing a lot easier through its top of the line services. Delivering faxes through email is no longer a difficult task. Hence, you should start using CocoFax right now.

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