Top 10 Best Ebook Reader App for Windows and PDF readers

    Nowadays, it is internet age and many of us just love reading eBooks. There are many apps where you get millions of books on various subjects such as science, fiction, romance and others. It is totally a different level of entertainment to read eBooks as you can read books by getting a best eBook reader app for windows easily.

    You can read eBooks anytime and anywhere with the help of internet. Before some years, you had to carry physical books while going on long tours or trips. But now, you can simply download PDF eBook reader windows 10 for reading all books.

    List of best eBook reader app for Windows

    If you love reading eBooks, you can download best eBook reader app for windows from the list given below:

    #1. Sumatra

    Sumatra is an amazing app by which you can open any PDF files and other documents. It is a nice eBook reader app for windows in which you can read numerous books of your choice. It has beautiful user-interface which makes it easy for the users to find what they want. Sumatra app can open any file irrespective of the size. You can easily open all your office documents and files in this app without any hassle.


    #2. Cover

     The next on the list is Cover app which supports all types of files such as CB7, EPUB, PDF, RAR and many others. You can enjoy reading all the popular comic books on this app as it is specially developed for teenagers who love cartoon series and comic books.

    This app has wonderful user-interface which will make your task easy to find any book and files. It has a fast reader which will read all your files and folders quickly. You can also save your favorite comic books in local folder and OneDrive.


    #3. Kindle

     With more than 1 million different books, Kindle is the best eBook reader app for windows which you can download. There are also many newspapers and famous magazines for reading. You can also find information on Google and Wikipedia which comes with the app.

    Find the meanings of the difficult words in the dictionary which also comes with this app. With the help of Kindle app, you can synchronize all the books. You can also make various settings such as font size and brightness for enjoying books more.


    #4. Nook

     If you want an ideal eBook reader app for Windows to enjoying reading books, download Nook app. It is best for both kids and adults who love reading. Nook has amazing features such as perfect margins, beautiful animations, nice font styles, and line spacing to give a good experience of reading.

    You can also organize the Library by adding all your favorite books in it. There is a zoom view feature especially for kids to enjoy comic books.  There is also a share option to share eBooks and magazine with your friends and family.


    #5. Calibre: best eBook reader app for windows

     The next on the list is Calibre app which is again a beautiful eBook manager. It is the best eBook reader app for Windows by which you can enjoy reading different books and magazines. You can also download all your favorite books and magazines on PC from this app. It consists of a wonderful eBook viewer so that you can clearly read even the small words of the books and magazines. It is also very simple to use this app on your Android devices.


    #6. Slim PDF

     Slim PDF as the name suggests is a very powerful PDF reader to view all your files, documents,and books of any size. It has fantastic user-interface to search any files and documents quickly without wasting any time.

    It includes a set of tools which show the documents in a precise manner. Slim PDF also has file converter by which you can convert all the files into PDF. It has a viewer which can also edit text. There are many other features such as highlighting and optical character recognition.

     Slim PDF

    #7. IcecreamReader

     Icecream Reader is a powerful app by which you can organize the eBook library. It is a best eBook reader app for windows if you are a bookworm. You can also change the settings in the app such as background color, brightness, font style and size to enjoy reading all your favorite books and magazines.

    Icecream Reader can work smoothly on any versions of Windows. With this app, you will increase the number of hours,especially for reading.


    #8. FoxitReader

    The next on the list is Foxit Reader app which is a best windows 10 eBook reader app for viewing all the documents and files. This is a nice app for all professionals who often have to open, edit and print PDF files and documents. It has many amazing features such as Quick Access Toolbar, good layout and much more.


    #9. Bookviser eBook Reader

     Many of us still love to read the physical books even in today’s times. So, for all those who love to read physical books, Bookviserebook Reader works perfectly. It is a PDF eBook reader Windows 10 app which will give you the experience of reading physical books. You can also change the font style, background color, and font size to enjoy reading the eBooks. It supports various reading formats too.

     Bookviser eBook Reader

    #10. Expert PDF reader

     The last one on the list is Expert PDF reader which is a best windows 10 eBook reader app for viewing all PDF files and documents. It has superb user-interface to make your task much easier and better. You can also make notes, bookmarks, text box and highlight the text in this app.

     Expert PDF reader


    Reading is a habit which one should develop more and more. We can take out little time from our busy schedule and read a good book daily for increasing our knowledge.

    These are the best eBook apps which you can choose for reading all your favorite eBooks. Pick the best eBook reader app for Windows and enjoy reading!

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