Top 10 Best Call Blocker App for Android and iOS Smartphones

    Attending the telemarketing calls is one of the most disturbing things while working at the office. Banks and many other telemarketing companies call the customers for a loan or for offers and sales. Whenever we are driving a car or traveling by bus or train, these calls often waste our time and so we always avoid those calls. We block many calls but still, they keep on ringing and disturb us in the middle of the work. The best call blocker app for Android as well as iOS devices can fulfill this task easily.

    List of best call blocker app for Android

    If you are also the victim of unwanted telemarketing calls, see the list of best call blocker apps and choose one:

    #1. Mr. Number

    Mr. Number is a new era call blocker app for Android devices. It blocks the phone calls as well as SMS from a person or an area code. It is the best call blocker app for Android which reports you all the spam calls which should be blocked on your phone.

    This app comes with many stunning features such as automatic caller lookup, SMS text blocking,and many others. You can also stop calls and SMS from hidden numbers. This app has also received many awards for its good performance.

    Mr. Number

    #2. Call Control

    Call Control provides a personal blacklist feature in which you can add unknown and spam calls. It comes with Do Not Disturb mode, community blacklist blocked call log and many other features by which you can block the calls which come in between the work.

    It has an enhanced caller ID by which you can know the unknown callers. It is the best call blocker app for Android and iOS devices to block unwanted calls and SMS. It also has many other features such as mute ringer, voicemail,and others.

    Call Control

    #3. Hiya

    The next on the list is Hiya app which comes with nuisance call blocker feature which blocks the unwanted and spam calls. You can maintain the privacy of your phone number with the help of automatic alerts.

    It also identifies unknown SMS numbers which are not in your contact list.  It has a feature of reverse phone lookup by which you can find out whether the call is a nuisance or fraudulent. More than millions of customers have downloaded this app on their devices.


    #4. Safest Call Blocker

    Safest Call Blocker is a free app for Android smartphones. It the best call blocker app for Android devices to block all robocalls and telemarketing calls. You can also make your call blacklist to add all the unwanted and spam numbers.

    There are also wildcards which you can add to many numbers. It is a free app which does not require subscription process.  You can notifications from blocked phone numbers. This app also blocks number from private helplines and unknown sources.

     Safest Call Blocker

    #5. Should I answer: best call blocker app for Android

    This app blocks all the unknown numbers which keep on coming when you are in college or office. It blocks all the spam calls and SMS from unknown sources. It is the best call blocker app for Android as well as iOS devices to stop the unwanted calls.

    It can also block number which is not in the contact list. Should I answer app works without Wi-Fi or Internet connection. If you are bored of picking up calls from hidden numbers, foreign countries or premium rate numbers, you can use this app.

    Should I answer

    #6. Extreme Call Blocker

    Extreme Call Blocker app is a newly introduced best call blocker app for Android phones to stop the calls from unknown numbers. It has many amazing features such as mute only, send to voicemail, in-call-popup and many others. It also erases the unwanted messages permanently.

    This app also keeps the passwords safe. If you want to view the information of blocked calls, you can see it in blocking history. It can also block the SMS and MMS from private and unknown numbers.

    Extreme Call Blocker

    # 7. Calls Blacklist

    If you are the one who receives unwanted calls from banks or telemarketing companies, you can download calls blacklist app on your Android devices. It blocks calls from unknown and hidden numbers. It is the best call blocker app for Android devices which blocks SMS and MMS from unknown numbers.

    You can also remove the app icon from the home screen and still use the app from your device. You can also fix a time for blocking calls and messages by using schedule feature.

    Calls Blacklist

    #8. TrueCaller

    TrueCaller is the most popular call blocker app which you will find in every phone. It is the best call blocker app for Android devices which blocks the calls from unknown numbers and spam numbers. It has a feature of automatic identification of every unknown call or SMS. It also has a special feature of flash messaging by which you can share location and status with your friends. This app also helps to make and receive payments.


    #9. Whoscall

    With many awards, Whoscall app is one the most useful call blocking apps for both Android and iOS devices. It offers a whoscall card which is perfect for any businessman for creating his own caller ID. This app blocks robocalls and telemarketing calls and also the SMS and MMS from unknown sources. You can know who is the caller even if his number is not saved in your contact list.


    #10. Call Bliss

    The last app on the list is Call Bliss app which is a nice call blocker app for iOS devices. It is the best call blocker app for blocking spam and robocalls. You can also mute the unwanted calls which disturb in middle of the work.
    Call Bliss


     So now that you have these apps well, you can download any one on your device for blocking spam and unwanted calls. These apps have been used by millions of customers and the reviews are also good. Pick any one best call blocker app for Android and iOS devices and be free from the problem of robocalls and telemarketing calls forever.

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