10 Best Business Apps for Android

    For a business to grow, you got a lot of aspects to look at.

    Especially, when there is a nip and tuck competition in the market.

    Well, those little computers in your pockets are the blessing in a disguise and will help you get something off the ground.

    Yeah! Those smartphones can do wonders for you when you fork over the right choices.

    And for the business bees choosing the right business Apps is a tough subject, as there are a lot of factors to be taken into consideration like the size of business and team and many others.

    Looking for an extra pair of hand to help you out with the business Apps? Then you are at the right place.

    Here we provide you a list of 10 best business Apps for Android so you corner the market and be ahead of the pack.

    These 10 best Android business Apps are ranked as best in accordance with the features they provide to the user, especially in terms of business.

    10 Best Business Apps for Android

    1. Google Drive – to store your files virtually

    Google Drive is a suite of all productive Apps within and is the best business Apps for Android without a doubt.

    They are all fantastic with a cloud storage where are all types of files are compatible.

    Google Drive

    With all the supply for office-oriented work, you can even get your photos and videos stored virtually.

    As businesses are going reaching the cloud each day, it’s now time for you too to reach the sky with relative ease.

    2. Microsoft Apps – to make presentations and projects with ease

    This business App is “Find all at one place” App that provides you with a variety of Apps inbuilt in it like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Access, OneNote, and other productivity Apps.

    Microsoft Apps

    This is much like Google Drive with a suite of Apps where all the Apps work together to bring you one of the most cohesive experience.

    There are a ton of Apps available here with Windows support as well.

    All of these multi-utility features make this App one of the best Business Apps for Android.

    3. PayPal – to manage your business transactions

    PayPal is yet another best Android Business Apps to carry out all business transactions, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

    This App is used in a ton of businesses to manage the transactions, invoices and make payments.

    Through PayPal, you can set up a business account which features both sending and receiving payments.


    The mobile version of PayPal App comes with a fingerprint feature to enable the ability to check your PayPal balances, account and many more.

    We also have specifically used PayPal business App for business use only.

    But the use of both the Apps is equally good and is recommended.

    4. Asana – to assign the tasks

    Asana is one of the most recommended Android Business Apps that everyone should try.

    This App allows you to assign tasks to your teammates or anyone you work with, it is more like a to-do manager App.


    Asana can be used with the basic features that come free or advanced paid features with a month’s package can also be opted for extended usage.

    This App scales up really very well with almost all small and medium-sized teams while with larger teams, it gets a little expensive.

    5. CamScanner – to scan your Business paraphernalia

    CamScanner is a tool that essentially turns the camera into a scanner, and lets you scan documents, business cards, receipts and more.

    It does everything from editing your PDF’s to sharing them with your colleagues.

    You can also avail a faxing option for a nominal fee.


    Though it isn’t great for teams, it is still an excellent choice for individual business Apps.

    This is quite a useful App for those who deal with expenses, documents etc., on frequent terms.

    The excellent features that the App comes with make it one of the best Business Apps for Android.

    6. Google My Business – to create your business presence on the web

    Google My Business App makes your business visible in Google search and Google Maps.

    In this era of technology, you cannot afford to ignore this App if you seek progress in your business.

    Google My Business

    This App lets the user update facts and figures, and other details about the business and makes it public.

    Upon that, it helps you in managing multiple locations if required.

    These features and the exposure it gives to your business, make the App one of the most important and best Business Apps for Android for all scales of businesses.

    7. Newton Mail – For all-round social networking

    We generally use a lot of different and most popular domains to send and receive emails.

    But, there is something different with the Newton Mail App, which makes it stand out of the crowd, especially in the context of business.

    Newton Mail

    It stands as a host of plug-ins for all event reminder Apps.

    The user interface is very simple and easy to use.

    And, the App also features syncing support, which makes switching devices easier than ever.

    No doubt, this is one of the best Android Business Apps.

    8. Slack – to make your discussions productive

    Slack App ranks as the best Business Apps for Android, as it supports text and voice chats.

    There is also the integration of this App in the Google Drive and other productivity Apps.


    It supports Giphy too in case you want to goof around a bit with your folks or colleagues.

    An unlimited number of channels can be made, in which way you can break the teams off to discuss the projects individually.

    There are several other features in this App for you to explore and enjoy.

    9. Trello – to stay organized both on and off work

    Yet another best Android Business Apps is Trello.

    The whole idea behind the development of this App is to help you to keep yourself organized at work and home.


    This App features the creation of boards to keep your projects organized and each board allows a particular task to be performed at a time.

    Trello basically allows collaboration with all your coworkers and colleagues to make it a great one with the family environment.

    A must try App for all the business geeks and organizers out there.

    10. LastPass Password Manager – to secure and manage login credentials

    Last but not the least, another best Android business Apps is the LastPass Password Manager App.

    It is not only categorized under the best productivity Apps but also under the best security Apps.

    LastPass Password Manager

    This App can be used to store the entire login credentials for various sites.

    LastPass helps you log in faster and reduces the pains of forgetting the complex passwords you set for your Apps and sites.

    This App provides you with an Authenticator App too that adds a high level of security to it.

    Final thoughts

    All of the above Apps are considered to be the 10 best Business Apps for Android as all of them have their own specific features and functions that aid ease in your business functionalities.

    Most of the Apps are free to use, while some of them come with paid memberships as well.

    The free memberships provide you with the basic features, while the paid ones let you avail the advanced features, so you can make the most of them.

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