Best Board Meeting Software For Board Management Online

    Nowadays, board portal software is being used in various corporate businesses and literally become a must-have tool.

    The board of directors portal is a comprehensive solution that allows board members to communicate with each other easily and with maximum effect. In addition, the functionality of these services includes the ability to exchange messages, vote, create and process an agenda, schedule meetings, and many more. A more detailed list of features will be described in the corresponding section below.

    With the right board portal, you can significantly increase business efficiency along with a reduction in financial and operational costs.

    Keep reading to learn basic boardroom features and understand how to make a decision on a particular boardroom.

    Plus, you can check out the top 3 board management software solutions.

    And if you want to get an exhausted list of board management software, with a comprehensive description of all features, you can visit

    Common Features of Virtual Boardrooms

    For a better understanding of board of directors software, it is important to know what features they come up with and how they can help your business. The set of features may vary depending on the specific provider. However, below, you can see a table with key characteristics which are common for most virtual boardrooms.

    Scheduling Allows to easily create, coordinate and manage virtual board meetings.
    Board document management Allows working with any files securely and centralized.
    Feedback It helps get info about the platform and improve user experience
    Mobile compatibility With this option, it is possible to work with the service on the go which is especially important in modern business realities.
    Report This feature allows to track and examine all changes on the platform.
    Collaboration Allows all team members to work together regardless of their location.


    How to Choose the Best Boardroom Solution

    Below, you can see key questions, which you should ask the provider of the virtual boardroom in order to pick the right solution. They are universal so will be helpful regardless of your business sphere.

    1. What level of security does the software provide?
    2. How long does it take for beginners to master the platform?
    3. What set of features does the certain boardroom software come with?
    4. What type of customer support can the boardroom software offer?
    5. Does it have any hidden fees?

    Along with that, you should make research a find out about the board management software provider’s reputation, check the themed forums, read reviews, etc. Since most platforms offer a complete set of features for a lot of money, this step should not be neglected when choosing a particular service.

    Top 3 Virtual Boardrooms

    Now, when you get a big picture about boardroom software, it is time to choose one that will match your needs.

    Below, you will be provided with 3 best picks and a brief review of each of them.


    Boardmaps is number one on today’s list, and for good reason. This software uses cloud technologies to coordinate and manage the processes associated with board meeting minutes.

    With it, you can quickly change the agenda, create lists of issues, suggest topics for discussion, use voting, and much more.

    The software provides a clear hierarchy and access to materials only for those users who have the appropriate access level.

    The high level of transparency of the service allows managers to edit, add, and update information centrally.

    Thanks to digital signatures, assignment systems, AES security, you can be calm about the safety and privacy of corporate data.

    Thus, this software is perfect for any type of business including government agencies, commercial and non-profit organizations.


    Like the previous option, iDeals is a cloud-based solution. This software is popular among many legal and financial institutions, research organizations, large corporations, and more.

    Among the key aspects of iDeals are the following:

    • convenient and centralized workflow;
    • high level of data security;
    • management and tracking of user activity.

    The service supports working with files of any format, access to which can only be obtained by specific members. Thanks to two-factor authentication, 128-bit encryption, and secure protocols for all pages, company data is stored 100% securely. The software is also convenient since can be used on both PC and all mobile operating systems.

    Separately, it is worth noting the helpdesk that is ready to answer any question 24/7. Like the platform itself, the customer support service is multilingual and supports more than 10 languages.


    This is the third representative of the board management software in today’s list. This is a tool that allows simplifying the collaboration of small and large enterprises in a wide variety of industries. With Boardvantage, it is possible to create multiple meetings throughout the day and monitor their status, details, documents, connected users, and so on.

    With the help of multiple surveys and feedback features, companies can significantly improve their development strategy.

    The service helps optimize the workflow and provides remote access for any member of the team. The interface and service management are simple and intuitive. Plus, it is not resource-intensive and allows you to quickly upload, edit, delete documents of almost any size.

    Thanks to the built-in task management module, all users can participate in the development of projects using customizable workflows.

    All changes are fixed and can be studied in the future thanks to the feature report.

    Like previous software, Boardvantage provides a high level of data security, role-based access to information, and uses two-factor authentication. Thanks to the synchronization option, users can manage data remotely both offline and online.

    The platform is flexible so you can customize all settings to match your company’s specific needs.

    Like the above-mentioned boardroom software this platform also has a 24/7 multilingual support team. Moreover, Boardvantage has a separate information security department.

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